Monday, November 28, 2011


Loving this K-PoP Land with my Heart & 'Seoul' ;-)

Nitey nite! One hour ahead of Malaysian time...

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Yeay..yeay! Packing..

If Bella & Edward spent their passionate honeymoon in RiO...

I will then spend mine with my very own Jacob Black, mmm...yeah he is "Black" LMAO. :-))

Nway, the 'challenging' part of my packing moment.."Travel Light" which most of the attempts FAILed !!!

Wokay peeps..Happy Holiday!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PUSS in BOOTS Premiere Screening

Last nite was the premiere screening for Puss in Boots at GSC One Utama. But the invite wasn't for me I mean, not me who won the free passes. Oh yeah its from Churp Churp and one of the lucky Churpers is.........tadaaa
Mr.Hubs! He was a lil bit 'overacting' for winning his first ever premiere tickets from Churp Churp *bluek* Its like..whateva as long as I got the chance to watch my sexayyy cutiey kitty...hahaha

"I am known by many names: the Ginger Hit Man, Chupacabra, Frisky Two Times..*I think there's one more name, can't remember* but to most I AM PUSS..."

Yess...Puss in Boots

Incase you're wondering weather he's the same Puss in Shrek yup this is 'HE' and this was his previous life long before he met Shrek...grew up in the orphanage of a small village in San Ricardo and met an 'egg' friend named:

Humpty Alexander Dumpty...

and later on....

Kitty Softpaws with no claws...

The funniest scene was the "Dance Fight" between Puss & Kitty...seriously LMAO and the bunch of chicky cats too.

Though some parts of the movie were a bit wordy and draggy...*ok for me but for kids maybe you'll lose their concentration for a while* No worries, very simple solution watch Puss in 3D then the kids would definitely enjoy every bit of it.

Everything will look bigger and real including these two ugly characters...

Jack & Jill

Overall, Puss,Humpty & Kitty were super duper cute and charming all along. Catch the 'latino kitty' at a cinema near you starting from tomorrow Nov 24. Hey, school holiday already started reason not to watch Puss and friends ;-)

Okiedokie..been trying to post this entry like hours ago while everybody was busy watching Harimau Malaya vs Syria anywhere else but here, the snail speed WiFi connection at this place was so bloody annoying...darn slow! Main Cause: Many users?! but not as crowded as the mamak stall. UniFi? Come on can't be that slow! Sigh

Nway, blamed it to the internet service provider for their poor connection coz mocha, cocao cappuccino, caramel frappuccino never failed me. Say yes to easy reload card above and treat it like cash. More info


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Monday, November 21, 2011

Harimau Malaya vs Garuda Indo

Fuhhh..tengok berita kat TV, suratkhabar besok, online pun dah kluar, status FB, Twitter, belog-belog sudah semestinya citer pasal kemenangan pasukan Malaysia yang menang dengan 'glory-nya' di Stadium Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan Jakarta malam ni.

Buat julung-julung kalinya diri ini yang selalu cakap "arghh sorry I tak tengok Bola, tak amik taula kalah ke menang ke..dunno & dun care" tapi tetiba malam ni suaraku 'mengaum'...mintak ampun jeritan paling nyaring dan bingit kat depan TV je pun belum pi stadium lagi.

Semua semangat kenegaraan dan ke-Malaysia-nan yang membuak-buak bila pasukan Harimau Muda ni nak berentap ngan Sang Garuda. Nak-nak penjaga gol pulak ala-ala K.Pop star hmmm...macam pelakon Jepun pun ada. Tak lain tak bukan Khairul Fahmi Che Mat nama pendek KFCM. Berseri-serilah kehijauan padang bung karno tu dengan keterer-an dia menangkis bola pihak lawan. Gorjesssssssss sesangat!!!

Akhirnya peluh sejuk macam nak demam sampai bergelora jiwa tengok perlawanan yang sangat 'Panas' membara ni diakhiri dengan sweet & happy ending. Malaysia Menang! Malaysia Boleh! Malaysiaku tercinta!

