Friday, September 30, 2011

SPA Time!

Hey Its already Flyday..I mean Friday!!! The weekend is coming then without us realising it one week has passed. Hmm...did you question yourself how much workload you have? Aren't you feelin' mentally tired and physically restless? Well, sometimes you just need a nice relaxing moment alone to ease yourself from all the stressfulness, hardwork or for me driving in KL has indeed given me a lot of 'STRESS' this particular week :-(

Stepping on this walkway has already given me the peace of mind....cehcehh over :-)))

All set for the facial SPA & massage...huhhhhhh BEST! Honestly, I wasn't really a SPA-type person before this but since I left the corporate world and now working from home I think I found some new interest in me such as cooking, baking and this one..SPA-ing haha. The correct word is I become too pampered and too relax with my current lifestyle as compared to few years back. Whateva it is I'm grateful with my life and seriously, I always do!

And.... these lil fishes or they usually call it "Garra Rufa" Fish SPA really interesting.  I kinda luv this tiny winy bites from those 'hungry' fishes which harmlessly attacking my feet!!! Just Geli-geli but no pain at all.  I WANT MORE...MOREEEEEEE PLEASEEE!

Hohooo... just can't wait to have  my next PERFECT 2-hr SPA Time at Herbaline *you may click  it & LIKE their fb page*  three weeks from today! Btw, mine was the Herbal Facial Spa for Dry & Aging *oopsy* skin with complimentary footbath, aromatherapy & fish spa @ RM88 only!

Nitey nite!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Birthday Entry lagii.....!! Haha...sebelum uols cakap centu baik kita citer pasal new place kat Solaris, Dutamas ni yang kita teramatlah sukanyer ^:^

Sebenarnya-benarnya, still no time to sort Evita's Birthday photos yet (bukanlah banyak tapi nak pick & choose yang chantique di mata sendiri). Btw,  I had a full day "PR & Media" Conference on Monday at JW Marriot KL after 2 years tak berseminar & attend course rasa rindu plak nasib baik my lovely boss asked me to join in since she's the Speaker/Course Leader...LUCKY me, TQ boss!

Yesterday,  had to rush for two events one at The Gardens for Make Up For Ever (will story in depth in a separate entry kay) & Raya Open House invitation from one of the travel magazine, Gaya Travel at Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort (perggh...driving has never been easy for me even with GPS) oleh kerana tidak mengikut perintah GPS, tiba-tiba destinasi hotel bertukar jadi The Palace of The Golden Horses..pusing balik daa! Finally after a stressful ONE hour journey jumpa jugak destinasi sebenar The Palm Garden Hotel *gelakkan diri sendiri*

HELLOOO....Tajuk sebenar entri ni PUBLIKA! Okay...okay  its actually a new shopping centre (ala2 Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas) cuma lebih classy, bigger & nice..oh yeah Marc Jacobs opening soon there! Tak percaya tengok gambo2 ni kalau tak percaya jugak ha pi la singgah minum2, makan2 & chat2 kat Wau Penyu, Bistari or Papa Rich @ Solaris Dutamas area SOHO & Mont Kiara tu.
The fountain & The stage....COOL! 
behind this stage is where MAP (Black Box & White Box located) tempat theatre & Arts Exhibition

Photography exhibition going on till that Sunday, Sept 25.  

Our in house "Seniman" ...artsy eksi hahaha

hohoho...Prince Charming, Mr. Gere!

Let's see what do they have INSIDE.....

Oh my! look at this beautiful piece...we miss you MJ:-)

Food Village...
quite a number of stalls already opened but mostly chinese food lah...

Usually it annoys me when people took photo in the Rest Room/toilet...huhhh tetiba terbuat untuk diri sendiri 
one bloody nice Rest Room indeed! 

@ black box....

This is why we were there at black box....
The Three Sisters an adaptation of Anton Chekhov's play (a Russian Author)
Directed by Razif Hashim (8TV Quickie host)...*lola's pic with him too blurry to post it here*
As usual, Tq to KAKISENI for an informative website..

dah kena virus BB....PING!

A promising performance from the final year students of Drama & Speech, Blubricks Learning Studio..
Though one of the casts rather sound like a 'Nyonya' than a Baron's wife...sorry really a disturbing acting! 

Anyway we enjoyed the Play as well as the Place.  Hope more stage play coming up next! 

