Saturday, February 25, 2012


Semalam rasanya pertama kalilah kluar rumah pepagi ada dua tiga biji kereta je kat atas jalan errmm..clear mear! Hujan pulak tu al-gelap la suasana dingin sejuk semua lengkap. Kalaula boleh tarik selimut sambung tido memang heaven tapi apakan daya ada keje menanti kat Sri Pentas tu.

Fikir-fikir balik pukul brapa la agaknya DJ, presenter, producer, crew morning talk show programmes tu kena datang ofis kan?! Kalau MHI, The Breakfast Show......apa2pun diorang mesti enjoy & happy dengan keje diorang.

Nway, bila dah ada kat Sri Pentas tu tak sahla kalau tak jumpa geng lama kan....

Siapa lagi my dearest fren, Maria masa zaman-zaman practical trainning kat MAS office Alor Setar dulu then kami jadik roommates masa keje kat Celcom pastu masing-masing bawak haluan sendiri...tapi still contact still jumpa sekali sekala yang paling selalu dia masakkan my fav food pastu pick up kat Sri Pentas or kat Condo Pelangi ;-). Cheesetart la, Cupcakes, Cheesecake, Macaroon, Apam Polka Dot, Nasi Briyani for my Birthday last year and yesterday pun ada Ayam Masak Merah...huhu D'Best!

Happy giler dapat jumpa Yaye walaupun singgah ofis Yaye sepuluh minit je but still okla lepas rindu lama tak borak-borak cam dolu2. Our 17 yrs of friendship...hugsss

Sebelum balik tu jumpa plak Cik Hani Bunni..hehe

ex-yellowans ;-)

Jumpa kawan-kawan lama ni selalu mengingatkan kita ofis lama, masa lunch, event, keje sesama semualah...those were the days, the good old days! Ni tak jumpa lagi kengkawan xKGNS & xMAS hmmm lagila touchy feely. Huisshhh...lama betul tak jumpa diorang. Nantilah one fine day...Insya'allah!

Yippie its Saturday...lalala *dancing- happy mode*

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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yawn..yawn..sleepy eyez at 12noon. Mana taknyer, had Nasik Lemak Rendang Kerang Paru & Telur this morning for breakkie..a 'good' start of the day!

Later, need to get my hair done 1st at least be a lil bit 'presentable' for a meeting at BU8 with the clients. Huh never ending story of me & my hair!

I can actually sum-up, February is the busiest month ever in my so called 'homeoffice' career. Meeting sana sini lah Starhill, Jaya 33, Jaya One, KL Hilton..that includes 'driving stress'.

The most embarassing moment just to share for laugh (only if you think its funny): okay, last week I had a meeting at Jaya 33 around 10am then guess what I've mistakenly thought its located at Damansara Uptown. Confidently went to DU spent 2 bloody hours trying to get out from the Damansara Toll only then I found out the number on the building at DU was 37 not 33 okay its Uptown 37 Helllloooooo...I was there at 10am sharp!demmmmm....!!

Complete Madness! I oh yeah, apparently my sista Lola was driving me at that time (less stress) and both of us have got to find Jaya 33 which we had no idea where it was...PJ babeh! Does it ring a bell.oh nooo left my GPS at home just great! As usual my saviour Mr.Hubs my living GPS guided us all the way to this 'mysterious' number Jaya '33' building. Aha! Better late than never ;-)

Nway, just letting out some grievances 'so called la'..Its Thursday a few more days to go...huhuhu

My Korean Class 'K-PoP Speaking Club' is almost fading..too busy to attend class..:-( 
 Till then bubbye...

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cajun Chicken Tortillas... MeXiCaN Menu

Yaribba..Yaribba AnDrE...!!! Mehico dinner tonite babeh..

 & loads..&..loads of tortillas 

Specially made by Amigo Alang aka speaky Chef Alang of Double Tree- Hilton wuhuuuu...!

Lovely fresh dinner menu with Sunquick Soda Juice and Nachos..MUCHAS GRACIAS!!
Sebelum sempat digulung secantik ini sudahpun clear....oops! 

Sorry Kapten KoKo takde lebih..oh yeah my 'Kapitan' Bro is coming home from Shanghai, China tonite after 4 months of sailing (rasa macam baru je hantar dia pi Paris ari tu). Apa-apapun Alhamdulillah..Welcome Home buddy tapi belum jumpa pun lagi mmmm....biasalaaaa <^:^>
Chillax... Nighty Night Amigos! 

