Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All About Cheese!

Freshly baked CheezTartz, right out of the oven.... yabadabadooooo!~

*photo courtesy of Cik Maria, she tagged me  on FB last nite.  

Relax...! Of coz not from my oven, I ordered 30pcs of blueberry cheeztartz from my old friend Maria as mentioned in my earlier post.  So today is the pick up day!

This Mouth-watering SNICKERS CHEESE CAKE...

 I took it out from the box just to take a shot of it ...imagine how tempting it is! a Gift from Maria,  a 'Belated Birthday Cake'  specially for Gramps.  Thanks A Zillion darl!  Seriously, I'm so impressed with her Baking skills I mean I know she's good in cooking for years but her Baking is really great!!  Keep up the good work *2Thumbs Up*

Can't wait to cut it and have a slice..*drooling..* Keep on counting how many hours left before we 'Balik Kampung' to AS tomorrow morning WITH the cake & cheeztartz.   Oopsie daisy,  for the cheeztartz only 10pcs left, the rest 'gone baby gone'... hihihi

"Boys & Girls"...!!  Get ready....a super duper busy day from tomorrow onwards *wink*


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