Friday, December 24, 2010


Ho!Ho!Ho! A basket?... A gift?....from Santa...??!! No lah! This yummy homemade CheezTartz were from my dear fren, MARIA.....

cute mute je...I luv the cheezy taste SEDAPPP!! Believe me!

1 is never enough, 2 simply gorgeous, 3.. you want it moreeeeeee!

in a mini container, just store it in the fridge....Yes, Neat!

We managed to save some for MHubs & Boboy ( each kay)... the rest "zasss selamat dalam keita lagi tak sempat sampai rumah..ish ish" Oh come on...! How can we say NO to such a lovely dessert! Nevermind, already place our order for 30pcs to be collected next week, nak bawak balik AS for Gramps he will surely luv it.  Hopefully tak TERmakan la otw back tu *5hrs journey some more* fuhhhh sangat mengancam;-)

"MERRY XMAS to everyone who celebrates it & have a blessed XMAS.."


Oh before that, a note to D'Frenz:

Babes, I've collected the 'get together' cuppies from Han..finally, I gotta eat my own 'face' *suweeeet*  But I didn't expect to have lots of 'me' on the cuppies.  Anyways, thanks once again ladies for the gorgeous idea *ting* tho the 'chosen' pix kinda ...wuaaargghhhh


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