Monday, December 27, 2010

Extreme Vacation...

Not everything can be fixed.  What's done cannot be undone. Once paid considered SOLD.  When there's a MATTA fair, everybody will be rushing to PWTC to find the best holiday package deals & started to plan for honeymoon vacations or family getaways.  Do you go for a renowned travel agent? Just to name a few, such as Mayflower, Reliance or PST (Peter Stuyvesant Travel Services). Do you make comparison as in which one is value for money? Do you go for the cheapest holiday package in town that stated "ALL INCLUDED" which sometimes may sound IMPOSSIBLY CHEAP!

Have you heard of this particular travel agent?  Agensi Pelancongan ExtremeVac Sdn Bhd  Booth no. 2014-2016  from 3rd-5th Sept at Matta Fair 2010.  *click* to view the website but it has been amended (or maybe sabo by someone ) no more pix of the team members only HIM, the so called CEO in the most hideous look.

You guys must be wondering WHY & WHATabout this travel agent?? To cut a long story short, my dear family members *no name mentioned here*  bought a 5D4N package to Gold Coast, Australia for 2 pax amounting to RM5,398.00 and paid cash for the whole sum to the particular travel agent without any flight bookings reference or even hotels confirmation till about 3 weeks before the date of departure.  I was just curious and wanted to check as whether the travel agent is legal or otherwise.  The moment I entered this keyword: "bad experience with Extreme Vacation" ..Look what I found in forum *click here, read page 9,10,11*

You might wanna know WHERE exactly the office is located?? Yup, we went there to confirm whateva been said in the above forum.

Extreme Vacation signage on the 2nd floor...

 Full address with contact nos, all the significant airlines logos 
AND a personal yahoo email address, not convincing at all !! I'm already in doubt
The door was locked ....

.......they were forced to CLOSE


                                                                                                             a note on the door by another victim, which read as folows: 
                                                                                                           "We had been cheated for RM21K by Extreme Vacations...."
At this point...there's no hope to claim anything either to get the money back or a flight ticket whateva holiday package paid for.  It is CONFIRMED that both of them *aka my family members* have been conned by this bugger.

Made a police report at Pudu Police Station then was directed to Jalan Dang Wangi station to make a detailed report on this case. They're not the 1st couple or victim, for sure! there were about 30 others or more and they had made the same report against this particular travel agent. What an 'Extreme' experience indeed!

What's next? As advised in the forum and also the person on the note above,  we went to make an official report to the responsible ministry, Ministry of Tourism at Menara Dato' Onn  PWTC...nothing much they can do except waiting for Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia to take this case to court. 

You can see all these posters all over outside the Ministry off, 
at the corridor, in front of the lift... almost everywhere!

The BIG Questions now "?"
  1. How can they open a booth at MATTA fair and selling all sort of overseas packages to customers when they don't even have a license to do outbound tours??????? How the hell are the customers or buyers should know that?
  2. Who is responsible to check on the legality of all these travel agencies? MATTA?? How about the ministry roles in confirming the license??
  3. Dear customers!! How can you trust and pay a big sum of money without a valid flight or hotel booking confirmation from the company??
At least these basic things could help you in making decision before buying any holiday package with travel agency:
  1. Do a background check, will only take you a few minutes with one click! 
  2. Do not pay a full sum or 50% deposit without any voucher on your flights or hotels confirmation.
  3. Do a 'survey' by asking friends and family members! 
In this case, its UNACCEPTABLE simply because "YOU" can always ask "US"!!!!!!! Duit  RM5K+ yang melayang boleh diselamatkan sekiranya bertanya, "Malu Bertanya Sesat Jalan" dan buangkanlah sikap "Bodoh Sombong" tu yang selalu akan merugikan kita!



Anonymous said...


my family was supposed to go to Korea (yup fully paid to extreme vac) in april 2011. we've lodged a police report last weekend but was also told to go to the consumer tribunal. but we have yet to go...

was wondering if you can share with us any updates on the case above? as to what are the actions taken by the consumer tribunal, did your family manage to get any compensation so far?

thanks - Tim, Cheras

Posh Alert said...

Hey Tim,

Oh no..looks like "we"'re all in the same boat. As of todate, there's no news from the consumer tribunal office on the status of the case or whatsoever. Complete silence! We didn't do any flw up with both the Ministry or Tribunal.

I guess in this case we gotta be pushy and aggressive knowing how "they" work:)) but also to be fair to them, this is not the only case, lots of others piling up on the table.

Nway, latest thread I saw in Low Yat's Forum (highlighted in blue in the above entry) there's one registered member by the name of "shwuey" claimed that she attended the hearing @ the tribunal sometime in Jan then it was postponed to a later date. If true, how come we didn't get invites to the hearing since they do have all our details etc. Big "?"

This may sound like I discourage you to do the necessary reports but to be honest, we already lost hope in getting the money back. However, its good if you make a report at the Consumer Tribunal directly or through the Ministry (either one)at least if there's a hearing or any better news you're in their contact list.


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