Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All About Cheese!

Freshly baked CheezTartz, right out of the oven.... yabadabadooooo!~

*photo courtesy of Cik Maria, she tagged me  on FB last nite.  

Relax...! Of coz not from my oven, I ordered 30pcs of blueberry cheeztartz from my old friend Maria as mentioned in my earlier post.  So today is the pick up day!

This Mouth-watering SNICKERS CHEESE CAKE...

 I took it out from the box just to take a shot of it ...imagine how tempting it is! a Gift from Maria,  a 'Belated Birthday Cake'  specially for Gramps.  Thanks A Zillion darl!  Seriously, I'm so impressed with her Baking skills I mean I know she's good in cooking for years but her Baking is really great!!  Keep up the good work *2Thumbs Up*

Can't wait to cut it and have a slice..*drooling..* Keep on counting how many hours left before we 'Balik Kampung' to AS tomorrow morning WITH the cake & cheeztartz.   Oopsie daisy,  for the cheeztartz only 10pcs left, the rest 'gone baby gone'... hihihi

"Boys & Girls"...!!  Get ready....a super duper busy day from tomorrow onwards *wink*


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Bandung With Love...

BANDUNG????Bila dengar je Bandung mesti ingat SHOPPING kan..???Sudah PASTI! Sesuai la dengan nama diberi pada zaman dulu Paris Van Java....

Yeah..itu dia mesti nak selitkan gambar walaupun Oct 2008 last skali pegi sana 
* hahaha...mintak maafla pembaca sekalian kalau anda bosan tak boleh buat apa dah sebati dalam diri*

Bila macet *traffic jam* Paris la sangat, Oh..Tidak, part tu tidak serupa langsung! Macet dia memang unbeatable! Kita punyer kesesakan lalulintas kat Kayell ni still ok lagi tapi Jakarta, Bandung punya macet duh..maut! Ditambah pulak dengan bunyi*hon* setiap detik & waktu tak henti2. Bila balik Malaysia sesampainya di luar pintu KLIA rasa fuhhh leganya "tenang kepala otak".

Akan tetapi bila shopping kat tempat-tempat ni lupa sekejap tentang kebisingan kota:

 Rumah Mode "WAJIB"...

 Minum di Java Bean & Makan Bakso terenak selepas bershopping.

Makanan kat Bandung ni macam-macam ada, rasa tiptop sedap! Tapi satu je problem, setiap kali I pergi sana mesti sakit perut yang teruk, kiranya diarrohea tahap gaban la, maklumla tahap kebersihan dikhuatiri even makan kat restaurant cantik sekalipun ada jugak lalat hmmm....:-(

Okay sambung... Shopping heaven

Heritage Factory Outlet, tempat ni peaceful sikit compared to....

 @ CiWalk ni banyak small shops & weekends je crowded, orang Jakarta pun turun...

DAN banyak lagi sebenarnya tempat shopping, kalau sesiapa yang dah pernah pegi memang takde kerja lainlah selain masuk dari satu kedai ke satu kedai, mesti keluar bawak paper bags! Ala dah murahkan bila lagi nak berbelanja besar maka di Bandunglah tempatnya, bukan kat situ je dimana jualah di Indonesia tak kiralah Jakarta ke Medan ke Bali ke..sebab bawak 2-3 Juta dah lebih dari cukup..errmm Rupiahler kalau Ringgit Malaysia berjuta2, Bandung not in the list..PARIS, LONDON, NEW YORK baru sesuaiii;-) Tapi beberapa juta Rupiah dah cukup sakan bershopping kat Bandung tu sampai semua orang adik beradik, ipar duai, jiran tetangga, sahabat handai semua akan dapat oleh oleh (souvenir) lol.

Oh speaking of "OLEH OLEH"....*tu la sebabnya keluar entri pasal Bandung ni pun* 

Chocolate Rice - stock from Amsterdam dah pun habis so just nice dapat stok baru! Not only for baking but also for breakfast makan ngan roti.  Btw, CERES ni made in Indonesia,  I suka yang MILK more chocolaty! 

Emping belinjao...ala keropok yang selalu dihidangkan bersama nasi goreng or gado-gado macam kat Wong Solo tu. stok untuk setahun ke apa banyak betul tapi takpe memang disukai ramai kat rumah ni.

Semua ni my Uncle la bawak, he just arrived this afternoon from Bandung.  Actually, most of my late mom's siblings live in Bandung so accommodation wise shouldn't be a problem there as well as in Jakarta..ermm ada la relatives kat sana kalau nak pegi. Itupun, 2009 & 2010 no Bandung or Jakarta trip at all..ahaks;-)


Monday, December 27, 2010

Extreme Vacation...

