Saturday, April 30, 2011

Savvy Traveller....

When I received this courier mail a few days ago...

I was like hmmm...Port Dickson Resort!! What would that be?? A membership club form or something..?! Its a Gift Certificate for a 2D 1N stay at  Thistle Port Dickson Resort , btw, it was formerly known as Guoman Resort Port Dickson and I've been there once for "Yellow" telco Team Building in 2008.

Nice pool & no people...I LIKE;-)) 
D'Girls - me & my old gang, Sis G (was my roommate), Baze, Naz & Karon..
The Team Building was held at the Eagle Ranch PD for archery & Go-Kart activities - also my 1st time for both;-)

Anyway, back to the Gift Certificate I was actually the weekly WINNER for the travel contest in NST ( New Straits Times - Life & Times section) published on April 7, 2011.  Tried to check NST online but zero found so  last resort is to find the hardcopy (newspaper) itself...Where?!

NST's Head Office at Jalan Riong, Bangsar....they have a newspaper 'archive' room located at their printing store area (I'm not sure what exactly it is called but you can see tonnes of newspapers at every corner there) Just mention the date you want and pay RM1.20 only! Fantastic!! 

Here it is....
Yup, It was the write up on my Auckland City, New Zealand trip in late Jan-Feb.  I submitted my story through email on February 27, 2011 three days after I found the 'Savvy Traveller' Entry Form in NST during my flight to Kota Kinabalu (quietly took that particular sheet out, folded it & slipped it into my handbag..hahaha)

Thanks to NST for selecting me as the weekly winner and the opportunity to win a fabulous 2D 1N stay in a Deluxe room (Sea View) with Breakfast for Two at Thistle Port Dickson Resort.  I think, I already have the date in mind when to redeem this;-) The certificate is valid from April 15 - July 14, 2011, still ample time to do so.  

Happy Weekend Everyone...absolutely for me!!!

Bye..*waving like a Queen*

Friday, April 29, 2011

iPad 2


iPad 2 in da house!!!! Yup its available in Malaysia and officially launched today on April 29, 2011 at all Machines store except the Garden's outlet *READ* The price is slightly cheaper in Malaysia compared to the US and other countries. Thanks to better currency exchange I suppose!  Anyway you may check out the price *HERE* I've done enough of the conversion, postal service bla..bla..bla..errmm best to get it from Malaya, yez...Today!!! Btw, thanks to my dear fren Maria for the info *her fb message all the way from the States on iPad Malaysia launching* Oopss..seriously I didn't know till she told me last night * Ignorant me, should do more readings on the latest gadget news*

However, its not as easy as you think it is, just choose, pick & freakin' way!

A'ha! you gotta queue up for the longest time to reach to this board *sigh*

Among the 'early birds' when we reached there @ 7am! 
Wonder what time do they leave the house or maybe..??ermm...perhaps since last nite!

@9am...the queue getting closer to the store but its still closed!

Each & everyone of us who has started queueing up since morning (god knows what time they came) at about 10am they gave us this small card indicating which  iPad  you wanna purchase, e.g. 16GB WiFi - White or 32GB WiFi & 3G - Black etc etc (before that we've already registered our names  on an A4 paper and also stated which iPad we want, btw only those with names on the list will get the card). The late comers will have to wait, the early birds will get the 1st priority! Note to us from Machines staff:  "Please be reminded, once you get the card with the iPad type & colour there's no way for you to can change it anymore!"  Once & for all just make your final decision.

after 3hrs..thats the 'furthest' we've got...

@12 noon...The queue getting worst n worst...*people were lining up in front of Haagen Dazs, Jusco*
of coz  the outlet  operators were not very happy with that, what happen NEXT...

okay...everybody please follow the queue...*they were following the guard* pity them they have to line up outside without the luxury of the "air-conditioned mall"
Mgmt & Security reason:  blocking customers way to go in&out of the shops/outlets, lift & escalator...
 Good Luck guyz...!!!

Finally, after about 5 hours of queue-ing up 'session' @ Sunway Pyramid...

"Ms. Whitey"  is officially MINE... OK la Worth the Waiting & "Beratur-ing";-)

Too tired to open it...!!!  As I've watched the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate, what I really need now is to get some sleep and a good rest. 

