Friday, May 28, 2010


It's a Public Holiday=Wesak Day.  No different for me since everyday is a holiday to me...woman at leisure yeah right!!! Time for BBQ at Casamadre, first time ever here till the rain pouring heavily as a welcoming gesture I suppose.  Hmmm...our Portuguese neighbour also BBQ-ing"..what a coincidence.  Btw our favourite Suri Cruise- look-alike still in the States for the past 3 weeks.  Vacant houses front, back left and right.  Privacy secured;-)

Since this is our first BBQ here, so the menu gotta be a bit different from the usual at Ara. Stingray, burger & cheezy hotdogs were in the menu list plus the non-alcohol wine, double dutch and Silverbird cake as desert. Today's theme is "Jersey Jazzy" Promoting Nicko's very own jersey biz hahaha..As for me exceptional coz I'm not a big fan of football and I dun wear oversize Tee.  Mine was the ITALIA t-shirt bought 4 years ago when Italy won the World Cup...go go go!!!

Time to light up the charcoal, that would be MH & Boboy's part.  Pretty tough without the starter oil or whatsoever and a proper fan...definitely lacking of props.  Please..please list down those BBQ items in the Shopping List as top priority.

Okay now my style of cooking or food prep..JUST GOOGLE the recipe.  Really helpful and always successful I must admit.  Like today, I marinated the chicken by myself (that's my personal achievement) and also the stingray (not bad at all for a first timer) preparing the "Air Asam" too.  Thanks to somebody's blog on this can't remember the name of the blog.  No offence just concentrated on the ingredients.

The weather was just lovely, raining for about 2 hours, windy and breezy.  The BBQ smoke, the aroma kinda battling between ours and the neighbour I guess making the others envy.  Sorry it's a private party...but we did pack some chickens for the guards.  Let them have some good food for dinner.

So much food, fizzy drinks, deserts "Alhamdullillah"...TGIF @ our  home sweet home;-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The day starts early today...9:30 a.m we're already @ Acer Service Centre Subang Jaya to repair Boboy's  (aka "Mr. Possess"') lappy for some defects.  It's barely 3 months from the date of purchase...hmmm.  Who to be blamed: The Brand or The User???

Planned to have a word with the salesman @ Harvey Norman, Ikano regarding the Extended Warranty we had purchased for the lappy. It's not directly with ACER but with HARVEY!! Arrghhhh...another sales untransparency.  I don't like...Unfortunately, Harvey Norman is closed for some IT stock take till 4pm.  What a Day!!!!!  Of all the days must it be TODAY??!

Hmm...breakkie time @ IKEA of coz not a hot dog or curry puff.  Pasta, Chesecake would be nice.  Guess what IKEA's breakkie menu: Fried Rice & Chicken Wings @ 10:00a.m.  Ridonkeylious *puss in boots adaptation of ridiculous*.  No other choice except the tempting banana choc chip & blueberry muffins.  Hmm...disappointing taste. No where near to Kenny Roger's muffins.

Okay...Daiso Moment @ Level 2, The Curve to buy gloves for our most awaited ice skating outing. Just prep not sure when to hit the icy floor anyway;-) Cheap n good that's absolutely DAISO..I LOVE it! However, only socks n snow cap for lolls, no attractive gloves that she wanted.  So the searching continues to Ikano & Soxworld.  Yezz, I've got mine..the little red glovy;-)

A MUST stop for a break with Sundae Strawberry & the new Cornetto Sundae, simply gorgeous and irresistible to cool off the hot day!

Lunch time..yup Bawang Merah, SS15 always the 1st choice for homemade taste "Nasi Campur Melayu". But the new section upstairs only open to customers @3pm..huh! Last but not least..Pasembor & Cendol SS15  for the "take away" menu.

That's about it for our very own JJCM (Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan). 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sundae 'w' Shrek...

We're stuffed with Hot dogs, 1/2 dozen of Curry Puff, IKEA ice-cream, MCD Sundae Strawberry &  Chocolate..Peanut Butter & Kaya Waffle just before the movie!!!

Only a few left for the pix..