Not everything can be fixed.  What's done cannot be undone. Once paid considered SOLD.  When there's a MATTA fair, everybody will be rushing to PWTC to find the best holiday package deals & started to plan for honeymoon vacations or family getaways.  Do you go for a renowned travel agent? Just to name a few, such as Mayflower, Reliance or PST (Peter Stuyvesant Travel Services). Do you make comparison as in which one is value for money? Do you go for the cheapest holiday package in town that stated "ALL INCLUDED" which sometimes may sound IMPOSSIBLY CHEAP!

Have you heard of this particular travel agent?  Agensi Pelancongan ExtremeVac Sdn Bhd  Booth no. 2014-2016  from 3rd-5th Sept at Matta Fair 2010.  *click* to view the website but it has been amended (or maybe sabo by someone ) no more pix of the team members only HIM, the so called CEO in the most hideous look.

You guys must be wondering WHY & WHATabout this travel agent?? To cut a long story short, my dear family members *no name mentioned here*  bought a 5D4N package to Gold Coast, Australia for 2 pax amounting to RM5,398.00 and paid cash for the whole sum to the particular travel agent without any flight bookings reference or even hotels confirmation till about 3 weeks before the date of departure.  I was just curious and wanted to check as whether the travel agent is legal or otherwise.  The moment I entered this keyword: "bad experience with Extreme Vacation" ..Look what I found in forum *click here, read page 9,10,11*

You might wanna know WHERE exactly the office is located?? Yup, we went there to confirm whateva been said in the above forum.

Extreme Vacation signage on the 2nd floor...

 Full address with contact nos, all the significant airlines logos 
AND a personal yahoo email address, not convincing at all !! I'm already in doubt
The door was locked ....

.......they were forced to CLOSE


                                                                                                             a note on the door by another victim, which read as folows: 
                                                                                                           "We had been cheated for RM21K by Extreme Vacations...."
At this point...there's no hope to claim anything either to get the money back or a flight ticket whateva holiday package paid for.  It is CONFIRMED that both of them *aka my family members* have been conned by this bugger.

Made a police report at Pudu Police Station then was directed to Jalan Dang Wangi station to make a detailed report on this case. They're not the 1st couple or victim, for sure! there were about 30 others or more and they had made the same report against this particular travel agent. What an 'Extreme' experience indeed!

What's next? As advised in the forum and also the person on the note above,  we went to make an official report to the responsible ministry, Ministry of Tourism at Menara Dato' Onn  PWTC...nothing much they can do except waiting for Tribunal for Consumer Claims Malaysia to take this case to court. 

You can see all these posters all over outside the Ministry off, 
at the corridor, in front of the lift... almost everywhere!

The BIG Questions now "?"
  1. How can they open a booth at MATTA fair and selling all sort of overseas packages to customers when they don't even have a license to do outbound tours??????? How the hell are the customers or buyers should know that?
  2. Who is responsible to check on the legality of all these travel agencies? MATTA?? How about the ministry roles in confirming the license??
  3. Dear customers!! How can you trust and pay a big sum of money without a valid flight or hotel booking confirmation from the company??
At least these basic things could help you in making decision before buying any holiday package with travel agency:
  1. Do a background check, will only take you a few minutes with one click! 
  2. Do not pay a full sum or 50% deposit without any voucher on your flights or hotels confirmation.
  3. Do a 'survey' by asking friends and family members! 
In this case, its UNACCEPTABLE simply because "YOU" can always ask "US"!!!!!!! Duit  RM5K+ yang melayang boleh diselamatkan sekiranya bertanya, "Malu Bertanya Sesat Jalan" dan buangkanlah sikap "Bodoh Sombong" tu yang selalu akan merugikan kita!


Sunday, December 26, 2010


This week is like a 'fixing/repair week'..punctured tyre one thing, then sent baju for Pink Caftan kena potong ckit, just the length *I have to admit I'm not that tall*, Lolly's Kebaya  from size S to XS *one size down ermm...she's getting slimmer* then Baju Melayu @Bac Medacena sedikit terpendek & terpanjang and last but not least,'Shoe-repair'.

Do you still go to a cobbler to fix or repair shoes? Coz to some people, there's no need to do so, once 'rosak' just throw it away in the 'Tong Sampah'. What about expensive shoes? Or maybe your favourite pair? Don't you think it's a waste..? just because of a tiny winy thing that can be glued or sewn back, regardless the cost as long as the repair fee not greater than the price of a new pair of shoes.