I'm calling it a night!! Nighty night peeps!

p.s: before this adalah suruh a few of  my dear galfrenz tolong belikan iPad 2 ni kat US,OZ but out of stock, rupa-rupanya rezeki ada di sini. Walaupunnnnn...Penatzzz! Pikir-pikir  balik *kiasu* nya diri ini sanggup beratur selama berjam-jam sebab benda cenonit ni *haihhh*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lets get Hype with HyppTV....

Have you ever imagined one day without entertainment...I mean as in 'NO TV' in our life! Life will be sad, beyond bored &amp absolute indescribable.  In fact, now with the current TV stations we always in need for more & more new programs, new stories, new excitement and Pay TV is where we turn to.  Sometimes, one may not satisfy our needs and preference, we might want to have choices in our life including TV entertainment too. The newest Pay TV and has been the talk of the town now is HyppTV which is delivered via UniFi (high speed broadband network).  Do you know that HyppTV is already celebrating its 1st year anniversary?? They have indeed offered lotsa programs through their channels consisting of News, Entertainment, Interactive, Variety & Sports.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Chocolate Volcano...

The Chat& Makan session with frenz continues...2nd week edition;-)

wooo..look at the molten lava chocolate  with almond flakes, dark choc drizzle & a scoop of vanila ice cream. HEAVEN!!  @ only RM9.90 (Ala Carte) or RM7.90 (Ad-on) not bad at all.

Monday Lunch date with my bff, Nany at KD Pizza Hut after so many postponements (as usual bcoz of me & my so called 'bz' schedule).  Almost 3 weeks dah dia balik dari Tanah Suci barulah tadi jumpa dia kat area Kota Damansara near her office.  Fuhh...kenyangs jangan cakapla, almaklum its brunch for me and really enjoyed listening to the beautiful stories of her journey!

Tapi memang pun bila tengok pix bff di sana membuatkan hati tersentuh &  termenung sejenak......

amazingly beautiful!! itu baru tengok dalam gambar... 

Alhamdulillah, my closest friend dah pun menjejakkan kaki kat sana.  Bilakah agaknya masa 'kami' untuk sampai ke sana ye....?^-^  Doha, Qatar was the first middle east country I've ever been.  We stayed there for 10 days visiting SIL & family in jan-feb 2009.  

Sedikit memori ketika melihat Sand Dune buat pertama kalinya....

Up-close & personal with the Camels tapi dia b.u.s.u.k :-P

...mesti ada je nak menyelitkan pic diri sendiri hahahah

Wokay...that's enough! Tata

p.s: Maaf terbabas sikit dari tajuk sebenar entri ni..just sharing my keterpegunan melihat keajaiban Tanah Suci thru my bff's photo album!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lepaq @Bangsar....

Sis G is back in town for a 2-week hols, our last "Tanglin Bangsar Nasi Lemak" session was about 8months ago. Amazing how fast time flies huhh!!!  Last nite was the Banana Leaf moment @Nirwana Bangsar with our old gang, the Comms Babes + a gentleman of coz as you can see in the pic below or maybe I should say the "Yellowans Team" (since all 5 of them still there) & obviously the three of us Sis G, Baze & me are the "X-Yellowans!"
from left to right:  Sis G, Baze, Frank, me, Yean Nie, Azlyn & Adleen (Lyn & Leen)
they also get confused whenever I call them "Lyn or Leen" both will pandang hahaha)
 the place was crowded, people were in & out non stop... 1Malaysia  customers oohh including matsaleh too;-)
I guess almost everyone in Malaya luv mamak food more than anything rite?!
However, Banana Leaf rice not really my fav coz for me its too much of curry powder in everybit of the dish...
the 'curryness' is just too strong to handle;-)

finally, this is Bee Yoke siting in front of Adleen...masing2 muka HAPPY!!!! 
macam2 cerita kluar teka teki pun ada biasalah siapa lagi kalau tak  Cik Baze..
tho Sis G already declared T_T  (Teka-Teki) free zone hahaha

Nway, it's been a long time since our last 'Chat & Makan' session...especially me & my x-Comms Team...

