Thursday, September 30, 2010

So "Chantique"....!

The Stylo Mylo "Kardashian's Stilettos" type,

Trendy Handbags,

Gorgeous Caftan....OMG, Online Shopping Mania is back!!!!!  

A fantabulous dinner date with my Gossip Girls at The Empire Gallery...
will post more details later kay...Sleepyzzzzzzzzzzz already *yawn*

Sweet dreams 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Mamee Slurp "Mawi"??!..Nah, Maggi is always my 1st choice & also Mee Sedap coz its really "Sedap" *wink*  Anyway, this entry is not about the Instant Noodle,  its my very First Homemade Curry Mee..yeah I know there's nothing Big to Brag about but all these years during my busy hectic working days, I've never bothered to look up for Recipes or even assist my late Mom in the kitchen. We always take things for granted, don't we? "You never know what you've got until it's gone..." Better not to touch on that :-(   Lets go back to my cooking...

"I used shrimp shell stock"...(set aside the shells & heads, boil & blend them to make stock) 
as per the recipe from
 Our simple homecooked dinner... Slurpp.;-)

Feelin' tired & very sleepy now, was rushing this morning to the Salon & Threading plus a  Lunch Date at noon, but managed to be on time for the lunch with my Ex-Boss 'J'.  It's been 2 years since I last saw her. Okay, I must comment on the food at Windmill, we ordered the Set Lunch Meal @ 29.90++ consists of Chicken Kebab with Lamb served with Spaghetti, seafood chowder (additional charges) + Dessert + Coffee/Tea.  The food was LOUSY! The spaghetti sauce was sweet *sigh*

Despite the meal, it was great to meet and catch up with her again at a quiet and relax ambiance compared to the first one we agreed to, "Bawang Merah"...(but absolutely better food there)

Gotta go now...xoxo


Monday, September 27, 2010

Summer Gardens...-(^-^)-

If you ask me..How was the Flea Market @ Summer Gardens yesterday? Just one word   LAME...!!!!
I would rather spend every weekends at The Street, The Curve or Sunrise, Mont Kiara than going there, the "flunk" market.  Personally, I think the organizer should do something to jazz it up a bit!  Invite more Clothing & Accessories vendors (especially the experience one with sophis collections).  At least up to the standard of  the nice & cool venue, "Summer Gardens @ Setia Eco Park".  Unfortunately yesterday, I felt like I was at a Charity Bazaar or even worst a company Open Day or something.  Honestly, the venue, set-up, facilites were EXCELLENT but the selected vendors were the biggest disappointment.

Say no more....

the huge pyramid canopies..spacious 
easy access, ample parking (FOC) 

buggy service for all Guests/Customers from the car park to the stalls/booth area ..

Hop On..Hop Off..

RIGHT:  That's 'The  Accessories' stall..
Gosh...are they selling "pre-loved" items or what?? 
Eyes away...

 better view on the LEFT;-)
quite a number of home decor stalls....
Good Idea! considering the fact that a lot of new residents here..

As usual, the SUPER HOT weather..
better Chillin' @Daun Pisang Cafe, Green Canopy....

 there's also a SALON (caucasian owner cum hairdresser)
very friendly & nice lady..
next to Eco Mart @ Green Canopy...Two Thumbs Up!!! 
All under ONE roof

That's about all on my personal views & comments.  As for now, I don't think I will mark my calendar on every 3rd Sunday of the month for The Summer Gardens Flea Market. 

Oh yeah, we snapped a few photos at the Sales Office, here's some of the future development of our township..

Mega project...

The Setia City Mall...."Coming very Soon"

Ciao..! What do we get? Nothing but sunburn *sigh*


p.s:  Just got a call from OZ and its good news from Sis G.  Miss her tons & happy for her!! Congratz Sis G on your new job!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Here Ye, Here Ye!  A Flea Market at our Township! On every 3rd Sunday of the Month @ Summer Gardens, Setia Eco Park.  Which is TOMORROW..26th Sept 2010 yeay!!

 a'promising' flyer...
double click to zoom-in on the map..;-)

My 'BEST' two Flea Market are Sunrise Mont Kiara (every Sunday) & @ "the Street", The Curve (every weekend)...Lotsa stylish stuff, convenient & I luv it!  Maybe, Summer Gardens Flea Market will be in my FAV flea market listing next.   Stay Tune;-)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Luv: P  

p.s :  thinking of having Macaroon @Huckelberry Cafe, BSC.. but not in the mood to go out.  Later!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jom Bali...

Breakkie at Carrefour SJ. I know you guys must be wondering of all the places, WHY do I choose Hypermarket as the venue? Actually, it wasn't a planned breakfast, Lolls wanted to buy a few kitchen stuff and we were there very early at 8.45am, we had to wait for 45 minutes before the opening hours.  So, what else if not Breakkie time...first choice in mind was Teh Tarik Place at Empire Gallery but too far to walk and not sure whether its already open at that time.

Jom Bali Cafe...??! Hmm..I know Ole Ole Bali @ Solaris Mont Kiara & Sunway Pyramid, good food, very authentic & rustic interior deco and of coz pricey. Anyway, looking at the Jom Breakfast banner outside Jom Bali, its 'Kopitiam' menu nothing Balinese or Javanese at all.  Thanks to the prominent pix  & promo price on the banner that was the main attraction for us to Stop & Try...

at the main entrance right behind Starbucks...
Not bad...compatible to Old Town White Coffee
Cozy...though NO "Balinese" concept at all
or Chill at the terrace outside...