Okay folks Bye...! I wanna listen to the news, there was a massive explosion happened at Empire Gallery Subang early this morning oh dear!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Burfday again...I guess September is a popular birth month not only in our family, even among frenz.  My late Grandma's burfday was on the 3rd followed by my only niece Princess D on the 8th then who else MINE you know when *wink* last but not least my sista LOLA on the 18th. Happy Birthday to all September babies!

Surprise!!! It was a surprise...err yeah a surprise gesture from kakak & her abangs and of course BIL without him it won't be any cake & pressie *wah pujian di tangga teratas untuk Mhubs*

LOLA being LOLA a late bloomer who discovered her talent in music at the age of 20 then only decided what she really wanted do with her so called "easy peasy life" dadada..still into kiddies stuff like Disney BOLT plush which I still remembered she sent an email to big bro and specifically ordered this lil doggy stuffed toy all the way from the States which was not yet available @Toys R Us stores in Malaysia at that time.

Nway, thats only one of the 'bunch' in her bed and my Princess D lagilah champion she even has a cabinet to store the whole lot of her stuffed animals toys. Hari-hari tukar nak bawak bunny or teddy or angry bird. LoL.  Hmm...tapi kan I pun camtu dulu kecik-kecik the trio that I remembered most; Bonnie (my fav PINK doll), KoKo or BoBo (my giant teddy bear ) its BROWN in colour but can't remember exactly what was his nick name & Buntal (adik Humpty Dumpty) hahaha.  It runs in the family huh ;-))  I dunno about you guys but personally I think its good to train your daughter/niece to have at least one favourite doll/cuddly toy that they can hug bawak tidur rather than 'Bantal Busuk'...girlish stuff always adorable in my eyes!

Wokaylah stop bebeling joms tengok pix..


Arrrr...the undeniably cute..cuter...cutest cake
Great job BAKERFIELD BAKERY....Perfect!
btw, its chiffon pandan cake..since we just had a whole chocolate Indulgence for my b'day days before;-)

Hey...Happy 22nd Burfday LOLA LULU LOLLY!!!

The Kechoh....its really a SMURFETTE BurfDAY!!

Blow 'em all...less than 22 candles anyway hahaha

Yeay! Cut the cake...cut the cake *action mode je* 
*dalam hati* don't you dare cut SMURFETTE wuaarghhh :-))

 pose: pandang ke atas tapi everybody senget ke kanan...haiya 

helloooo...sudah2 la tu tenung cake tu *potong potong jeeeee*

with  The Abangs + bil...
The Kakak also want to tumpang se'smurfette'...bukan apa The Blue Birthday Sash compliments my dress ahhaha

and Lil Ms. Smurfette too..

woooo...never thot the bro also as vain as the sista huhu Danny Boy pun nak jugak pose ngan Smurfette :-))

and...the Papa Smurf look a like....Nicko KoKo *all he needs is a red smurfy hat* LoL

Finally she cut it and we got to eat the cake but SMURFETTE still in good shape...Bravo Lola! 

Oh yeah PARTY @ WORLD  *click for details* at IKANO Centre is the best place to get all party stuff for kiddos or even ours I mean adult,  who knows maybe you wanna be Ms. World or Ms. Universe on your 21st birthday & wear  swimming suit errr...okay perhaps A gorgeous gown would be nice with a Crown on that day as well as the Birthday Sash, hey my 40th Birthday! in years to come *Insya'allah*..why not hukhuk:-))

choosing the sash all the colours look, blue, orange, purple ermmm..
p.s: OH MY Smurf! my hair looked horribily kembangs in this pic

Then right after the 'in-house' surprise burfday with them, myself & Mhubs gotta rush to another Birthday Party...EVITA SOFEA's 1st Birthday bash....more & more pix to upload and cutie story bout her in the next entry kay.  Stay tuned peeps!

Just a beautiful momento with our late  OP/Gramps during his 90th Birthday a few years ago...

WE LOVE YOU *Al-Fatihah*

Have a nice weekend ahead! Lonely weekend for me :-((

Friday, September 16, 2011

Virgo Gal....

Allah Selamatkan kamu,الله سلامتكن كامو Allah Selamatkan nananana....... !الله سلامتكن كامو
Happy Birthday To You...Happy Birthday To You...Happy Birthday To dadada...Happy Birthday To ME...yeahhhh!