My farewell lunch @ Eat Workshop, Glenmarie in Feb, 2009
except for 1 or two peeps (excluding me & Sis G) the rest still in the same team till present

It was a nice ketawa & lepaq session ever guyz...XOXO 

p.s: hope to see Sis G again before she goes back to OZ next Thurs!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mommy 2B....

This week's schedule not to say busy but I've already reserved these 2 days (Tues & Wed) for Lepaq with ex-colleague/s usually Lepaq means 'Chat & Makan' apalagi kan;-)

Avocado Juice & Roti Jala @ Belanga Empire Gallery

Motif utama nak makan kat Belanga sebab terasa nak makan Nasi Dagang & Es Teler  yang sedap tu.  Tapi semalam jumpa my fren pun around 6:45pm centu tak terasa lapar just something light, a bit too early for dinner anyway, then Es Teler pulak tak cukup bahan so in other words takde ..ermmm takpelah nasib baik ada minuman kegemaran Avocado Juice a.k.a 'Jus Alpokat' seperti di Sari Ratu & Wong Solo. 

Tak taula tapi makanan kat Belanga tu macam dah 'kureng' sikit, mungkin sebab dia served my Roti Jala & the chicken curry SEJUK!! Haihh..dulu masa baru bukak memang sedappp. My fren ordered Nasi Kerabu w Ayam Percik  (I memang tak makan nasik penuh ngan sayur mayur ni) so tak pasti sedap ke tak, pic pun tak sempat ambik kesian dia tunggu I 20mins biasala 'persinggahan di Salon' seperti biasa hehe. Apa2pun kawanku Pn. Rozaen yang bakal jadi Ibu ni selera je makan...

Alahai happy je tengok muka kawan I yang sorang ni dah nak jadi mommy in 2 months time...Insya'allah!
she used to be my movie & 'clubbing'  kaki ehemm RP, HRC, Crossroads those days during our Subang Golf Club years after this kenala tunggu baby tido dulu...^;^

Wooohooo.. feelin' a lil bit hungry now, what's for brunch?  Better go down & ransack the fridge first!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

luv hair wig....

My order just arrived....

What is it this time??? book, dress or handbag at the title can already guess)

Colour:  Light Brown 
Length: longer than my original hair of coz ;-)     
Style/Type:  Natural spiral curl 
Comment:  Very satisfied with the quality & price!!!  
Other details like 'a pic of me wearing it' later kay, gotta wait for the right occasion  ^;^  As for now, you may check out their stunning collection here


Monday, April 18, 2011

The Roommate - Nuffnang Premiere Screening

Most of us hate Monday don't we? I used to hate Mondays too...Monday blues, "Black Monday" or even "Horror Monday" been there, done that ^-^.  Usually, the weekends seem too short and the weekdays are 100x longer.  Watching a movie on a Monday night can be considered as a Monday Stress Buster....Way the go Nuffnang!  A perfect day for the Premiere screening of The Rommate...

Again some lucky Nuffnangers (60 to be exact) get rewarded for their creative comments here and me too hikks;-)  Wah....kalau setiap kali movie baru keluar kita dapat premiere invites syok jugak! Terima kasih Nuffnang kerana memilih komen saya antara yang kreatif ..yer ke kreatif uols?? bacala..hahaha me being a 'Horror Movie Freak'....

SCREAM 4 last week was full of suspense boleh lemah jantung dibuatnya! SCREAM is actually back again after 10 years since the last film...Wow! Unfortunately, I had never seen the previous SCREAM (1,2 or 3) before so can't compare or review much on it.

Lets watch The Roommate it thrilling & terrifying enough?

Errmm..I guess its quite similar to the1992 American thriller, Single White Female.. huh? Whateva it is kenala tengok movie ni dulu baru tau best ke tak kan!

Okie dokie...See ya tonite Lucky Nuffnangers, 9pm @ GSC 1Utama!

Friday, April 15, 2011

KFC a.m..Cheezy Egg Bun Combo

Goooood Morning everyone.....!!!! What's for breakkie?? bout something Cheezy

Look at the melted cheese top...yummy!!!

KFC a.m. VS McD breakfast, I go for Cheezy Egg Bun Combo at the same price Only RM4 with different satisfaction huhu.  Also comes with a choice of Coffee, Tea, Teh Tarik 'Kaw', Hot Milo or Orange Juice. 