Justlife (specializes in skincare, spa and health food products that are organic and natural) is having a "Go Green" campaign @ IKANO and it's Body Paint !!! Very catchy promo indeed..

Come on draw a ribbon...that's pretty easy

Giving my support to Green Ribbon..

 The products..didn't even notice their outlet if not because of this promo...

As usual, a bit of review on the movie, Shrek Forever After was really hilarious. Yo, Parents!  Move it..Move it...bring your kids.  It's a movie not to be missed by anyone, not only children but also parents, couples, teenagers basically for all ages!!!!! Provided you have the COOL attitude and CHILL mind:-) The character I like the most "PUSS in BOOTs"  (Antonio Banderas) the fatty version, he's so cute and adorable with the slang and his dialog: "Feed Me If you Dare..." hahahaaa  Shrek (Mike Myers) & Fiona (Cameron Diaz), their triplets..Farkle, Fergus & Felicia, Donkey (Eddie Murphy), Gingy, Rumplestilskin and FiFi the swan.  All those characters really have a great 'impact'.

Shrek is the BEST till the Final Chapter! 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Knock Knock...

Yessss! Booked & Collected Shrek Forever After tickets for the weekend. This time around a "full  quorum".  Just finished helping MH packing for his 2-day 'Treasure Hunt' around KL. It will be a peaceful night for me without the snoring attack;-) Ridiculously loud these days...hmmm

Hey, remember the photos from Marissa Preloved online shopping collections in my previous post, at last I put in my order today. Yes, I'm so excited, hopefully the high waist mini dress still available. I also ordered a striped blouse (from her new album) the model looks elegant on it and its only RM28...under price isn't it?  However, the palazzo pants that Lolls really like is already Out of Stock..too bad!

Okie dokie...till the next update on "Shreky", off to bed now *yawn*

guess what, we were laughing like mad seeing our old photos from the unorganized "archive". Fuhh...Can't  never imagine myself in the 'awkward' outfit & hairdo ever again, I look so ugly...uwaaaaaaaa:-(:-(

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family Ties...

Blast from the Past...back to the 80's, among the famous sitcoms were the ABOVE and...
  • The Growing Pains, 
  • The Jeffersons, 
  • The Cosby Show, 
  • The Facts of Life, 
  • Eight is Enough 
The serial:
  • The A-Team, 
  • CHiPs, 
  • Starsky & Hutch, 
  • Blue Thunder, 
  • Knight Rider, 
  • Beverly Hills 90210,  
Besides that, the notable character of Blake Carrington in Dynasty,  JR Ewing in Dallas, Flamingo Road & Knots Landing.  Gosh!! so many evergreen TV programs still be missed and fresh in our mind but provided we're in the same era! It might not work for those who were born in the 80's like my younger brothers & sisters. They've no CLUE at all...Except Knight Rider, Incredible Hulk since they have the remake  including The A-Team which will be screening soon on Cinemas.

My favourite cartoons were Smurf, Jem, She-Ra, He-Man, The Flintstones & Captain Caveman. Not only that also the favourite snacks like Chickadees, Sumi Jelly, Nini, Sugus, Kandos, that's all I can think off right now.  Such a sweetest memory..indeed.

Actually, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic this week, from the sitcoms, cartoons, snacks to the 32yr old photos that I found in  my own "archive".  It was my 4th birthday celebration with my late Mama & Tok Mummy (Omi) in 1978 (I saw the 4 year candle on the cake..haha *there's no date printed on the pix those days*

Mama, Me, Big Bro & Papa...Our family in the 70's

Mama's best friends..
on her left, she's now residing in France and on her right  in Australia...

My 4th Birthday- a combined birthday with my Big Bro but i guess the 2 kiddos hijacked my place;-)
*inset -My late Tok Mummy in Polka Dots*

with Mama's friends & their kids..

We never imagined who we will be or what's gonna happen when we're 4yrs old during the innocence years. Those were definitely the happiest moments of all time, problem free..children are like pieces of white cloth.     

