Friday, April 30, 2010

Empire Gallery....Again

I guess this week is 'The Empire' week...3x in a week! But I LIKE!!!!So today with 'Captain'. Snack Time- Kenny Roger's Vanilla,Banana, Chocolate muffins & Crispy Popiah...yumm, yumm! Hey guess what we found the most wanted Ed Hardy watch for Lolly! The USD55=RM218 (after 5% discount)..exactly like in the website. Its white colour...comes with an exclusive EH box. Just Luv the box:-) Finally the Ed Hardy 'hunt' has officially ended. Thank god...fuhh!

Btw, the EH boutique has more collections compared to KLCC...Cool!Really, Go n Check-it Out People...

Thirsty for The Loaf BickFord's Lemon Lime & Sarsaparilla also the tempting pastries & bun. Our choice of the day...Quiche, butter cream bun & the japanese muffin (can't remember the name) & last but not least the cranberry cheese. Its yummylicious!! Really convenient to have The Loaf at our very own town..Subang Jaya. Otherwise have to drive all the way to Pavilion and even before, there's only ONE (the 1st) outlet..back in Langkawi.

A lovely tea break for all of us as always. I want more Cranberry Cheese please;-)

Till the next afternoon tea update....bye for now!

p.s: bought a black scarf for Sis G n a goodbye card...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Rockabye" Baby....

Rushing to the salon @ 11nish for a wash & blow. Promised to pick up Bz & Lyn @12 noon sharp @ D'House. Was 15mins behind time...(blamed the hairdresser- he's new) anyway, after a year leaving D'House, the parking mania remain status quo that's the reason why i offered myself to fetch them. Convenient to them not to lose their 'valuable' parking spots.

Baby Iris-Q was sleeping in her cot when we reached there....

So her mummy's frenz tip-toe to the dining room. Yes, "food attack"...nasi minyak+ayam masak merah+dalca+acar buah and Meehun goreng Bibik Sheem. Hmm...yummy!! Its LUNCH time...

But...the photo session was more irresistable than the food spread....hahahaaa Its our tradition to take pix every time we meet, everywhere, anywhere as long as we can upload the pix on FB for those who unable to make it, like today.

Wake up..wake up..Baby Iris-Q, Say cheese to Aunties please;-) We're desperate for your SMILE..So 'kecoh'...please be reminded she's not a doll, she's still soft & fragile...if only she can talk she would say, "Please Leave Me Alone Aunty..I wanna sleep"...Sorry Darling, we're all too excited!!

Btw, It was a short & sweet small gathering for 5 of us. Next visit will be "Baby Alya"...can't wait for this Thursday.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Gift...

Finding the perfect gift for a baby girl...easy peasy, yuuhhhuuuu my all time favourite. From Subang Parade to Empire Gallery ...quite a variety collection @ the boutiques & Parkson SP but still undecided. Hmm..searching for more!! Then we stopped for lunch @ The Loaf Empire with MHubs joining us.

Children Section, Level 3 @ The Curve...Such a cutie pie baby clothing especially the dresses. White, off white or pink...i can go crazy choosing which one coz all looks pretty!!!

Iris Q, CPM's baby not yet 40days old so how about giving her a dress, would be her first and maybe she can wear it for the "cukur jambul" (ooopss..just a suggestion CPM). A white dress with pink flowers n ribbon suits her...the English element is there;-) The wrapping paper n cards also have to complement the gift. satisfied!!!!!

Meatballs n Pasta @ Ikea Food Court ends the shopping 'spree'.......

Hejdå (bye in Swedish)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Pacific Asiawide Corporation....have you heard of this company? Is it a local company, international base? What is their main business? Located @ Suite 41 & 43 MidValley. Actually i received a call yesterday from a chinese guy by the name of Lawrence to attend an interview for an Event Executive post on Tuesday @ 10:00am, which is this morning. I just can't explain why suddenly i felt unsure about the company, the man, his voice, his approach on the phone, the company name & also the advertisement that i picked-up from the part time job website. Was reluctant to go for the interview. Something just ain't right!!!! I decided to check on the company and its website. Unfortunately no website was found except a public forum quoting the company name " Pacific Asiawide" as a 'Scam'!

Here's the link to the forum:

Thank god!!!...this link has indirectly rescued me from attending the interview. I called the office number 03-22873966, then a malay girl answered with a different company name "UNICEF". Very true its a FRAUD!!!

To everyone out there please be extra careful when you're applying for jobs regardless part time or full time. Please CHECK the company background..its for your own safety.

Oh yeah the man, Lawrence called me again today at about 7:50am (that's quite early for a normal office hour).. asking me to come for an interview on Wednesday instead, if i can't make it today. Sorry, I'm not interested on the job not that i'm unable to come for the interview...that was exactly my answer to him!! full stop...No further question from him. End Of Conversation!!

Business as usual.....Lalalalalalala;-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a weekend....

