Monday, December 13, 2010

Then & Now...

Not the one on E! Quite a 'shocking' news to most of my dear friends who'd read my FB status updates lately....;-) hihi

The big 'Q' becoming even bigger with another 'sporty' update...."since when?!"

right after I uploaded the basketball photo.....*so funny*

They sure know me better, but that was THEN and NOW  I've decided to pick up a few new hobbies not only the fun stuff like Karaoke, also heading towards a Healthy Living..,one of it, of coz exercise more! That's really 'A Statement' coming from a person who hates sports as much as she hates sweating and never been bothered to attend any company's sports activities including Badminton, except Teambuilding (coz its compulsory aka 'Terpaksa').

Cycling..., Basketball...., alright! Lets play Badminton,,,

a good start after decades xpegang racket hiks;-)

Too windy...had to move to the indoor court

Nice to have these facilities at our very own compound. 
It was raining cats & dogs the minute we finished the game...."run fast" huhu "Mandi Hujan"!

Oh Talkin' about FB...seriously I dun like the New Profile!! Its kinda annoying to have every comment we made to our friends appeared on the that necessary? So not CooL!

Thanks but No Thanks Mr. Zberg for the new re-designed profile...IT SUCKS! I'm not the only one complaining...if you guyz hate it too, join the group We Hate New FB Profile!


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