Just like mine here, this is exactly when I need Mr.Cobbler badly....
*the white circle spotted on the area needs to be repaired*

 Lama tak pakai sandal ni...used to be my fav, masa baru dulu la

satu tapak tercabut...too much of walking in Munich 
note to self:  *next time use sneakers or flats*

most worn shoes...

My ever comfy round toe..this was taken after the cobbler glued the diamond ribbon back on

Guess what the new cobbler I found at our area only charged me RM5 for all the above repairs.  Amazingly CHEAP! That's a major different between road side cobbler and cobbler in shopping malls.  The one at Subang Parade can easily cost me around RM50-RM60 or maybe more!

My unpleasant shoes 'drama'....

I always experience sandal putus, heels tercabut not once but many times..., when I was in Phuket Airport,  berkaki ayam yes barefoot ke parking lot untuk tukar kasut dalam kereta *malu oh*. While doing shopping at Ikano..this one memang classiq I bought the round toe in Bangkok for 199Baht=RM19.90, the Cobbler at Ikano charged me for RM40 just to fix the sole/tapak yang tercabut..WTF..ish! Since then no more Ikano cobbler. 'Kaki Lima' or by the roadside cobbler is more worth it and some really do a good job which only cost you a few bucks! Cheap n Good..thats worth it!

Btw, one more to send to the sneakers

Converse Jack Purcell  hmmm..are they good quality shoes??? 
 comfy?? not at all...for me!

I always treated my shoes as if I wanna keep it for a lifetime..hahaha.  I still keep my custom made wedding shoes which I had only wore once, 3 pairs altogether, white lace, beaded off white and blue satin.  The beads, the soles are still intact and in good condition even after 11 years. Hmm..tak taula bila masa nak pakai pun, memang confirm terperap dalam kotak buat selamanya.

Whateva it is, I still need to go to cobbler, without them, I won't be able to keep those shoes for that long..1 year, 2 years or maybe longer than that depends on the usage *heavy or just once*.

"Mr. Cobbler..its cool to have you around at a convenient place to find you" *smiley*


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Flat Tyre...

My Lady V....:-(

cause of puncture: one bloody nail...

1st Question:  Do you know how to change a flat tyre?  My answer is NO! Never in my life!
Guess what?? My two bros are equally the same.  Hmm..hopeless! Luckily it happened at home, not somewhere on the highway or even worst in middle of the night..phew *God is good*

After 30 mins trying....still no hope to unfasten ONE of the wheel nuts, fail!!

Stubborn nut..damn!!! Its too tight...

Okay, got the right tools but is that the correct way...???Come on guys!!
HELP! HELP! MHubs not around still @ the office...

Ha...yez use your foot & kick it hard!!!

I was busy on the phone with MHubs asking the same Qs over & over again...*panicking mode* as usual;-)  Finally, after 3 attempts within 1hr 15mins, Yeay!*clap to Boboy* the stubborn nuts budge then he removed the flat tyre and replaced it with the spare one.  Immediately rushed to the nearest workshop to fix it. What a day! We just sent Lady V for service that morning..*sigh*

It can happen to every car owner and might happen to you someday so please take the time to click here for some useful tips from AAM link.  Honestly, if I'm alone 'I surrender' way I can do it myself.  AAM & PLUS Ronda would definitely be my instant best friend at that time.

Hey! It's the Weekend fast!  Next week we gonna say Goodbye to 2010 and Hello 2011.

Enjoy.. folks!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Ho!Ho!Ho! A basket?... A gift?....from Santa...??!! No lah! This yummy homemade CheezTartz were from my dear fren, MARIA.....

cute mute je...I luv the cheezy taste SEDAPPP!! Believe me!

1 is never enough, 2 simply gorgeous, 3.. you want it moreeeeeee!

in a mini container, just store it in the fridge....Yes, Neat!

We managed to save some for MHubs & Boboy ( each kay)... the rest "zasss selamat dalam keita lagi tak sempat sampai rumah..ish ish" Oh come on...! How can we say NO to such a lovely dessert! Nevermind, already place our order for 30pcs to be collected next week, nak bawak balik AS for Gramps he will surely luv it.  Hopefully tak TERmakan la otw back tu *5hrs journey some more* fuhhhh sangat mengancam;-)

"MERRY XMAS to everyone who celebrates it & have a blessed XMAS.."


