Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keretapi Tanah Melayu...

2nd entry on Nicko's wedding prep...Actually this post has been stuck in the draft folder for more than a week.  Nevermind as long as its still relevant and before the wedding.

If 15 years ago  KTM Komuter used to be my mode of transport from KL-Subang vv (ITM days) till late 1998 when I was stilll working at Putra Place-The "Blue" telco then the national carrier "Red&Blue" at Subang Airport).  After that maybe once or twice a year coz I prefer to take LRT much faster!

Okay, cut a long story short...2 Fridays ago we (Nicko & I) took the KTM Komuter to go to KL Sentral...guess what?! Balik Kampung to Aloq Setaq by Train not Choo-Choo train or tram but the KTM Train Berhad (Keretapi Tanah Melayu more like it!)

The journey begins....27Nov 2010 to 28 Nov 2010

at the commuter station Subang Jaya...
@ 9:15pm sharp we were on board "Senandung Langkawi" (name can be deceiving..huh!) 
 "Hold on tight, the 'best' part has yet to come..."

Oh yeah the only available tickets for that weekend - "2nd class for RM39 one way" bloody cheap..no choice but to grab whatever available.  Don't ask me why I decided to travel by Train...no other than accompanying Nicko!!! Happily volunteered myself..kononnya walking down the memory lane kinda thing...huhhh!! Hell yeah it was the same coach that they used 15 years ago.  The smell, the people on board...oh dear "Snores Attack" back row, front row (pakcik, makcik & even a small boy snoring, just which part of the world do they come from). Luckily no crying baby..otherwise I SURRENDER and might alight the train somewhere at Rawang!

I'm just resting my eyes, covering my head with a hoody (protecting my hair from the seat) *a lil bit overacting on the Hygiene standard* For the next 10hours journey & "10million" stops at each station, never ever in my life I've looked at my watch as often as every 15mins!  Keep on counting how many stops to go and how many hours do I still have to be in this uncomfortable coach..."what if cockroaches crawling out from under the seats...*screaming silently*


Anyway the nightmare ended when we safely arrived at Alor Setar train station the next day at about 7:50am (40mins behind the scheduled time)

Classiq tul station ni...macam dolu2 gak;-)

A genuine smile....though regretfully I have to say 'no more train ride' ever again.  Its a good experience for both of us, to be more thankful & grateful to the 'luxury' we have in life. Stop complaining for no reason...at least people like us have the alternative to choose what we want either traveling by air or surface.  How about those who can't afford anything but this mode of transport (KTMB or Bus). Something to ponder upon.....

Enough with the Train Drama & 'Traumatize'.... the reason why we're back in AS??
Okay 1st thing 1st..to view the Homestay for the wedding guests (friends & also us)

New house, new furniture, simple & nice deco most importantly CLEAN!!! Booked for 4 days 3 nights at a very reasonable charges with free breakfast for 10 pax on the 1st day.

The peaceful  "PadiGreen" scenery....! Charming Vistana Homestay

Biasalah, bila orang KL turun Aloq Staq, teroverexcited melihat keindahan Padifield!! hahahaa..
Termasuklah kami yang tinggal di Pekan...

After we're done with all the important stuff for Nicko's wedding Ding Dong here  Ding Dong there, time to see Villa Cendrawasih (Gramps house)..

the damage after the flood...

My Grandma's Organ &

The Piano....:-(
so disheaterning to see these "valuable piece" ruined in the flood...! Its indescribable feelings for Gramps to all the damage done. God knows how he deal with it!

We flew back to KUL that evening...a smooth 45mins travel time phew!!

TTYL...in another wedding prep entry! The "Baju DiLemma"...errmmm

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