I'm so overwhelmed with all the birthday greetings from my beautiful friends, precious sibblings and especially the one & only my dear better half..I 'SMURF-VE' you with all my heart..muwaaahhhhhh <^;^>

What's really special about celebrating a birthday with your loved ones at least for me, regardless whether its a big bash or just the two of you at one corner of your casa with a tiny winy cake & a candle, the expression of Love, Care and Sincerity to someone very dear & important in your life. Its priceless! Try to find a minute to stop or a minute to think just to wish the closest people around you a simple words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY......." a small effort that can bring huge smile & brighten someone's day.

My first present for the day from a dear friend, my old buddy Maria Z.A...( the apam polka dot &  cheesetart's expert)

A big THANK YOU to her for the yummylicious lunch menu she specially cooked for me/us on my touchy feely, lovey dovey ;-)

I even have the privilege to choose the Menu that I wanted: Nasi Beriyani, Ayam Masak Merah, Dalca & Acar.  Homemade Dish from Pelangi Damansara Condo truely finger licking good!!!

"Make a Wish before blowing out the candles on the Cake..."

Ooooo...the number up there is getting bigger n bigger each year ;-)

Capturing the Moments of Happiness..woot woot 

Surprise...Surprise....'Drum Roll"

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.................*frantically excited, shocked, speechless*

This pearl white BB will definitely be "Ms. Apple2" new friend ;-)

We had a long break from our Movie outing since Ramadhan...finally its time for a SMURFilicious Movie!

Papa Smurf..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Lola whatcha doin? Let Smurfy go...They're going to The Big Apple...hahaha really awesome movie!!! The blue lil thing called SMURF has always been my fav cartoon forever & ever!

Suddenly this Huge Mr. Bear reminds me of my own KOKO Bear I had when I was 5 (a gift from Papa, obviously it was bigger than me back then)....Isn't that cool if they have SMURFETTE or PAPA SMURF as big as this wooooohoooooo wonder how much will it be ;-)  Nways, credit to my sis Lola for the Coco Sling Bag (a birthday present she bought from her own allowance)...luv it very much! XoXo 

Patchi LOVE to ALL of you *wink* *wink* 


Oh wait, 

This CuTieY BluEiY...SMURFY followed me home............hugssssssssss!  Tooott! Actually I bought it for Evita Sofea..dun think you guys remember her, our friend's baby girl.  The cute lil angel pic that I shared in my entry a year ago *click to read*  is going to be ONE this coming Sunday. 

Okay folks, once again  Bye now ! Happy MALAYSIA Day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raya Open House....

Setiap kali Aidilfitri menjelang mestilah ramai yang buat Rumah Terbuka or "Open House" tak kiralah family, friends, companies or even clients. Sure dapat banyak invitations dalam masa dua minggu ni till end of bulan Syawal. Mulalah jalan jem sana sini especially nun kat Kayell...! Nway sempat jugak semalam pergi beraya ke rumah my ex-colleague, Cik Siti at Taman Berjaya, Gombak then Lola's bff at USJ Subang Jaya.  Yup, only two for yesterday more to come in good time ;-)

lama tak berposing di Teratak Cik Siti ni rasanya last skali 3 raya ago;-)

Lola with her 2bff - the gorgeous Ayang & the hansem Ayin

A week ago when we had our last 'big makan' in AS before we shoot off to Kayell, my bro suddenly highlighted, "eh kakak dah lama tak ambik gambar-gambar makanan kan kalau dulu before OP sakit nak makan pun susah kena snap sana snap sini, blog jangan tak blog".  Hmmm.....what to do I was on "Sad Mode" most of the days in Ramadhan & 1st Syawal pun tak ingat nak makan dah.  Lemang, ketupat my mil bekalkan pun tak sempat jamah masa 1st day raya tu.

 masa beraya bersama my eldest bro @ Taman Golf, AS

@Sil's place...Teratak Hamka, Simpang Kuala

Majlis Raya-Aqiqah @ cuz's place, Taman Mutiara...

Wokay...dah la sikit2 kan. Nanti kalau ada lagi pix baru boleh upload & citer. 







Kenangan di Aidilfitri bersama Gramps..whom I dearly missed :-(

Raya 2009 @Istana Anak Bukit

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