Bowling Time!!!! Yesterday wasn't the day. The Pins & Balls @ Holiday Villa is open for ALL..members, non members, hotel guests,walk-in. NO Restriction! RM4.50 per game + RM1.50 for the shoes and RM4 flat rate parking fee.

Only 3 lanes were occupied including ours..privacy and relax no uninvited audience to laugh at us coz we're not dat PRO...4 of us competing with each other as long as I'm not the biggest LOSER, I'm okay with dat. Dejavu!!!! Same old place same old pins & balls, geeerrrrrreerrrreerrr.....take such a long time for the ball to come back to us and the pins to straight up. Actually, the last time we had bowling there was like 5 years ago with my KGNS colleagues. the ball moving or its too damn slow hahaa

This is bowling bro not futsal...

Looks like the only person got it right...

Snooker, next in 'queue'.....@ the Victorian Hall level, a bit stuffy and warm...RM10 an hour. Tough! tough! stiff fingers, stiff hands like no 'swagger', ain't my game darls! Just for photo opt with the cue & balls.

Lesson w the 'guru' - Step 1

"The blind leading the blind"..??


We were thinking to go for Ice Skating @ Sunway but then its Sunday and we didn't have gloves whatsoever so just abandoned the idea. But its a MUST go! Can't imagine myself 'battling' with the skates hahaa..JUST DO IT! Watch out for the "Icy News"....people!

Empire Gallery, the new shopping mall at Subang Jaya, classy & cool! Its just opened on 22nd April so some of the shops were not yet in operation..ED HARDY was one of them. Quite a number of 'makan' place there among the popular ones, Tarbush & The Loaf. They also offered a Tour to the Empire Hotel. Not a big hotel but location wise very convenient for company's function & conference also wedding @ their 'Zouk' looking Ballroom. Cool ID!!

Opening soon..

Grab-n-go, Crispy Popiah with sambal & Kenny Rogers banana, vanilla n choco muffin but we're still hungry for the 'actual' food. Nasi Lemak & Ice Lemon Tea @ Darussalam....Yumm!Yumm!

Nasi Lemak Sotong..

My fav..Nasi Lemak Ayam Drumstick

The Best Weekend Ever....*smile*Ask For More*

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ed Hardy..'hunt'

The weekend has just started. McD drive thru..good choice for a quick lunch menu @ home. Off to KLCC with ONE mission, to buy Lolly's 'Uncle Ed' dream watch..hmmmm. As usual Lolly is so excited to get the EH watch she ever wanted. I've no idea which one though she had showed me the pix from the website a few times already. Here comes the disappointment, one after another ...not many choices of watches available @ KLCC boutique that's one thing, the price is super duper 'BOMBASTIC' for the design. Arghhhh....not like in the website!

Off to the next 'check' point. Before that, bought some nyonya kuih @ Food Junction, as it's almost tea time!!! All the way to KLCC just for kuih-muih. Hehehe...lovely!!

Trying our luck @ Pavilion EH kiosk as claimed by Lolly & Boboy. Keep on walking to the concourse Pavilion...searching for it at every level still no sign of EH kiosk. It's listed in the information board so it does EXIST. Checked with the concierge, the kiosk is no longer in business. The guy suggested Rhapsody (outlet selling watches) & Parkson. What!!! Is this some kind of a joke Ed Hardy @ Parkson! Be real..I guess the sales person @ KLCC was definitely right when he said that the Pavilion kiosk has no license to sell EH here in Malaysia that's clearly explained why it had to close.

Saturday @ Pavilion, definitely lots of people from all walks of life. There were luxury cars exhibition @ the concourse, Ferrari & Lambo...all in the pix. Not sure what's the event all about. Hey guess what???Justin Bieber's song is haunting us everywhere from KLCC to Pavilion..Please help!!! Gosh, really, really an annoying song !!!Maybe because I'm not 16 or 17 & I dun go for 'cute' boys.

Otw out @ the traffic light we saw EH kiosk outside Lot 10. To Go or Not To Go!.....Just hit it baby, we got off @ the traffic light and were running to the shop..(Amazing race also not so 'Kiasu' like this). Guess what??? There's only ONE ladies watch & one for man...Can you imagine the frustration. Man! this is pretty hard + 20mins unnecessary waiting at Lot 10 as they had to make a long turn to fetch us back.


Another EH boutique opening @ Lot 10

Okay..."Have a break, Have a Cake @ Secret Recipe"..SOHO, Solaris was the first in mind..
Secret Recipe...Here we come!!!! Unfortunately, SOHO zero found. Plaza Damas..Hartamas Shopping Centre ain't there. Just A quick snack @ Uncle Don, Damas...coke & nasi lemak bungkus. The Secret Recipe still remain 'secret'.

RM1.50 each...

