Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ole @Monterez...

Yup..its still about the same subject, the Bowling Tournament!  Actually, I was just accompanying my hubs for his office social club event at Monterez Golf & Country Club, Shah Alam. About 30 people (staff & family members) participated in the game and they even offered me to join one of the ladies' team which apparently short of members.  Oh... deaR!! Definitely a big NO from me coz I'm pretty sure my 'catwalk' & slow-moving ball will only jeopardise their overall scores...better not;-) So just sit back, relax & enjoy the game.

D' participants...
 except the two lil boys...still under age hehe

D' Team...
Bring it on! In it to win it spirit;-) 

Let the games begin...

 A Strike 'X' or...

A Spare "/"...

Ready for the  result?! (The Winning Team is determined by the best scores from three games)...

The 2nd Runner-Up is...



Looks familiar;-)

Ermmm...I saw a box of Raisins:))

Next...the 1st Runner-Up .....oops sorry! I didn't snap their pix:-((  *amateur photographer*, not used to the role... hahaha

The Commitee- President (right) & Vice President (left)....

Congrats to the Winner...

That's a wrap!

p.s: Its a cold rainy Sunday today...!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let's Bowl...

Saturday's Happening...

Venue:  Monterez Golf & Country Club

Event:  Bowling Tournament

Date & Time:  29th January 2011 at 3pm 

More photos of the said event to come later,  coz  I'm tired & sleepy right now *ala spectator je pun tadi;-)* Huuhh!  but really I cannot tahan oredy...I better sign off & go to bed!

TOoDleZ ^-^ 'zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz'

Friday, January 28, 2011

Posh Bread N' Butter Pudding...

How do you like your Tea? Sugar, Milk, Honey? I like it light with Sugar or Honey & a Slice of Lemon.
How about  Bread N' Butter Pudding...? Serve with with home-made yogurt, ice cream, custard or cream? That! would be just perfect with Vanilla Ice Cream & a cup of  Twinnings Earl Grey Tea.

So, I decided to make my own homemade B&B pudding for TEA instead of indulging myself with some sweet 'wicked' dessert at Alexis Bistro, Bangsar *Alexis B&B pudding is simply Gorgeous*.   With the help from  'Google'... of coz.  Here's The Traditional British Bread N' Butter Pudding Easy Recipe that gives you THIS as a result:-)

*grin from ear to ear*.... for the 1st try ^:^

    I'm lovin' it 


    Serves: 4 persons
    • 8 slices of brown or white bread (traditionally white bread is used)
    • 3 cups of milk
    • 3 beaten eggs
    • 113g / 4 oz brown sugar *if you use caster sugar reduce it*
    • 85g / 3oz sultanas *I used Ligo raisins*
    • 1 tsp vanilla essence
    • 1/2 tsp cinnamon *I omit this coz I prefer the 'non-cinnamon' taste*
    • 1/2 tsp salt
    • Butter (enough to butter the bread and to grease the baking dish)
    1. Pre-heat the oven to 170C / 325F
    2. Grease a 5cm / 2inches deep oven proof baking dish.
    3. Thinly butter each of the slices of bread on both sides, covering the whole slice right to the corners and cut into 4 triangles.
    4. Place a layer the buttered bread on the bottom of the dish, slightly overlapping each triangle.
    5. Sprinkle with sultanas and sugar and make another layer. Continue in this way until the bread is finished. Sprinkle fewer sultanas on the top, but do give a generous sprinkling of sugar.
    6. Beat together the milk, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and salt and pour the mixture over bread.
    7. Allow to stand for 30 minutes so that the bread can absorb the liquid.
    8. Place in the oven and bake for 30 to 40 minutes. * 40-45 mins for my oven*
    9. The top should be golden brown.  If you reduced the baking time, the bread and butter pudding stays a little moist, which some people prefer.
    Its quite a detailed method given there but "Visual Cooking" is definitely a plus...Yes! Learn To Cook with "You Tube" that can teach you to cook anything. "Now Everyone Can Cook"... huh;-)

    Before you watch the video, please note that I still follow the above Recipe,  in other words this POSH NOSH BBC TV Series just for me to see the 'step by step preparation' helps!