It tastes like McEgg w Xtra Cheez (the old one not the McEgg Muffin..hates the bun its too dry)

Hey, you still have 12 mins before 11a.m. for the Cool KFC breakkie..Hurry now!!! Or else just wait till tomorrow, its starts at 4 a.m. ^;^


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Premiere SCREAM 4...

Yeay, yeay! I won a pair of invites to Nuffnang Premiere Screening of....

yup 2 days before  which is tomorrow!!!  Wednesday 13th April 2011 at GSC 1Utama
See yeah Nuffnangers!!

 Ermmm..What was my comment  this time? Nak tau?! 

S.T.O.P... that's my own 4 ways on how I would try to stop a serial killer *wink,wink*
but I think if it really happens I would rather SCREAM... run n hide!


Monday, April 11, 2011


Remember my short post on Liyana Fizi?Yeah the indie singer!  Ana Raffali & her famous annoying song "Tolong Ingatkan Aku" was also an indie singer before arrrrrrrghhh...why do I have to mention her name here *sorry no offence to all her fans out there* she's just not my cup of tea.  But still, she won a couple of huge recognitions from the music industry, Juara Lagu Muzik-Muzik & recently ABPBH (Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian). One person like me who rejected her song really does not affect anything at all.

There are loads of indie band/singers out there performing live at Gigs, Clubs, Cafes, Events etc and Liyana Fizi is one of the bunch.  Apparently she's not alone that night she was performing with one of her Estrella's member (Estrella, her band group)..

I dunno what's the guy's name....

this type of songs a.k.a  sleepy 'genre' hmm...only my bro, Boboy je yang boleh layan  & kenal mereka ni
lagipun Liyana used to perform at his fav lepaq spot,  Laundry, The Curve
 We all bertiga tunggu bila la nak habis...*sigh*

The Audience and crowd considered not so encouraging at the Celebrities Club on that particular Friday (1.4.11) night if I were to compare the crowd with Shelah's Drag Army a week before. I believe Liyana has her fans and followers too but I think she's not 'there' yet, I mean in terms of fame or popularity even among indie fans. Who knows..maybe one day she will be as famous as Yuna!.  She's a sweet girl, good voice and pretty cool songs too but maybe lack of versatile in the melody. I'm no expert in making music but enjoy listening to it and appreciate the beautiful lyrics & melody soothing to the ears.  

Melina William performed earlier with Sharon & Zalila Lee (to find out more click here ) Honestly, I don't even know who is Melina William or even her band, Tempered Mental and again Boboy sorang je yang kenal her band  hahaha...

selama 30mins performance asyik tunduk je dahla rambut menutup separuh wajah...ermmm
If you ask me, lagu-lagu dia forgettable & plain boring....

Zalila Lee...oops tak nampak muka dia

& Sharon...she looks like the wonder gals ;-)

That's about it on 'Women:100'...Coolest project ever by Kakiseni & thx much for the complimentary tix!!

I slept till late afternoon today, just too tired after the super busy media week and the weekend 'emergency balik kampung'..fuhh! Alhamdulillah, Gramps is fine now & recovering, biasalah bila orang tua sakit memang akan mempanickan semua orang:-(

Busy week continues...'Work from Home' or 'Work@Home' undoubtedly has more advantage in terms of flexi working hours but there are days when you really feel like you're actually working  9:00 to 5:00pm especially when you're in front of the lappy from morning till evening sending emails and calling here n there. Okay! I shouldn't complain when there's work to do coz I also complain when there's nothing to do. Must always be grateful with what we have and luv what we do best!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Worried Mode....#?#!

Worried + Hungry = A bar of snickers for brunch & fly off to AS ...

Huh *sigh* Its about Gramps, he sounded so weak when I called him last nite and  becoz of dat all sorts of feelings stirring inside me...fear, unease just A-Z of WORRY! :-(

Insya'allah nothing serious...hope he stays healthy for years to come! Amin

Friday, April 8, 2011


Seriously super busy week just ended!!

Btw, If you see this "Igloo under the hot sun at the Pyramid"...Just Go In!!! 

See it for yourself..the good things inside

Happy World Health Day - April 7 !!!!
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