Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boarding: JAPAN

watching Samantha Brown Boarding:Japan on TLC suddenly has inspired me to update my long abandoned blog...ermmmmmmm

K-Pop Wonderland still fresh in mind and here comes J-Pop journey pulak...;-)


Smoking area outside the airport....everything has to be the 'right way' in Japan NO 'Sukahati' & Tidak Apa'  rules okay!

 Don't just throw it but read first....Cleanliness in Japan is excellente!

Our ride....

Oh dear super duper clean!!!! and the toilet in the train too...could we ever come to this level of cleanliness for our public toilets in Malaysia~?! I doubt it...:-(

JR Shinkansen Bullet Train.....

Arrived at Echigo-Yuzawa.....

White Town & COLD!

in need for a cup of HOT..HOT..HOT coffee

Yuzawa is a very small town located about 3 hours from tokyo errr that if you take the bus but with JR Shinkansen it brought us there in 1 hour 30 mins...zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuufff like a bullet ;-)

to be continued....

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sakura Snow....

Hujan lebat di negara sendiri Hujan salji di negara orang ;-) Episod baru "Dingin Sakura" akan datang ke blog ni, nantikanlah ye puluhan gambar yang belum sempat dipilih dan diupload untuk tatapan pembaca setiaku (ada kerrr apa ingat Lisa n Yusry adoiii) hihikkks


P.S : I'm back to blogging mood after days & weeks of silence. Guess what?! Mr.Hubs managed to recover most of my deleted post...walla!

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sob...sob...wuargghhh uhukkkkkkk

A week ago on the night I was flying off to Tokyo, Japan I accidentally deleted my blog posts!!! Can you imagine...? I supposed to update my blog but why? Oh why...did I press the delete button instead??!! Wuarghhhhhhhhhh... bloody BlogPress...damnnn iPad...clumsy me...blurry mind...!! Wuarghhhhhhhhhhh...My January & February entries are all GONE baby GONE!!! Only one or two left...beyond sad, deeply depress & feeling down down..its almost like the end of my blogging world :-(

SADturday nite.....

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P.S: while googling for a sad photo I found this crying boy, the same pic that my late mom had in her room when I was was a gift from my late gramps didn't know the famous history behind the potrait till today...eemmmm:-(
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