Nasi Lemak Biasa w "Papadom" (new to me) @ RM2.90 only*
+  soya cincau @ RM3.50
* for breakfast from 9am till 12noon

Nice food..!!! At least after this, I'll surely notice the Jom Bali Cafe outlets.

Luv: P
p.s:   tomorrow's breakkie menu will be bitter ballen (meatball) & croquette fresh from Amsterdam!!  Yummy;-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Oh My Gucci...!!! Handbags, shoes & shades they're my 'World' and to own every designer labels is my 'Dream'..A closet full of Chanel handbags, a room filled with Christian Dior shoes & a drawer stuffed with Louis Vuitton shades, living in luxury like the Hollywood Celeb. How nice!!  But ain't gonna happen, neither a Celebrity nor a Supermodel just a 'Dreamer' ..hahaha

So, better stick to my fav brand...Yup, the 'G' can also be Gorgeous, Glam, Glitter, Great!  Always been a loyal customer of GUESS for years and still is.  Affordable brand, Trendy & Quality guaranteed.  Check-out their new "Classic" collection back to the '60s, pretty cool..I Luv it!

 The latest catalogue...

 New Arrival!
not yet available @ Guess boutique Malaysia *sigh*
Singapore sure has it...

I want this tooooo......!!!

Its about time to add more variety to my existing collection...maybe white, silver, or gold;-)

the new purse goes well with last year's pressie...
black is elegant and easy to match..

..with this one  too
the red purse was my '2008' birthday pressie...

I've almost forgotten about these two..& the matching stilettos.hmm

I better check all the others too...having a big "L" (lazy) syndrome lately, very seldom changing handbags  not like those dayz so many events to attend and sometimes can't decide which one and what to match bla..bla..bla Absolutely stressful but even more stress now to see the handbags 'kept untouched'. Hish...."Masalah-Problemmmm" oso:-(


Luv: P

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Birthday again...!!!My sista, Lolls 21st Birthday on 18.9.10 just five days away from mine but 15 years difference la...fuhh, I'm so old uhukkk:-(  Nevermind, at least young at heart...*smiley*

Yup, lotsa Birthdays in September besides mine & sis,  my dear Princess D (my niece-Damia) also my late grandma Mrs. Rayyan (she called herself)...Omi (Tok Mummy) to us, she passed away when I was 14. She was a lovable grandma ever. Okay, will find some pix in my 'archive' and would be nice to post  it here for my younger bros and sis since they didn't have the chance to know her especially Lolls. "In loving memory of Tok Mummy", really miss her *sob... sob*.   Oh yeah, we found a very interesting 50 yr-old photo album of Gramps. So excited to share it here but not so soon kay, will have to scan the best few pix..hehee

Back to Lolls birthday celebration and we chose "White" as the theme no.. no.. not Snow White coz she turned 21 not 12.  Actually its nice to have a birthday theme especially for lil' kids with butterfly wings, Cinderella dress, tiara & petite stilettos cutteeeeeeeeeeee isn't it!

Luv taking photos of every occasion coz I always believe photographs keep precious memories of our life, its very true indeed...

gorgeous deco..reminded me of Manneken Pis in Brussels wahh!

white ambiance @ Garden, The Curve...just perfect for the theme;-)

what to order...??? 

Camomile - my cup of Tea...

Spaghetti Marinara...

Spaghetti Carbonara...

Pineapple Fried Rice..MHubs choice who else;-)

disappointing Mee Siam! hmm.just the usual fried meehun..
nothing like The former Empress Cafe Mee Siam..

 Beep...beep.. time for the Birthday Girl to blow the candle & make a wish...

a bit blurish..blamed it to Boboy hishh!




Grand box;-)

a bathrobe from the boys..

Its time for the REAL one...

 a baby 'white' Grand Piano just lovely for Lolls to show her talent..haha
a sweet ending with Fur Elise...Beethoven

There was a Blackberry mini concert @ The Curve right in front of happened Lolls fav band, Bunkface perfoming live!!! can be considered as an unexpected birthday 'gift' for her..lalallaa

Revolusi..their hit song


Luv: P

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eid ul-Fitr...

"SELAMAT HARI RAYA!"  Its already the 8th day of Syawal!!! A long delay to post our 'Raya Kodak Moments' the best for last muahaha:-). Actually been busy lately with lotsa things *sigh*.

Venue:  Istana Anak Bukit Alor Setar
Date:    10th September 2010 / 1st Day of Syawal
Theme: Blue & Classic

KDYMM Sultan & Sultanah of Kedah,  HRH Tunku Puteri Intan Shafinaz
oops..also in blue;-)

Go Classic....

The Gentlemen..
From Left:  Nicko, Gramps, Ashraf (eldest bro), Boboy, MHubs..

with nieces Tunku Zara (cutie pie), Tengku Damia, Tunku Charmaine & Tunku Sephia...

 Next year Nicko & FW will have to choose their own 'colour theme...

If last year was 'Purple', this year they chose Grey...

'Touching moment'- G w eldest Grandson..;-)

Next stop,  Teratak Seri, Jalan Langgar - PILs residence

props & outfit = blend well

MiL's Xpress Noodle
Nice to have something different from the regular 'ketupat+rendang'

Back to Cendrawasih (Gramps residence)....

 home cooking dishes still D'Best - Cheers w Barbican! *wink*

Open House @Teratak Hamka, Simpang Kuala - SILs residence.

nice & cozy hut @ their garden...

Location  : Alor Setar
Scene       : Vintage
Purpose   : Whateva..

 The END.

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