Sunday, December 26, 2010


This week is like a 'fixing/repair week'..punctured tyre one thing, then sent baju for Pink Caftan kena potong ckit, just the length *I have to admit I'm not that tall*, Lolly's Kebaya  from size S to XS *one size down ermm...she's getting slimmer* then Baju Melayu @Bac Medacena sedikit terpendek & terpanjang and last but not least,'Shoe-repair'.

Do you still go to a cobbler to fix or repair shoes? Coz to some people, there's no need to do so, once 'rosak' just throw it away in the 'Tong Sampah'. What about expensive shoes? Or maybe your favourite pair? Don't you think it's a waste..? just because of a tiny winy thing that can be glued or sewn back, regardless the cost as long as the repair fee not greater than the price of a new pair of shoes.

Just like mine here, this is exactly when I need Mr.Cobbler badly....
*the white circle spotted on the area needs to be repaired*

 Lama tak pakai sandal ni...used to be my fav, masa baru dulu la

satu tapak tercabut...too much of walking in Munich 
note to self:  *next time use sneakers or flats*

most worn shoes...

My ever comfy round toe..this was taken after the cobbler glued the diamond ribbon back on

Guess what the new cobbler I found at our area only charged me RM5 for all the above repairs.  Amazingly CHEAP! That's a major different between road side cobbler and cobbler in shopping malls.  The one at Subang Parade can easily cost me around RM50-RM60 or maybe more!

My unpleasant shoes 'drama'....

I always experience sandal putus, heels tercabut not once but many times..., when I was in Phuket Airport,  berkaki ayam yes barefoot ke parking lot untuk tukar kasut dalam kereta *malu oh*. While doing shopping at Ikano..this one memang classiq I bought the round toe in Bangkok for 199Baht=RM19.90, the Cobbler at Ikano charged me for RM40 just to fix the sole/tapak yang tercabut..WTF..ish! Since then no more Ikano cobbler. 'Kaki Lima' or by the roadside cobbler is more worth it and some really do a good job which only cost you a few bucks! Cheap n Good..thats worth it!

Btw, one more to send to the sneakers

Converse Jack Purcell  hmmm..are they good quality shoes??? 
 comfy?? not at all...for me!

I always treated my shoes as if I wanna keep it for a lifetime..hahaha.  I still keep my custom made wedding shoes which I had only wore once, 3 pairs altogether, white lace, beaded off white and blue satin.  The beads, the soles are still intact and in good condition even after 11 years. Hmm..tak taula bila masa nak pakai pun, memang confirm terperap dalam kotak buat selamanya.

Whateva it is, I still need to go to cobbler, without them, I won't be able to keep those shoes for that long..1 year, 2 years or maybe longer than that depends on the usage *heavy or just once*.

"Mr. Cobbler..its cool to have you around at a convenient place to find you" *smiley*


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