Segunung kinabalu Tahniah untuk pasukan Harimau Muda dan coach Ong Kim Swee yang bertekak begaduh sampai kena buang padang la..berbaloi-baloi perjuangan mereka. Bawak balik Pingat Emas huhu. Sukan SEA terbaikkk! Sokonglah bolasepak tanahair dan majulah sukan untuk negara. *dengar lagu negaraku sblum tidur* pastu tengok gambar ni.....

Sweet dream...XOXO

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Naturally You.....

Make up is a woman's best friend though there are some (minority) who do not use make up at all but at least one's must have a lipstick in her handbag. As for me I only have basic make up stuff in my small make up pouch, a compact powder & a two different colours of lipstick "Red & Pink".

I have a confession to make here, errr... I bought a Mascara for the first time last week, like seriously..I've never had one of my own. But of coz I've used it before during my wedding, a few dinner functions, the photoshoot for OSIM U-Zap advert, the make over for Female mag & Curlers n Trimmers Hair Salon bla..bla..bla..but all were done by a professional Make Up Artist.

Among all I was so impressed with Teddy Suriady Lim, a pro make up artist from Indonesia who did my make up for Female make over thingy. He had used the perfect blend of foundation, blusher, everything on my face was just perfect and I luv the result so very much! Coz Its not easy to do a make up for those with tanned skin tone okay!*hmmm*  Speaking from experience, some make up artists tend to make my face look very dull & even darker by choosing the wrong foundation, eye shadow colour & stuff *grrrrrr..* Smokey Eyes a big NO!NO! for me~

If you ask me what type of make up I prefer, I would choose something light and natural nothing heavy or drama. Just like the latest one I had with Make Up For Ever at The Gardens, Midvalley sometime before Aidilfitri this year. Actually, I was a 'stand-in model' and would rather call it  'work related'  photoshoot for Make Up For Ever Paris at The Gardens, Mid Valley outlet with Professional Make Up Artist from Singapore, Eddie..

Here's the article/news coverage came out in Utusan ...(Sept 2011)

One more...this one was taken on a different day..rambut pun lain sikit kan....(October 2011)

Do visit Make Up For Ever counter at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City to find out more on the make up class if you're interested. RM300 per pax* for 60 minutes course (fully redeemable for products) and other services too.  'Like' their fb page *here*

with Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Team & one of the models....XoXo Ladies!

Bye Dolls...!

*All photos were taken by Kenny Wong (our appointed photographer)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Advert NOT a sponsored post *wink*

I once promised to put up this scanned copy of the articles featured in Print (magazine & newspapers)....finally! All this while its in Mr.Hubs lappy *rolling eyes* 

Not so long ago, just number of years younger...ahaks:-)

OSIM U-Zap Ad in 2007... they had couple of different Ads for this campaign but I only found this one, may have to dig out my paper cutting files for the rest..ermmm *no promises this time*:-)

A good make up artist & make up products would definitely be the most important factor here AND I shall save it for another post later kay..!

p.s: Just for the record today is Friday, 11.11.11


Event:    LISA Magazine Launch
Theme:  Stylish (Cocktail Party)
Venue:  The Intermark, Double Tree by Hilton, Jalan Tun Razak  
Date  :  10.11.11 
Time:  7:00pm 

Oh sorry! I'm so 'in love' with the lovely Butterflies....

"I'll have fruit punch please" Cheers!...;-)

 pose & smile....

with the host Zura from LISA Team....Thanks heaps for the Invite!
I like her 'classy hairdo' but can't really see it from here :-(

Here comes the Celebrities...Sazzy Falak

Look at her figure, Oh my! she's so slim...HOT Mom of twins. 

the ever gorgeous...also LISA but this is no other than Lisa Surihani 

The guests were served with cocktail menu bite-sized food and entertained by great artists and lovely songs indeed...

 Shila Hamzah ...


& Alyah...

 Sazzy Falak,  the MC for the nite....

That's Fazura the 'Cover Girl' ...she's stunningly beautiful *speechless*
Tada....LISA magazine  is officially launched its first issue in Malaysia! 

This new magazine (in BM)  is originally from Germany published for more than 15 years.  
LISA also published in Thailand and already 12 years there (in Thai language)

I've got my 1st copy of LISA...

The Body Shop door gifts....Nice!

I dedicated this merchandise to my dear friend's dotter named LISA ;-) 

GOOD NITE ALL....!  I LUV MY JOB mwuahhhh!

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