    Don't curse me if you hate them both "Simon & Minty" hahaha. A long -winded explanation on the history of  this n that but its quite funny though.  I always luv the Brits accent. The way Minty says "fluff  (the eggs) diplomatically..!^;^  Oh one more thing...No Cognac (brandy) used in my Bread N' Butter Pudding ahaks;-)

    You might wanna have B&B pudding for Brekkie or Tea this weekend. Just give it a shot;-)


    Thursday, January 27, 2011

    Khurafat خرافة‎


    Khurafat mengisahkan perjanjian terlarang dan salah satu bentuk penyelewengan dalam aqidah Islam diantara manusia dan syaitan, sesuatu yang amat ditegah dalam agama suci kita. Tapi manusia tanpa mengira akibat .. membelakangkan Allah, disokong dengan nafsu dendam serakah akhirnya hanyut dengan bisikan syaitan..

    Kisah bermula dengan Johan, seorang pemuda yang bekerja sebagai Pembantu Hospital. Sudah berkahwin dan mempunyai seorang isteri bernama Aishah. Pasangan ini diawal perkahwinan hidup aman dan bahagia namun tanpa disangka trauma melanda dipertengahan jalan. Mereka sering diganggu oleh lembaga aneh. Bermacam-macam usaha telah dilakukan namun gangguan itu tetap berterusan...

    Rasanya ramai yang dah tengok filem ni sebab dah pun dua minggu ditayangkan di Pawagam. Apapun nilah movie yang kami tengok semalam. Trailer promo Khurafat ni pun dah cukup menyeramkan...*Link to Offial Trailer*

    Bila I tengok trailer filem ni skali je dah tak sabar nak tengok siap ada bacaan ayat-ayat Al-Quran tu yang menambahkan lagi ke'thrill'an citer ni. Tapi kalau sesiapa yang memang tak suka ataupun takut yang teramat sangat dan 'lemah jantung' dinasihatkan JANGAN! Selama 1 jam setengah tu memang bertubi-tubi kejutan...hantu dia memang sangat ngeri *eeee...terbayang muka dia*  Ramai yang tutup muka & get ready nak menjerit termasuklah orang kat sebelah saya *ada la..* lawak lawak;-) Bukan kaum Hawa je yang menjerit *even sebelum hantu tu kluar* kaum Adam pun sama..auwwww

    Memandangkan I ni peminat filem bergenre: Horror ataupun Seram, tak kiralah filem Melayu, Indonesia, Thai, Korea, Jepun, Hollywood semua I tengok, jadi sudah semestinya nak membandingkan dan mengkritik;-)  Di samping berjaya menimbulkan tahap ngeri  & seram yang boleh dibanggakan, filem Khurafat ni ada juga kelemahannya dari segi pemilihan pelakon, watak & storyline. For instance, watak Liyana Jasmay sebagai Aishah iaitu isteri kepada Johan lakonan pengarahnya sendiri Syamsul Yusof, I think she's a bit too young for the character, she looks like a secondary school gal to me and under age to be his wife. Satu lagi watak Mariani sebagai cleaner lady, macam takde kaitan sangat. 

    'Johan & Aishah'
     *photo credit to Khurafat FB fanpage*

    However overall, if we were to compare Khurafat with the others especially David Teo 's (Grand Brilliance SB) all the "Jangans" movies - Jangan Pandang Belakang, Jangan Tegur & what not, KHURAFAT 10x lebih SERAM..!! Seriously, its hell of an improvement for a Malay horror movie. Kudos to Syamsul Yusof!! 

    pssstttt....Malam Jumaat ni, crita-crita pasal Hantu lagi dah la semua orang dah tido ni:-( errrrrr...okay lah ye!

    Selamat Malam...

    p.s:  My niece, Damia pun mengikuti jejak langkah 'Aunty' dia  ni suka tengok filem seram since she was in standard one & now she's going to be 11 *already in standard five* walaupun sebenarnya dia seorang yang penakut but still nak tengok jugak..haihhh! Okayla, one day I'll 'introduce' her properly here and cerita panjang lebar pasal the one & only lil princess in our family;-) 

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Popcorn N' Wednesday....

    It wasn't a manic Monday or a terrific Tuesday but I considered today as 'A Wonderful Wednesday!' Movie outing & the usuals,  light snacks before the movie,  IKEA hotdogs & it ain't complete without a dessert...

    THIS is what I'm talkin' bout....

    just too Yummy to say no...

    and also TOO GOOD for the  price....!!!

    Click here for the outlets

    Just one more week to Chinese New Year (CNY)...Gong Xi Fa Cai  mode! *E'eh...why am I so excited kwang kwang*

     adding the right mood....

