Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Raining, Raining...

It's pouring rain...from noon till now! Rainy season can be very "lembs/lembab" in other words unproductive day!  Lazy to go out.....I hate driving in the rain! Seriously, it makes me nervous and panic, even more  if someone else is driving. I'd be the most annoying 'passenger' in the car with my repeated Qs & 'nag' like "Can you see what's in front? Careful..careful..", "You should slow down..!", "Maybe we should just stop somewhere at the shops, petrol station.." Oh dear! Am I that bad?!*hmmmmm..* I guess my bros & sis should no better coz they alwizz be the 'target' <^;^>  Oops!..I think I did it again this afternoon when it was raining heavily otw to Alam Sentral till we left the place 2hrs later;-)

Besides that, washing clothes without dryer also 'challenging', coz if it's not dry they'll be  an unpleasant 'undry' smell...I'm sure you know what I mean right and some people didn't notice it at all.  Honestly, I kesian these people! Just imagine how bad the smell is in an air-conditioned room *ehemm..mesti tengah bau baju sendiri kan? wangi kah? ceet...ceet...sembur Perfume hihi*  Tips of the day, DO NOT expose your wet clothes outside the house when it rains  and  if there's no hope for sunshine, just dry 'em all under the ceiling fan at the highest speed. Don't forget to put more "Softener" so that your clothes will still smell good!

So happened  during this rainy season, there are  more Holidays in December as compared to the rest of the months.  Where School longest break begins, Uni semester break, Christmas & New Year longggggg 'HolyDays' rarara... this time around most people will be planning for a Vacay both domestic or international with family & friends! Therefore, most of the tourist attractions, hotels, flights will be crowded and fully booked.  If we're talkin' bout "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia", Beach Holiday?! NOT a good time to go & NOT advisable coz it won't be fun if its a wet weather anyway!

Just like ours, last year (Dec 2009).....

3D 2N @ ClubMed Cherating...

"Hujan dah turuunnnnn.."hiks

A brighter day but still..drizzling:-(

Tho it was not a perfect weather but it was definitely an excellent *fully sponsored* gateway...hehe

Ehehhhh! Actually, the subject supposed to be "Raining" suddenly the above holiday pix came out pulak! Oh!Ow... looks like 'someone' got carried away with the word "Holiday"......LoL


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