In the late 80's the number of siblings in our family has grown to 5 consisting of  Big Bro, Me, Nicko, Boboy & Lolls. We have a very close relationship between the 4 of us ever since Mama passed away 3 years ago, and it really thought us the meaning of "Family" especially Myself.  I do have my regrets towards my responsibility as a daughter.  I failed to express my love & care during her living days.  There's no Mother-Daughter bonding as much.  The guilt is always there in me. 

Pause!!!!  Just received a call from gramps while typing this blog, as usual updates on his routines and the relatives' stories domestically & also "overseas". Honestly, most of them didn't even notice his existence just because he's old or too far in the North.  Hmm.. I dunno, that's people.  We tend to forget those who are not in front of  our eyes.  Sometimes we only realize the person is still around when we received a text or phone call that he or she is critically ill or just passed away.  That's very sad but indeed very true nowadays.

That's life! I'm writing this not to point fingers to anyone either related to me or otherwise. Just a reminder to myself and to my younger siblings to always be with each other even you're married and having your own family and in-laws to take care off. Never ever abandoned your loved ones, parents and  siblings.  Its sounded easy to put it on paper but sometimes hard to apply it in real life.  No matter who you're married to or who you're's all begin in YOU and depends on yourself! 

Anyway, I will try to dig out  the old photo of all of us from the "archive" and will scan and upload it soonest as my own Family Ties classic pix;-) Hopefully can find the best ONE.

"Blood is thicker than Water"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maximum Boredom...

Fuhh...this is the worst feeling ever.  I never felt as bored as today!! Brain freeze!! FB, Twitter,Blog,You Tube you named it, feel like smashing the lappy to the wall. Too much of 'Crystallized Moment' till nothing more interesting to think off.

Listening to the unknown artists at home playing guitar & song after another, rhythm after rhythm, a total 'bluesy'...

I have to find the cure soon....I can't stay on this zone too long, its long enough to make me realize not to end up being a 'GLEEK' at the wrong age..

At least the corn & red bean  "ice cream potongs"..boost up my mood today...yum yum!

   Google image - can't find the Bon Bon brand..

I need a new hobby..Ideas???????

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teacher's Day...

Happy Teacher's Day...I guess the last time i said that was like 2 decades ago.  Hey, its tomorrow, May 16th,  i do feel like celebrating it as a "......."!!???? will explain in my future post when the time is right *wink*

ENGLISH & GEOGRAPHY were my favourites....yezzzz!!  However, I wasn't a big fan of school ..always ABSENCE just stayed at home to get an extra sleep. I guess I'm not a morning person since school days..ish,ish,ish! My late mom was very cool about it..she's D Best! And  had never disappointed her with my grades actually...ehem;-)

 Speak Proper English! Just like the Ad on ASTRO..

"Never Stop Learning..."

Friday, May 14, 2010

Lady "V"...

"Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."..."The early morning has gold in its mouth." quoted by Benjamin Franklin (just to share his pix above-Classic)

Wakey, wakey, rise & shine. i woke up @ 7:30am - darn early !!! Noon Sunshine & Brunch are my 'perfect combo' for the past lame, i know!  Okay, 1st quarter' resolution' - Sleep early, Rise Early! Hopefully, I can commit to that *serious* but how about weekend???..hmmm

Back to my early morning activity for today, sent my car Lady "V" to the workshop for new Tyres. Not only that, the mechanic also suggested that we should change the brake pad, tyre-scheme & stabilizer bar...blah blah.  To be honest, i've no idea what all those items are. I just know how to drive..haha. So, trust the expert...with MH green light..Yes, Mr. Mechanic go ahead and get it done Please! The 3 hours of waiting at Mamaks was the most boring part without lappy and WiFi hp ...sigh.  But we (me & Lolls) 'survived'!

Drive-Thru McD, the fastest, easiest, favourites, Big Mac McValue (but not Mega Mac its too BIG) plus gorgeous Sundae Chocolate with extra topping...Yummylicious lunch & dessert.  Oh yeah, also the SS15's  'cekodok pisang'..Sedapnyer!