Oh before that, a note to D'Frenz:

Babes, I've collected the 'get together' cuppies from Han..finally, I gotta eat my own 'face' *suweeeet*  But I didn't expect to have lots of 'me' on the cuppies.  Anyways, thanks once again ladies for the gorgeous idea *ting* tho the 'chosen' pix kinda ...wuaaargghhhh


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Curlers' Angels.....

Yippie...!! The article on our 'Trendy Hair Style' w Annita Hisham, professional hair stylist/owner of Curlers & Trimmers came out in The News Straits Times dated 22 Dec 2010 (yesterday)..
Lifestyle-Page 2....

Don't strain your eyes trying to read the scan copy text coz its way too small...!

Here you go..... 

Go for a street style

Want to ring in the New Year with a trendy hairstyle? There’s the versatile and easy-to-manage street look, writes SUSHMA VEERA

AS the year is coming to an end, many of us are looking forward to welcome the New Year.

A New Year often emerges with a number of trendy and fascinating trends. So, why not make our crowning glory more beautiful with the latest fashion trends?

“In 2011, most people will go for the street look,” says professional hair stylist Annita Hisham, artistic director of Curlers & Trimmers Sdn Bhd. She believes that the look will work wonders for all.

“Many people don’t know how to play around with their hair. The street look is versatile as you can change your hairstyle for work or functions without much fuss.”

Annita adds that her predictions incorporate short, long and straight and curly hairstyles. “It will encourage you to adopt more versatile and trendy looks. And it is economical as it is targeted at the working professional as well as those who can’t find time to go to the hair saloon. Looking at the present lifestyle trend, I came up with these ideas.”

In addition to the three predictions for next year, Annita also showed three cool looking styles for vacations. With help from make-up artist Taisu from Shu Uemura, six models were given a makeover at Annita's salon in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, the 48-year-old says a hair stylist takes time to ask questions before she styles a customer’s hair.

There are numerous aspects to take into account prior to making a change. The shape of the face, its characteristics, hair texture and skin tone have to be taken note of.
“This is a free personalised consultation for every customer at every visit. It helps the customer to find the right hairdo, perfect shade of colour, right treatment and aftercare for her budget.

“The slightest change to your hairstyle can cause a lasting impact on your looks. So, it is important to get professional advice on the right haircut that suits your face,” she says.

Hair care tips

Upon analysing your hair:
1. Use appropriate shampoo for your hair type.
2. It is a must to apply conditioner after every wash as it helps to close hair cuticles.
3. It is good to use the right “leave-in treatment” after every wash because it will help to protect and fortify hair.
4. Before styling, use styling products to protect hair from direct heat and hold the desired style till the next wash.
5. Once in every four to six weeks, do an intensive hair treatment at the salon to add moisture and protein with the right pH balance. Do home treatment once a week or every 10 days in between salon visits. This helps to make hair healthy.

Truths and myths

1. Myth: You can mend split ends with the right products.
Truth: The best way to treat split ends is to cut the hair. You can also make it less noticeable by applying a product that contains silicone. It will make hair soft and manageable too.

2. Myth: Pluck one grey hair, two or three will sprout in its place.
Truth: Plucking will damage the roots and hair might not be able to grow again.

3. Myth: To get clean hair, you must lather, rinse and repeat.
Truth: One thorough washing will do the trick, with the use of appropriate hair product, otherwise it will dry the scalp.

4. Myth: Colouring hair causes major damage.
Truth: Products today are gentle enough. In fact, some products contain soy and wheat protein to protect hair and leave it more manageable than before. If in doubt, consult your stylist.

5. Myth: You should brush your hair 100 strokes every day.
Truth: Brush it to style it only. Brushing pulls hairs out of their follicles and possibly weaken individual strands.

Annita’s style ideas for vacations:

Tengku Sherina Tengku Rhezal believes in versatility. She wants to look good and have an easy to manage hairdo at the same time. She can style her hair with blow drying lotion and a paddle brush. Annita says this versatile and trendy style complements any attire.

“Sharrolynn D’Cruz loves her curly hair. She did not want to lose the curls. She also prefers a carefree and easy to manage look. I gave her a two-step treatment to boost volume — she’ll be able to flaunt her hair for her holidays.”

Shereen D’Cruz wants to be sexy with long wavy hair. But she has split ends. Annita trimmed her hair and styled it with a big, round hairbrush, before applying serum to give it a lustrous feel.

