Monday, January 3, 2011


Helloooo..................<^;^>  Yezza, my 1st entry for 2011 after no post for 5 consecutive days, I guess it's not too late to wish everybody "HAPPY NEW YEAR"!!!  I didn't think of any resolutions this year, was too tied up with my bro's wedding, eheemmm..being the older sister la katakan*wink*  Actually more to the monitoring part, a lil bit of Here N' There, This N' That but still superbly busy. 

Loads of stories to share & photos to upload, that's for sure! Gotta find some time to sort all the photos taken by the official photographer and also from  a few of other cameras during the solemnization & reception. 

 Well, well....our very own photoshoot.  Terlebih sudah!
Merampas Tahta Raja Sehari ...Sorry Mr & Mrs Pengantin;-)

Stay tune for more...


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