As for dinner menu tonite, need to do some 'Tesco-ing' (most visited hypermarket, as for now no more Mydin Mall- that's for sure). Have a break, have a Sundae again... this time strawberry topping for me. ermmm...nice! Sundae cone for Lols, Choco for both MH & Boboy. Gotta be back before 7pm for Badminton Semi Final Live from Bukit Jalil Stadium, actually for the two guys.. absolutely not for Me even Lols.  Guess what..Nicko also planned to be there for Malaysia..but no luck, all the Tickets till Final already SOLD OUT!

The disappointing result  - Malaysia terribly LOST to China 3-0..

Dinner is Served... "Lets Dig In.. "

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Krueger, Wendy's Nite...

It's Wednesday! our usual movie nite out...1st because of the ticket price RM6-7 and 2nd the "Sneak Preview" of a new movie before its formal release the next day usually midnight show at a normal ticket rate of RM10.  Our choice of the night is my all time favourite... "A Nightmare on Elm Street : Freddie Krueger". 

Since morning we were talking about Wendy's..Wendy's..& Wendy's..So Wendy's it is for dinner:
Let the photos speak for themselves...

The cozy outlet next to Porto Romano, Mont Kiara 
Variety Combo Meals + 99c burger 

The Grilled Chicken Combo - MH's choice

 My Single Combo Beef...Lols too

Shrimp Burger..Boboy's choice


@The Curve...while waiting 

Briefly, my review on Elm Street...Freddy Krueger still a horrifying character as ever though personally, i  prefer Robert Englund the forever known Freddie Krueger since the 80's.  Yes, scary and lots of suspenseful scenes. For a horror movie buff  its a MUST SEE movie...!! Me..enjoyed the entire 1hour 30mins -100%.

Next movie - Nany McPhee...nope not Robin Hood=Russell Crowe..euuuuwwww!


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Mother’s Day falls on the second Sunday of May every year and this year it falls on May 9th. It's being 'celebrated' on the blogs, fb, twitter, tv, radio all means of electronic communications. Happy Mother's Day wishes to mom, wife, granny, sister, aunt, daughter.....

As for us, this is the third year we celebrated Mother's Day without Mama. No matter how much money we have or how much we can spend, we can't buy her a gift or take her for an expensive lunch or dinner. We can't thank her no more! We still remember the first Mother's Day after two weeks she passed away, we already bought her a white blouse. She didn't get the chance to wear it. No words can explain our pain and devastation, the regrets, guilt, frustration....

To everyone out there, pamper your mom while you can while she's still alive, when she's here with you...shower your Mom with LOVE and express your LOVE for her. Don't wait till it's too late. Mother's heart is always with her children!

Our memories with Mama will always be in our hearts forever:-

mama's fav place - Victoria Station Jln Ampang

Nicko was away sailing...

This morning, we visited Mama's grave @ Bukit Kiara like we always do every week.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Spaghetti Burger...

H..U..N..G..R..Y & L.A.Z.Y!!!!! Time to ransack the fridge..anything to cook for lunch?Help..! Something quick, simple & easy to cook, what would it be? Spaghetti it is...


500g of Spaghetti San Remo
3 pcs of Ramly Chicken Burger (no mince beef in the fridge)
1 can of Prego (Campbell's) spaghetti sauce - Mushroom
1/2 medium tomato (dice)
1 Onion (slice)
1 tablespoon finely chopped garlic (a few cloves)
1 teaspoon of Pepper
A quarter teaspoon of Salt
A pinch of Sugar
Shredded cheese (for garnish)

Time to Cook:

Boil the spaghetti for 15mins (add a tablespoon of cooking oil in the boiling water)
then drain well and immediately add butter
Blend the chicken burger (put some water to blend easily)
Brown the garlic in one tablespoon of butter then add the 'blended' burger
Add the Prego sauce
Diced tomato, slice onions, pepper, salt & sugar

Ready to eat in 10mins, garnish with the shredded cheese.

Tadaaa.....sorry NO PIX taken since i left my phone upstairs. Too Hungry to Resist!

Feel free to try this at home;-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bon Voyage...

Wednesday, 5.5.2010...Its 'D' Day!! Sis G is going off to OZ for good. Not on Monday as i mentioned in my earlier post. Sorry, got the day wrong;-) Bz & me planned to surprise her @ KLIA before she flies off. But it seems like she knows and she did ask bz "are you coming??