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Workload.... Workhard..... Worksmart

The "madness" has just down! Hmmm..more to come! Some people said 'Busy means Good' kinda agree with it coz its good to be busy at times...

For the hundred million 'heartz' I luv my job, just couldn't be bothered with the 'Two SiL-ly' who think that I'm just shaking legs at home...huh crap!

Sexayy weekend people... Cheers!!!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Baby - Posh!!!

Isn't she adorable??!!! Cutie pie Harper7 and Hansem Daddy Beckham. Arrrr....hugs both ;-)))

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Small Office Home Office (SoHo) very own SoHo...

Faxing...Scanning....Emailing...Calling...beep beep..toot..toot...!!

Sleepless nites before the event *wuargghhhhhhhhhh*

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hydro Hotel Penang

I know...Penang lagiiiiiiii!!! Last kay, as usual accommodation review is a MUST at least can share a bit of info about this particular hotel located at Miami Beach, Ferringhi ;-)

Our first time at Hydro Hotel...

 Above Room 1:  Deluxe Twin bed - kinda too close to each other
Below Room 2:  Deluxe Room (Queen bed)...not much of a different isnt't it?!!
Old furnitures, grandpa type of TV set...but spacious room & cleanliness = satisfactory!

 One major disadvantage of the gotta cross the bridge to go to the beach...mmmmmm

looking at the beautiful & scenic Miami Beach....its worth d walk!

Close-up: small crab crawling out from here....tsstttttt errrrrr...

We had a great 2-day CNY 'eve'-weekend in Penang!!!  A special thanks goes to NST for choosing Mr. Hubs as one of the weekly winner (Dec 2011) and  of coz Hydro Hotel for the complimentary 2D 1N stay !

This week’s winner:xxxx xxxx in Seoul, South Korea

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Penang Food

Penang Famous Chendol....Penang Famous Char Kuey Teow...Best Assam Laksa....Best Briyani in Penang....All No.1 lah! But frankly speaking the food in Penang takdela sampai sedap giler sampai tak terlawan dek negeri lain. Sometimes its a bit overated. You can find better taste chendol here in KL what! Memanglah menu ni semua pun mai dari sana kan tu yang dah macam trend kebanyakkan orang yang pi Penang mesti kata BEST food ever itu ini, sebenarnya holiday, touristy FEEL kat Penang tu pun memainkan peranan sebagai penyedap rasa...lebih ummpphhh & sedappp! :)

Selamat menjamu 'mata' dah tentu-tentu secara sengaja membuatkan uols TERlapar, TERingin nak makan &  TERus pi carik sok...

All ours!

The ABC syrup errmmmm...has a strong rose essence taste! 

Rojak Buah...

Nilah kedainya...Penang Famous TeoChew Chendol @Penang Road gerai dia ada kat depan simpang makan dalam kafe lagi selesa daripada berdiri tepi jalan kan....
The interior....ada HALAL sign okay!

Jimmy Choo pun makan chendol dia...fuyoooo hahahaha
tapi kafe dia selesa & bersih walaupun rumah kedai lama...

If you ask me I prefer mamak chendol lagi sebab sukatan santan & gula merah dia just nice perfect blend! Macam yang ni...ada pulut somemore fuh heaven! 
 Subang Jaya SS15... still D'Best Rojak & Chendol for me!
Restoran Hameediyah Tandoori House @ Campbell Street.....

the taste not as good as it looks *disappointed* :-( 
Heartz SS15's Rojak Pasembor  more& more!

.....claimed to be the best Briyani in Penang!  

proven...sedapla tu sampai berebut-rebut nak ambik acar ;-)  But still can't beat Two Zam Zam's Briyani in Singapore  *click to view*

Alright peeps, gonna be crazey busy this coming week for a 'Serious Event' apalagi work....*brain freeze*

Hari ini sempat gak berouting ke KLCC ...berejam-rejam kat Kinokuniya maklumlah dapat tempias voucher buku 1Malaysia apalagi zassss beli buku tanpa duit cuma guna voucher....hehehe TQ  to Boboy!

While waiting for Boboy & Lola yang macam nak tido kat bookstore Kinokuniya tu....apalagi nyumnyum

Our all time selection:  Char Kuey Teow & Red Ruby @Little Penang Cafe (just next to Kinokuniya)
..... 10juta kali sedap dari ABC syrup rose kat Penang Road...ooopsss sorrry!

Salam Maulidur Rasul .....
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