    These hampers remind me of my corp comm days @ the yellow HQ..
    Yup...I was in charge for all the festive gifts & cards /corporate gifts/media gifts...
    *haiya! memang super duper bz time tu..huh*

    The Cheongsam..!  I have a few but none is RED. I bought one Turquoise Blue Cheongsam dress in Bangkok years ago till now tak pernah pakai pun lagi, hmm..jadi *Display Item*;-)

    @The Curve concourse area...
    The Pink Cheongsam Top - RM99 *of coz apa2 misti ternampak warna PINK 1st*
    The Red Cheongsam Dress - RM149 *I think*
    a lot more for kids as well..

    Wokay, I'm calling it a night, sleep tight & sweet dreams everyone!!!

    Oh yeah... the MOVIE review etc etc in my next entry, tomorrow *yawn*

    Tuesday, January 25, 2011


    I don't mind spending HOURS for hair treatment , facial or mani-pedi, anytime for "Beautifying Session"!! Feelin' Restless..?? No..oo of coz not never for that but today, I spent the whole morning waiting at the Workshop for about 4 hours to be precise...*sigh*   





    Yup..time for GenDoe to get her 'treatment'...
    I dunno, but I always feel that GenDoe is more to a 'He' than a 'She'...a 'male', I know, its like 'WhatEva! hikhiks;-)

    Gotta fix the leaking engine oil sump/pan *tempat minyak hitam mengalami kebocoran*  
    to change THIS thing....*$$..zass*

    Okay...lets not get too technical into it. All that matters, GenDoe is back in 'shape', good condition and still has the resale value though I smell like Petronas Syntium or Shell Helix the whole morning..fuhh!!

    Actually, I was thinking to...arr..err..mmm SELL it *whispering* orang kata  tak boleh cakap di depan kereta nanti dia merajuk...not sure how far its true, but since I'm just writing it here so shouldn't be a problem right..*wink*

    Its already 5 years anyway, maybe its Time to Change..... looking at our "oversize baggage" as always when "balik kampung", we're definitely not a light traveller AT ALL~~~!!
    photo taken before we went back to AS for Nicko's wedding last month...

    Absolutely not another sedan that's for sure, maybe  A _ _ _???
    However, its just one of the items listed in my 2011 Wishlist.  Dream big & keep on wishing!!

    Alrighty, need my beauty sleep now..Tata!

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011


    Everybody Luvs Chocolate!! Chocolate Gifts lagi la suka kan...sabar ye Valentine lama lagi.  Eh tapi ada ke orang yang tak suka Coklat??? Hmmm rugi..memang sangat rugi one of World's Best Inventions tu! Bila suka makan Coklat, bila duka pun makan Coklat no wonder ramai Chocoholics;-)

    Some of the many Chocolate quotes & sayings...

    Chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don't need an appointment.
    -- Catherine Aitken

    Chocolate is nature’s way of making up for Mondays.
    -- Anonymous

    Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.
    -- John Q. Tullius

    There's nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with CHOCOLATE.
    -- Linda Grayson

    Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get.
    -- Forrest Gump in the movie "Forrest Gump"

    WHAT IF you get a bar of  PEPPERMINT chocolate???? Will you like it? Firstly, do you like MINT?  Coz I don't? I hate the MINTY tastes like toothpaste to me. *Sorry no offence to all chocolate mint lovers out there* I'm a chocolate lover but when it comes to this flavor, No Thank You...I'll pass.

    Ha, ingat lagi dulu kalau chocolate gift dari London je mesti orang bawak 'After Eight' Chocolate mints...popular betul! Hmm...dapat kat I memang jadi 'Display Item' dalam fridge...senasib la dengan Cadbury Peppermint ni dah 'survive' seminggu dalam fridge...kalau Patchi, Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Snickers, Mars, Kit Kat, Cadbury dah  al-selamat  tak sampai sehari but not this ONE...

    Look at the slimy green peppermint...
    arrrrr... please don't remind me of the taste blueekkkkk!

    Ni yang rasa macam nak buat coklat sendiri eh tetiba je.  Bukan apa sekarang ni macam semua orang boleh buat sendiri macam senang plak tu.  Tak taulah tengok gambar-gambar dalam FB one of my X-coursemates, Ayu Haslinda, ada macam-macam bentuk coklat berwarna-warni ala2 luxury chocolate gifts gitew!  Chantique..menarik!  Good job...Keep it up Ayu!   Kalau  you  all   nak   tengok   click   Ayu Honey Chocs.   I pun belum pernah order lagi...ish ish apa la punya kawan ni kan tapi  bukan tak nak order tau cuma belum ada ocassion ape2 lagi.

