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Yippie...!! The article on our 'Trendy Hair Style' w Annita Hisham, professional hair stylist/owner of Curlers & Trimmers came out in The News Straits Times dated 22 Dec 2010 (yesterday)..
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Go for a street style

Want to ring in the New Year with a trendy hairstyle? There’s the versatile and easy-to-manage street look, writes SUSHMA VEERA

AS the year is coming to an end, many of us are looking forward to welcome the New Year.

A New Year often emerges with a number of trendy and fascinating trends. So, why not make our crowning glory more beautiful with the latest fashion trends?

“In 2011, most people will go for the street look,” says professional hair stylist Annita Hisham, artistic director of Curlers & Trimmers Sdn Bhd. She believes that the look will work wonders for all.

“Many people don’t know how to play around with their hair. The street look is versatile as you can change your hairstyle for work or functions without much fuss.”

Annita adds that her predictions incorporate short, long and straight and curly hairstyles. “It will encourage you to adopt more versatile and trendy looks. And it is economical as it is targeted at the working professional as well as those who can’t find time to go to the hair saloon. Looking at the present lifestyle trend, I came up with these ideas.”

In addition to the three predictions for next year, Annita also showed three cool looking styles for vacations. With help from make-up artist Taisu from Shu Uemura, six models were given a makeover at Annita's salon in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, the 48-year-old says a hair stylist takes time to ask questions before she styles a customer’s hair.

There are numerous aspects to take into account prior to making a change. The shape of the face, its characteristics, hair texture and skin tone have to be taken note of.
“This is a free personalised consultation for every customer at every visit. It helps the customer to find the right hairdo, perfect shade of colour, right treatment and aftercare for her budget.

“The slightest change to your hairstyle can cause a lasting impact on your looks. So, it is important to get professional advice on the right haircut that suits your face,” she says.

Hair care tips

Upon analysing your hair:
1. Use appropriate shampoo for your hair type.
2. It is a must to apply conditioner after every wash as it helps to close hair cuticles.
3. It is good to use the right “leave-in treatment” after every wash because it will help to protect and fortify hair.
4. Before styling, use styling products to protect hair from direct heat and hold the desired style till the next wash.
5. Once in every four to six weeks, do an intensive hair treatment at the salon to add moisture and protein with the right pH balance. Do home treatment once a week or every 10 days in between salon visits. This helps to make hair healthy.

Truths and myths

1. Myth: You can mend split ends with the right products.
Truth: The best way to treat split ends is to cut the hair. You can also make it less noticeable by applying a product that contains silicone. It will make hair soft and manageable too.

2. Myth: Pluck one grey hair, two or three will sprout in its place.
Truth: Plucking will damage the roots and hair might not be able to grow again.

3. Myth: To get clean hair, you must lather, rinse and repeat.
Truth: One thorough washing will do the trick, with the use of appropriate hair product, otherwise it will dry the scalp.

4. Myth: Colouring hair causes major damage.
Truth: Products today are gentle enough. In fact, some products contain soy and wheat protein to protect hair and leave it more manageable than before. If in doubt, consult your stylist.

5. Myth: You should brush your hair 100 strokes every day.
Truth: Brush it to style it only. Brushing pulls hairs out of their follicles and possibly weaken individual strands.

Annita’s style ideas for vacations:

Tengku Sherina Tengku Rhezal believes in versatility. She wants to look good and have an easy to manage hairdo at the same time. She can style her hair with blow drying lotion and a paddle brush. Annita says this versatile and trendy style complements any attire.

“Sharrolynn D’Cruz loves her curly hair. She did not want to lose the curls. She also prefers a carefree and easy to manage look. I gave her a two-step treatment to boost volume — she’ll be able to flaunt her hair for her holidays.”

Shereen D’Cruz wants to be sexy with long wavy hair. But she has split ends. Annita trimmed her hair and styled it with a big, round hairbrush, before applying serum to give it a lustrous feel.

Annita’s 2011 prediction styles

Teresa Rodrigues used to have long hair. Now she looks stunning with a short blunt bob. The bob is still in but it is more structured and blunt. This hairstyle with asymmetrical bangs suits those with an inverted triangular face.

Annita incorporated a blunt cut with layers to Hafizah Hani Mohd Najib’s straight hair to add volume. It is not wise to thin Hafizah’s hair as it takes away the volume.

Sherona D’Cruz’s long and wavy voluminous hair is still in. Annita predicts that more people will go for this style.

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