Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bundle of Joy.....

Today, 31st March 2010 my most active FB friend, Naza or popularly known as CPM gave birth to a baby girl, Iris Maryam Qistina. Guess what,less than 24 hours after the C-section she already back on FB. Purely FB Addicts! Congrats to CPM on her new bundle of joy! Anyway, luv baby girls can dress them with fancy apparel,hairbands,like Barbie doll. Hmm..can't wait to see Iris wearing this dress...i'm missin' my little pumpkin back in AS:-(

The good news continues with my BFF who finally managed to submit the necessary docs for her marriage "legally" after so long and full of obstacles. Hope its for REAL this time around. Pray hard for her! The clock is ticking we are not getting younger.

Just to note on the extra joy for my significant other who has just got his promotion. A good start for 2010..looks like more overseas trips to come...ehemmm forecasting!!! At least can plan ahead on the outfit according to the four seasons spring,autumn, summer or winter.

These gorgeous creation really stunning...Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten by GUCCI

Wokay,bags all the joy and put on the pyjamas for a sweetest dream tonite.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hair Dilemma...

Rebonding? Full head colour? OR both? Having 'the worst hair of the year' was really painful and also scary. Salon has always been my greatest "bestfriend" and 3x a week the max. But ever since the bleaching nightmare done by the very unprofessional hairdresser about 2 moths ago, my hair is now 'stripy' black,red,brown,unbalanced,freezy just BAD HAIR DAY EVERYDAY!!!! Missin' my healthy long blond hair w highlights and also my short hair which was The best 'posh' hairstyle for me *sigh* DESPERATELY need a serious treatment for my hair now. By hook or by crook before 8th April (that's my target date - aim for the best look for my hair)

From hair to skin care for my face. M&S dry skin formula, creamy facial wash and day cream are 'D' best. No more peeling problems so far so good. Next, better put in my order for the Velvet pressed powder just for 3poundS @ Kensington!! At least i still maintain the self esteem despite my problem hair.

LoVe YoUrSelF!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

consonant "S"....Stylish

The most freakish sound of S for d day..the word Sun pronounced as "Kan", Soap as "Kop". Some tots or even adults can't pronounce S properly and it sounds like "eth". Rarely S become "K". Just imagine if his own name starts with "S". Gosh e.g. Steven become "Keven". What would you do if your children have problems with S? Speech therapy or try to train him/her to say S,S,S,S,...24/7. Hmmm..definitely tough for the teachers. Pity them(those who have problems with consonant "S")!!

Still in the "S" segment. Came across a STYLISH n cool collection from Elle's Dressing Room through FB. It's so cheap all items are below RM50. Blouse,top and even LBD. That's bloody CHEAP. Hope i can get the dress i ordered, look 'sophis' with a pair of knee high boots (pix attached). The best part, its only RM39!

sAyOnArA...for today

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breakkie "Blues"...

Nasi Lemak and Kueh Sri Muka @ Desa Paku were already in my dream last nite. Text came in at 9:20am.. Oopsie doopsie it's Fida my old friend. Our breakfast appointment at 9:30am!! usual fasten the seat belt put on Schumacher's helmet hit the road to Petronas Ara our meeting place. My BFF from Putrajaya reached there at the same time then we moved together to Desa Paku. Of all the days, Desa Paku was CLOSED! Second choice Roiboos our fav mee siam place also CLOSED! next pit stop Kopi Ara also CLOSED! Sunday Blues...the town is still sleeping. Hmmm...Ara development already overslept since years. Some people said something to do with the 'Feng Shui'. Perhaps, Maybe..I dunno. After a short tour around Taipan Ara we decided to have our Breakkie @ Kapitan which is next to Petronas. The SO planned classy breakfast with Nany, Fida & the kidz ended up with Roti Telur & Roti Pisang @ mamaks.Enough with the hustle n bustle of finding a breakkie place. It has been 2 yrs ++ since our last meeting with Fida (me n Nany). Arif & Zaqwan the cutie heroes at least saved the day with lots of topic to bring up between us. No business talks, nothing too personal plainly about her kiddos. Within that short breakkie, managed to further promote World Cup jerseys to Nany by showing the samples and sizes. Order increase from 2 pcs to 3 yaahooo! Actually Just helping my profit HAHA

Just to recap...handbags- Paris Hilton's boutique, shopping @ Takashimaya Singapore, facial & eyebrow threading were the essence of our 90mins breakkie. Can never run from 'la mode'.......


Saturday, March 27, 2010

New 'Kid' On The Blog.. do i start. Let me see, maybe a bit of intro about me n why i decided to start blogging after soooooo loooong thinkin' of doin' it. First, lots of free time. Second to release my addiction from FB. Third I wanna share my interest, hobbies, views, opinions, experiences and maybe some fun activities with beloved family & frenz. Basically, through this i can express myself on fashion, style, keeping up with the latest trend like my own E-News. Not necessarily the Designers & A- lister's "pick n brew" but also the affordable and gorgeous collection that has a "posh" touched on it. ambitious.

Anyways, have loads of pix to upload and ideas in my head screaming to come out after more than 365 days of a non-productive lifestyle i would say. No more events to organize, logistics to take care off, no deadlines to meet, no meetings to rush for, no stress, no pressure, no hatred only the positive vibes...Yes, peace of mind definitely but when its too peaceful sometimes its hard to kill the time. Dozzzzzzzzzzzeeee off easily *sigh*

So now, here come the tiny winy notes to alert myself that time flies easily when you're not looking. Most importantly for me to keep a journal of my humble everyday life.

Already 1 am..better hit da bed rite now. Early Breakfast appointment with my BFF. Gonna be a long breakkie i suppose.



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