    Best jugak kalau tau buat coklat sendiri, just imagine how lovely it is time Valentine's Day bagi a box of  your homemade chocolates to your dearest girlfriends, MiL, eh Hubby lupa plak, tapi slalu lelaki bagi perempuan tak kesahlah;-)  Nak! nak blajar jugak!  Sesiapa yang tau tempat-tempat Chocolate Making Class yang best within Klang Valley sudi-sudikanlah share kat sini.  Kalau anyone of you pernah pegi sendiri kelas tu lagi bagus at least I tau what to expect kan. 

    Excited ni....*malam ni misti mimpi CHOCOLAT'*

    Choco...err I mean XoXo;-)

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    "FACEBOOK WILL END ON MARCH 15th...Weekly World News *click*
    "FACEBOOK is shutting down"..
    "FACEBOOK is closing down".. 
    World without FACEBOOK? and all the Ra Ra Ra...Hmmmppphhh~

    SORRY, I just don't buy it! Its  such a baseless rumor, hoax, silly & complete RUBBISH!!!

    The rumors about "FACEBOOK SHUTDOWN" were everywhere spreading like fire and of coz everyone has read it or heard about it BUT...

    Hey its Monday! Lets talk about something serious Woooohoooo...hooo.....:-)

    Do You Know about  Malaysia very own social networking site which was opened to public on January 12, less than a week ago.  I was actually 'attracted' to the headlines on MStar *click* "1Malaysia Sedia Ganti Facebook" or "1Malaysia Ready to Replace Facebook"  *! that's a very bold & brave statement also a bit too ambitious I suppose*

    Nway, come on...! Be a supportive Malaysian okay, not just shut 'em down.  Let's see what do they have...

    1Malaysia Home Page...

    2,739 members as of todate...

    1Malaysia Videos..

    You may visit the Link here in case you wanna sign up or open an account and be the first among your group of friends.  For me? I think I'm just not that into it..., I'm good with the the existing two right now, FB & Twitter. But I didn't say Never..*smiley*

    Wishing the Team All the Best!!

    Sunday, January 16, 2011

    MAS Stewardess found dead in AMS...

    I heard the shocking news yesterday on Twitter & Facebook but I didn't really get the real story or the details what actually happened to her until I read the newspaper this morning.  Oh yeah! I know...early Sunday for me today, went to Bukit Kiara this morning to visit mom's grave.  We had our brekkie at the usual mamaks Kayu SS2, there you go the minute I flipped thru the newspaper this shocking news  was on page 3, Sunday Star...

    click link to read the full article..

    This shocking DETAILS were reported by NST:

    Stewardess found dead in Amsterdam

    By Fadhal A. Ghani and Kalbana 


    KUALA LUMPUR: Mystery surrounds the death of a Malaysia Airlines stewardess who was found dead at a hotel car park in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on Friday morning.

    Chin Swee Len, 35, was discovered at 9am by guests of the Radisson Hotel who alerted the police. A source from the airline said Chin was believed to have been assaulted and then thrown out of her hotel room window.

    "Her fourth floor room was broken into and ransacked," said the source.

    Chin failed to attend the briefing at the hotel lobby, which is usually held before the crew leaves for the airport to board their flight.
    "A crew member went up to the room to check but could not find her. The room was ransacked and the window was open."

    Chin, who is married and has a child, was staying in Taman Oakland, Seremban with her husband. Chin, who was a senior flight attendant, and had been working with the airline since 1997.

    Amsterdam police said they were investigating to see whether there was any foul play.

    The plane which Chin was supposed to have boarded had to leave without her and landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 1pm yesterday. Netherlands' police had requested assistance from Interpol and the Malaysian police to help in their investigation. A Wisma Putra official confirmed they had been informed.

    MAS has flown Chin's husband and immediate family members to Amsterdam to bring back the body. They left late last night.

    Its Director of Operations, Captain Azharuddin Osman, said their main concern was to support the family during this difficult time and were cooperating with the authorities.


    It happened at the hotel? Radisson Blu the place we stayed in Amsterdam mid July last year.  Its a luxury, quiet & nice hotel located minutes away from Schiphol Airport.

