Sunday, December 5, 2010

Belanga @Empire Gallery...

Sunday lunch date with a special friend...Who?! ex-colleague, she used to be my lepaq & movie 'kaki'. Since I left the Yellow HQ almost 2 years ago, we were on complete *silent*,  no 'Teh Tarik' session, no movie, no calls, nothing except on FB (also no interaction there).  Yeah..its me who call off all the connections with most of  the "Yellowans",  no significant reason for this  just keeping myself on *deactivation mode* away from the corporate world including corporate friends wahhh gitew..poyos:-) 

This photo was taken on my last day 15.2.2009, farewell dinner just the two of us....

@Borneo Rainforest, Sunway..

Finally today 5.12.2010 (1 year & 10months later) we met at Belanga Cafe, Empire Gallery for lunch....

My choice..
Nasi Dagang+ Ikan Tongkol  @RM12.90..emmmmmm Sedapppppp!!! 
Trust me..its really nice.  A must order meal, 10x tastier than Nasi Bojari Madam Kwan (not my cup of tea)

Es Teler @RM6.90... Yummylicious!!!!

Siti's choice...
Chicken Ball Soup & Honey Lime (oops price termiss out hihi)
Makan2, Minum2, Cakap2, Gosh! so many stories, this & that,....eyh, its already 6:30pm we were there since 1:30pm..WoW! 5hrs chatting n catching up at the cozy Belanga Cafe. Nice to see her again and catch up, though 5hrs ain't enough to cover all.  Hmm...really missed the good old days during our Amazing Malaysian event trip to Penang, KK, Semporna, Kelantan, Pulau Carey macam-macam lagi....:-(

Anyway, thanks babe for the lovely treat! Take good care & keep in touch!

**Back in school days we used to write something like this:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Friends come and go,
But I'm thankful I have YOU!

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