There goes our surprise, bz then told her that she'll meet her at the airport around 7nish. But at least bz didn't tell her yet that i'm coming with her. Still a little bit of surprise there..
While waiting for her @ Cafe Marche having coke & latte, bz 'entertained' me with her "Koleksi Teka Teki" and here's some that i can recall:-

(Malay version)

1. Kereta apa yang kita tak boleh potong dan memang dia akan sentiasa menang..?
Jawapannya: JUARA

Ada satu 'orchard' not orchard Singapore okay!, Kebun ni terbakar, ada 3 buah yang tak terbakar?
Jawapannya: Pisang Emas dibawa belayar, buah keranji di dalam perahu & buah cempedak di luar pagar

3. Mula mula smart lepas tu bodoh....???
Jawapannya: Smart Tac

Actually there are a few more but can't remember the complete story (must get the fact right, though the answers are very 'der'...)

By the time Sis G arrived at about 8:45pm, bz has already covered all the "Teka-Teki", FUHHH!!! Sis G kinda felt that i'll be there too. So it wasn't a surprise "Surprise" to her. Yeah..Sisters Forever. She looks tired but still gorgeous as ever.

Snap a few pix with her @ Marche & the departure gate,...the sad moments began....

not gonna be the same....

she's too far for 'teh tarik' or jom chawan...

Who's going actually...???

Hey, Ms. whitey was parked inside the Departure Level...VVIP treatment*wink**wink*

BGA twin sister

looks very familiar...

Left KLIA at about 10pm and headed straight to Darussalam, SS15 for dinner and also to meet MH there. After the meal, yezz...its MH turned for a "TEKA-TEKI" session. He really enjoyed it!!!! BZ&MH=BFF. It was fun, we had a good laugh though deep inside we're still sad:-(

Love B&G always.....big Hugs N Kisses!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Online Shopping Fever...

Oh dear, am really addicted to online shopping now, rather than thinking 'hard' to start my OWN!! Anyway, found a new collection from Marissa Preloved through my sister's friend. The word 'Preloved' actually means new item, we bought but NEVER used; or Items that already been used few times; or Gifts that we will never use. But she also sell Pre-Order items too. So this is it! I've browsed through her ready stocks...can't wait to order the belows:- ( i copied all the pix from Marissa's it would be easy for us to put in our order soon)

My No. 1 elegant

Lolly's choice.

So cute isn't it & cheap too, one of the models looks like the one in Elle's album i guess the collections came from the same source. Perhaps..

At last we found the mini dress (high waist) we really admired. Its only RM30. That's ridiciously cheap!!!!!

The british cotton style..(but its not cotton)

Stylo Palazzo pants too...

MH birthday is around the corner...that's why we are so IN it to BUY it hahaha, we're thinking to wear mini dress, the theme either 'white' or _____(not sure yet). Still brainstorming;-)

Hungggrryyyyyyyyyy....!!!!!! Cookin' Time. Let's 'wok' with me..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

Sunday @ home...what a big 'L'. Extremely lazy to go out on a super HOT weather. A simple Fried Rice for lunch is sufficient. That's our Brunch actually...

fried rice + prawn crackers

Tea time, watching Rachel Ray on 8TV then tune in to AFC 703 with Anna Olson...craving for cakes, the chocolate lava/choc fondant @ Eat Work Shop, Bakerzin...arghhh should have ordered that @ Chef & Brew!!! Why oh.Why?...what in the world has stopped me from ordering it yesterday:-( Their cakes are from Just Heavenly. Just Heavenly produced nice & gorgeous cakes...gosh reminded me on the Food Testing with them and their fruit cakes for the media gifts were Excellent! The good 'old' days...

Better stopped right there, am drooling for today, the available tea break menu would be Sugar Doughnuts & Pandan Chiffon from Tesco long as its soft & sweet, not bad at all. Lovin' it.

The guys opt for japenese food tonite..kanimaki & salmon sushi..

absolutely not for me & lolly..'domo arigato'

Suddenly, am thinking about the purple dress from Elle's Dressing Room..*wink*

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