Saturday, December 25, 2010

Flat Tyre...

My Lady V....:-(

cause of puncture: one bloody nail...

1st Question:  Do you know how to change a flat tyre?  My answer is NO! Never in my life!
Guess what?? My two bros are equally the same.  Hmm..hopeless! Luckily it happened at home, not somewhere on the highway or even worst in middle of the night..phew *God is good*

After 30 mins trying....still no hope to unfasten ONE of the wheel nuts, fail!!

Stubborn nut..damn!!! Its too tight...

Okay, got the right tools but is that the correct way...???Come on guys!!
HELP! HELP! MHubs not around still @ the office...

Ha...yez use your foot & kick it hard!!!

I was busy on the phone with MHubs asking the same Qs over & over again...*panicking mode* as usual;-)  Finally, after 3 attempts within 1hr 15mins, Yeay!*clap to Boboy* the stubborn nuts budge then he removed the flat tyre and replaced it with the spare one.  Immediately rushed to the nearest workshop to fix it. What a day! We just sent Lady V for service that morning..*sigh*

It can happen to every car owner and might happen to you someday so please take the time to click here for some useful tips from AAM link.  Honestly, if I'm alone 'I surrender' way I can do it myself.  AAM & PLUS Ronda would definitely be my instant best friend at that time.

Hey! It's the Weekend fast!  Next week we gonna say Goodbye to 2010 and Hello 2011.

Enjoy.. folks!

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