Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shangri-La Putrajaya Hotel..

Last week was like our 'Hotel' week kinda thing la. A few days after Papa "check-ed out" from IJN tetiba Papa feels like having a short break, stress free getaway. Hmmmmm, Putrajaya?! sounds peaceful, less people, no traffic congestion betul-betul.  Terus Checked-in at perfect!

Knock Knock....

Elegant & Nice....

Gym time! errrr....outfit: of coz totally OUT!

Duduk je tengok mereka berexercise...Gym ni serasa kami yang punya takde orang!;-)

teeet...anda terlalu gemuk mwuahhahaha

Nice Pool! *thanks to NST Savvy Traveller contest for the Shang voucher *wink wink*

Breakie at Palm Hill Cafe...

Most importantly, Papa Happy & semoga cepat sembuh seperti dulu...DADDY WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Strawberry & Scones....

Too many stories to share here but too little time to update.*sigh* Rushing from one event to another, work overload, driving back & forth from home to IJN every day. Busy wacky June! Alhamdulillah now all under control Papa has already been discharged and his condition is stable. So, part of the "medical therapy" we spent one weekend away from the hustle bustle of KL and the wicked HOT weather here!!

Destination: Pahang Darul Makmur


Scones & Strawberry Tea...A perfect lovely morning mwuahhh!

Strawberry Park always close to our heart!

Pool No..No..! Sauna ..OK :-) Obviously its too cold for SWIMMING activity.

It was a very nostalgic weekend at Cameron for all of us. Missin' Mama :-(

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