Adhoc 'check' point @KLGCC to play bowling @ the new bowling alley...but then Only members & members' guests are allowed. Wrong info my dear old friend. JUST PERFECT!! Its not our DAY!!!!! Shhhhhhuhhhh....go away unlucky day........!!!!!!

Back to our Secret 'check' which outlet..Taman Mayang, Taman Tun or Bandar Centre Point? Finally, Secret Recipe @ Bandar Centre Point was the agreeable choice. Placed the order, New York Cheesecake, Chocolate Moist, Macaroni n Cheese....Lets dig in. Take away the gorgeous cheesecakes (NY & blueberry) & brownies.

Double Dutch would be just perfect for supper & Wondermilk cuppies. Too bad only 3 cuppies left at 9pm...Virgin Pina Colada, Cheese Kiss & Peanut Butter. Just bag in whatever they have.

Last stop for the day...Tropicana City Mall just for Double Dutch! Pick up a few sushi & sashimi for Boboy and off we go...hey passed by a very new fast food outlet 'UNCLE JON'...selling PORK BURGERs. In Malaysia???that's rare!

This is absolutely an amazing shopping malls & Secret Recipes Marathon ever!!!!Ends the night with all the cakes n creamy double dutch.

Sleepy,tired n disappointed. But still a sweet day to remember as it ended sweetly with a gorgeous desserts;-)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Here you go, the May issue! Page 58, Beauty Expert column for the "Make Over". The make up does not complement the elegant look that she wanted. Shermaine Yeo, the young make up artist 'Credibility is in Question'!! Also disappointed on the final selection of the photo. She looks tense and stiff...definitely not a good choice by the "Expert".

A first timer to both make over and make up

On another note, in celebration of Lancome's 75th Anniversary, they want to reward CLEO readers to a full make over for FREE!. Only 75 reserved seats available!!! Interesting, just trying my luck, who knows i might be the lucky reader no.75 before the closing date on May 31st;-) Cool giveaway from Lancome all that matters.

Time to sign off now..


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Wow, when first saw the advert on Astro thought it was an international label or a new fashion runaway tv shows. Curious to know more about the website: Very catchy indeed. Impressive, it is an online shopping collections. The advert must have cost the company a bomb! Browsing through the website, a very sexy & trendy designs from the popular jumpsuit, dresses, skinny to a stylo legging and other sophis designs.

Hurriedly register with iWearSin (Stylish Internet Natives) and put in the order for my sis, the funky legging...Cool huh!!!


I'm really tempted to the latex legging above...awesome been looking for this, but still thinking.. hard whether to click "add to shopping cart" or check out. I already have two similar latex legging bought from SIN (Singapore) recently. But both without a zipper. ehhem...just to firm up on the buying decision;-) And yet its only RM39!

Nice...just a click away to grab the latest trend & shopping news !!!!!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Chawan" with "Kawan"....

The postponed dinner at Chawan finally happenin' today. Had a great time, great laugh, great topics as always. I ordered "Roti Jala" and they ordered "Soto"...satisfied with the food though mine was pre-heated but the chicken curry saved it all. After that we moved on to Nirvana for "Teh Susu Lembu" but not for me. Just accompanying them and it was part of the deal coz i refused to have our dinner usual protecting my hair from the 'smell' hmmmm and its so noisy there, definitely not a place to chat.

What's my plan?? The regular Qs i guess everytime we meet, really don't have the answer for that. It might sound a bit pethatic but its the truth. I did voice out my plan to start an online biz. They suggested hampers..but how about the marketing strategy? am i that type of person? A lot of things need to be considered wisely.

Left Bangsar Village @ 11pm to fetch my better half from his badminton practice (office weekly game). Oh yeah, got some goodies from Australia..Cotton On Pink bag & turkish delight chocolates. Actually its for my better half who had helped Sis G with her tickets. Not forgetting my black n white sophis dress/top that i ordered from Elle. Its so gorgeous...can't wait to wear it this Sunday;-)

Otw back to Cova, i started to panic and all of us did (my 2nd bro in Malacca & my sis @ home). We were damn worried about my bro who did not call and his mobile was out of reached for almost half a day. Where would he be? What would have happenned to him? What if? All kinds of nonsense and negative thingy going on my head. As they always said I'M SO PARANOID!!! I'm panicking and praying hard for his safety. At last at 1.30am the text message from my sista's mobile was successfully delivered to him. Thank god! Everything okay and he's safe and sound at his friend's house.

Last item to bring up, the make over pix of my sis is already out in CLEO magazine May issue. Her bff condemning her make up, her looks ...she looks funny, weird etc. She was definitely upset. Whatever, was a good experience and exposure for her!!! Have yet to get the issue...can't wait to see it myself. But we did take a few snaps during the photoshoot, not so bad and quite cool..though the make up wasn't that great or amazing;-)

A quick touch up...

Hoorrayyyy...its raining now...heavily what a nice weather to sleep tonite.

Nite Nite!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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