     A warm welcome at the Hotel Reception...
    extended to the room as well...

    errrrrrr... thats ME at the entrance while waiting for the hotel shuttle *wink*
    a 'momento' at Radisson Blu, AMS

    So folks, lets not judge anything coz its still under investigation and I personally think this shouldn't be debated  and speculated further on FB or twitter. Its very sad that this happened to one of MAS cabin crew members:-(

    Our thoughts & prayers go out to the family. May her soul rest in peace. 


    Friday, January 14, 2011

    Sedetik Lebih...

    Sesebuah filem mesti ada Original Soundtrack nya, sama ada lagu tu HIT atau pun tidak dan bukan semua lagu diingati ramai. I ingat lagi zaman citer Titanic dulu...lagu My Heart Will Go On tu memang 'berhantu'.  Itu Hollywood apa kata kita fokus pada 'Malaywood'... Kalau PGL dulu dengan OST Asmaradana nyanyian Tiara Jacquelina telah membuktikan beliau boleh menyanyi dan menari dengan begitu baik. *I really admire her..she got style & a classy lady* Okayla latest movie by KRU, Magika I rasa OST dia tak cukup ummmpphh, tak ingat pun lagu apa.  Maka sudah semestinya OST bagi produksi besar & hebat Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa ini amatlah ditunggu-tunggu.

    Yeah..inilah dia OST HMM, "Sedetik Lebih" nyanyian jejaka idaman Malaya, Anuar Zain...Let's hear it!


    Setiap nafas yang dihembus
    Setiap degupan jantung
    Aku selalu memikirkanmu

    Dalam sedar dibuai angan
    Dalam tidur dan khayalan
    Aku selalu memikirkanmu

    Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang
    Barulah terasa ku bernyawa

    Kasihku…ku amat mencintai kamu
    Kerana kau beri erti hidup
    Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya

    Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan
    Ku bersyukur adanya kamu

    Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia
    Asal masih adanya kamu

    MTV OST "Sedetik Lebih" ni telah ditayangkan secara eksklusif dalam Astro Ria last week 6 Jan @ 11:00pm..*hmm..baru je terbaca dalam fb, dah terlepas tak tengok pun* First time dengar lagu ni, I LIKE it and LUV the lyrics too. Biasalah tu bila dengar je suara pria terhebat Anuar Zain ni I otomatik suka pada lagu tu.  Walaupun kehebatan OST ni mungkin tidak setanding lagu-lagu memukau Anuar Zain yang lain seperti Lelaki ini & Keabadian Cinta tapi I percaya kalau uol dah selalu dengar, the soft melody, soothing to the ear....DENGARKANLAH & ANDA TENTUKANNYA SENDIRI!

    Have A Great Weekend Ahead Peeps! Enjoy the short break *2 days no work*;-)


    Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa ......

    Ha...Movie! Movie! Tetiba terexcited.  It has been a while since my last entry on movie and I just realized that lately there's  no movie outing with friends or family.  Why? What happen to my 'movie kakis'? My last review was EPL - Eat Pray Love, Liz Gilbert.  After that no bowling, no movie, no live band *E'ehh*  EXCEPT cooking, baking & wedding prep.  Wooooiitttttttt BORINGnya!!!  My social life kinda movin' in slow pace now ...uhukkkks  I can feel it.  Nevermind, still can catch up its only the 3rd week of January! Chill la.

    So, when a good friend of mine highlighted this on FB last nite, THIS! is definitely a MUST see movie for year 2011. 

    Another amazing work by KRU studios...I believe!
    2 months from now tapi dah tak sabar nak tengokkkkkk!!!!!

    Stephen Hughes Rahman as Merong Mahawangsa wowieee...excellent choice.  I became one of his fan since his role as Hang Tuah (slang matsaleh pun takpe, dia tetap macho..arrhhh cair memang cair dengar suara dia) in Puteri Gunung Ledang : The Musical (I went for season 2 & 3, missed the 1st one)

    You gotta watch the Merong Mahawangsa Trailer, you'll be more me!

    The year is 120 AD... a time when the Roman Empire was at the height of its power, during the reign of Hadrian. Meanwhile in China, the Han Dynasty was firmly cemented as the ruling empire and expanding into Central Asia. Merong, a descendant of Alexander the Great, was asked to escort a Roman prince to Southeast Asia, to meet and wed a beautiful Chinese princess from the Han Dynasty.....source : The Film Catalogue

    to read more about Merong Mahawangsa media coverage so on & so forth click here
    you may want to 'Like' the facebook page here as well *promo habis* I heart epic movie so much!