Annita’s 2011 prediction styles

Teresa Rodrigues used to have long hair. Now she looks stunning with a short blunt bob. The bob is still in but it is more structured and blunt. This hairstyle with asymmetrical bangs suits those with an inverted triangular face.

Annita incorporated a blunt cut with layers to Hafizah Hani Mohd Najib’s straight hair to add volume. It is not wise to thin Hafizah’s hair as it takes away the volume.

Sherona D’Cruz’s long and wavy voluminous hair is still in. Annita predicts that more people will go for this style.

ThankQ dearest readers for taking the time to read it;-) mwahhhhh 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Home of The Whopper...

"Let's grab a bite at the brand new BK outlet at our township". Just opened last month. Yeah! 'belly good' to have all the fast food & drive-thru outlets @ONE place KFC,Pizza Hut, Starbucks & the latest.....

 Spacious...Not many people.. Quiet...Relax....!

Okay, enough with the exterior and interior of the Whopper 'Home'...I'm Hungryyyyyyy!


Whopper  & Whopper JR

Mushroom Grilled Chicken

I know these snapshots must have made you hungry & want to have Whopper or any of BK burgers.  At least it gives you guyz an idea what to eat  for lunch..maybe dinner...or even supper ;-) hihihi

Double Black Pepper...

French Chicken

Burrppp...Very full...!! Hey, of coz all the above, bukan makan sorang ye..gilezzz;-)

Oh btw, Nicko passed his Chief mate Oral Exam this morning...
His efforts definitely paid off. Congrats!



Feeling so guilty for not being able to come to the small get together last nite at Hani's place.  Even more when I look at these cuppies....I'm so touched and it was a 'Surprise' cupcakes specially ordered by the two 'Bfff Eema & Cpm"..:-(

Can you find me??? Ha.. namaku teratas
Pink & Blue cutee;-)
wah, wah... Eema, you look hot gal!

Once again, a thousand apologies to ALL *I really mean it* so next time please, PLEASE! fix the date earlier and DO NOT change it so many times! My schedule is tight towards the end of the year...Christmas, New Year, Wedding....huhu:-)

Okay babes, Promise! I'll pick up 'my face' tomorrow around noon from Han....I can't thank you gals enough !!muaaaahhh

tapi pix tu xbleh bla so 90's..ooit CPM sajer tau!!!!*scream at her* 


Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Raining, Raining...

It's pouring rain...from noon till now! Rainy season can be very "lembs/lembab" in other words unproductive day!  Lazy to go out.....I hate driving in the rain! Seriously, it makes me nervous and panic, even more  if someone else is driving. I'd be the most annoying 'passenger' in the car with my repeated Qs & 'nag' like "Can you see what's in front? Careful..careful..", "You should slow down..!", "Maybe we should just stop somewhere at the shops, petrol station.." Oh dear! Am I that bad?!*hmmmmm..* I guess my bros & sis should no better coz they alwizz be the 'target' <^;^>  Oops!..I think I did it again this afternoon when it was raining heavily otw to Alam Sentral till we left the place 2hrs later;-)

Besides that, washing clothes without dryer also 'challenging', coz if it's not dry they'll be  an unpleasant 'undry' smell...I'm sure you know what I mean right and some people didn't notice it at all.  Honestly, I kesian these people! Just imagine how bad the smell is in an air-conditioned room *ehemm..mesti tengah bau baju sendiri kan? wangi kah? ceet...ceet...sembur Perfume hihi*  Tips of the day, DO NOT expose your wet clothes outside the house when it rains  and  if there's no hope for sunshine, just dry 'em all under the ceiling fan at the highest speed. Don't forget to put more "Softener" so that your clothes will still smell good!

So happened  during this rainy season, there are  more Holidays in December as compared to the rest of the months.  Where School longest break begins, Uni semester break, Christmas & New Year longggggg 'HolyDays' rarara... this time around most people will be planning for a Vacay both domestic or international with family & friends! Therefore, most of the tourist attractions, hotels, flights will be crowded and fully booked.  If we're talkin' bout "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia", Beach Holiday?! NOT a good time to go & NOT advisable coz it won't be fun if its a wet weather anyway!

Just like ours, last year (Dec 2009).....

3D 2N @ ClubMed Cherating...

"Hujan dah turuunnnnn.."hiks

A brighter day but still..drizzling:-(

Tho it was not a perfect weather but it was definitely an excellent *fully sponsored* gateway...hehe

Ehehhhh! Actually, the subject supposed to be "Raining" suddenly the above holiday pix came out pulak! Oh!Ow... looks like 'someone' got carried away with the word "Holiday"......LoL


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