    Just a bit of History on Merong Mahawangsa...ehemmm my "Langkasuka" "Kedah Zamin Turan" forever & ever tu;-)

    Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa or The Kedah Annals is an ancient Malay literature that chronicles the bloodline of Merong Mahawangsa and the foundation of the Kedah, a state in Malaysia. Though there are historical accuracies, there are many incredible assertions. The era covered by the text ranged from the opening of Kedah by Merong Mahawangsa, allegedly a descendant of Alexander the Great of Macedonia till the acceptance of Islam.

    Merong Mahawangsa was a Hindu and there were nine Hindu rulers before Phra Ong Mahawangsa converted to Islam in 1136 and took the name Sultan Mudzafar Shah. The annal also describes Chola's attack on Kedah.The descendants of Phra Ong Mahawangsa is still ruling Kedah able to trace their lineage from Merong Mahawangsa.

     BAHASA MELAYU nye...

    "Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa atau Sejarah Kedah adalah hikayat yang menceritakan susur galur Merong Mahawangsa dan pengasas Kedah, sebuah negeri di Malaysia. Sungguhpun terdapat beberapa fakta sejarah, ia turut mengandungi dakwaan yang mengkagumkan. Era yang dirangkumi oleh teks ini bermula dari pembukaan negeri Kedah oleh Merong Mahawangsa, yang didakwa sebagai keturunan Iskandar Agung dari Macedonia sehingga ketibaan Islam pada abad ke-2 M....."

    eh panjang lagi ceriteranya maka rajin-rajin lah mengklik di sini  Sastera Sejarah Negeri Kedah.


    Thursday, January 13, 2011


    Thinking of getting a Pet Bunny...MAYBE, PERHAPS, errrr... not sure yet just a thought:-(  I tweeted bout this weeks ago and till today just can't get these cute faces out of my head  *haihh.. drama mode*

    The whitey is so adorable....ooowwwhh
    *feels like hugging the fluffy lil creature but then hmm.. tak berani tapi nak bela*

    Looks like this fatty needs a new cage...huh!

    The owner of all the above bunnies is Dayang Deary (Loll's bff) who's been very kind as always and she offered ONE for us to keep...How I wish I could bring it back that instance but lots of things to consider i.e:
    1. Home for the bunny - a proper one
    2. Who to handle the P--P? eeuuuuww..dun think I'm a reliable 'cleaner' for that'-)
    3. Food - not a big problem at all just get it from any of the pet shop 
    4. Medical - what if its sick? E'emm the Vet bill is pretty costly! 
    5. Away - who will take care of it if we're on holiday for days/week? Of coz the 'pet hotel' is available as long as you've the $$$
    6. Can I accept another heartache if anything happen to the bunny? Will it hurt as much as the lost of my dearest cat, Tymoon:-(
    If that the case, I guess I have to consider, re-consider all the above thoroughly and reach a decision on accepting Dayang's offer.. or otherwise *umm..contemplating*

    Nite nite...

    Monday, January 10, 2011

    Shepherd's Pie...

    Oh dear..! I dunno what's happening to me! I'm just too lazy to blog lately and yet I'm thinking of ways to increase the number of  followers which indirectly increase the numbers of readers traffic here..huhu;-) I guess that's my resolution for year 2011  *AHAH! at last,  I do have one * 

    Nways, of coz it would be nice to share your stories with many but what matter is, all the stories published here are for me to read back one day and also to be remembered by the people I love most, my family, friends & everyone who knows me.  These will soon become the 'old pictures & a  bunch of memories' <^;^>

    Alrighty!! Better stick to the title now....Like I said in my previous entry, we had the same dinner MENU for 3 days in a row last week.  It's the homemade Shepherd's Pie...Ooh! The recipe from Alang aka the Best Man.  If I didn't tell you earlier, he's a Chef, not quite sure what's his exact title or ranking, but all I know he's good!

    The 1st attempt! Not bad huh?! but I prefer the potato topping to be a lil bit brownish... it right! a nice golden brown! 

    used to order the 'petite' shepherd's pie at Secret Recipe..
    BUT now I can have it anytime i feel like it!!! A much bigger portion indeed;-)
    with lotsa CHEEZ...eeemmm mumma mia!!!!

    So, this week looks like another 'pie fiesta' for the family...huhuhu till they say it out loud "NO MORE PIE PLEASE"...;-)

    PiePie *bubbye*..Peeps!
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