Tuesday, November 30, 2010

POS Malaysia...

1st entry on the wedding prep...INVITATION CARDS!

Buying stamps @ the post office..WHEN WAS YOUR LAST TIME???? Can you recall? No! same goes to me. Maybe a year ago or even more since the existence of email, fb, sms, mms, do you really need to buy stamps anymore? Hmmm..the most recent one for me, sending parcel to Gramps by "Pos Laju" & some docs by  "Pos Express".  Whateva it is, for the wedding invites I still need to buy stamps to post 'em all...Ting! So, the most convenient and relax post office environment ever is SKYPARK, Subang Airport. 

The conversation between me & the lady @ Skypark Post Office: 

Me   :  Saya nak setem 30sen x 30keping...nak kirim kad dalam negeri, setem 30 sen kan kak? 

Lady:  Oh..sekarang untuk surat kurang dari 20gm setem 60sen bagi sampul putih, kalau sampul   
           warna lain 80 sen ...

Me   :  Okay...*blushing* dah lama ke implement harga baru ni? *sound so ingorant* 

Lady:  *She's pointing to the board......"

 w.e.f April 2010 
Me  :  Hmm...bagi saya setem 80sen 20 keping je la (trying to minimize the cost hahahaa)
          Kalau nak kirim ke Indonesia by Poslaju berapa ye kak?

LadyLebih kurang Rm40+ satu untuk Poslaju ke Bandung & Jakarta, tapi kena timbang. 

Me   :  Ok..terima kasih kak!

WOW!! I think its much cheaper for me to fly there and send all the cards personally by hand to all my relatives...FORGET IT!  Looks like more invites to go through  FB especially for the younger generations (frenz & cuz) NO POSTAGE required.  However, the 'oldies' still prefer cards, protocol wise and what not.  Don't worry Granduncles & Grandaunts just wait for the MAIL:-)

Actually, I couldn't agree more on this article here and I believe the increase was reasonable & most needed by Pos Malaysia.  Dont you think so peeps????


Knock..Knock..Who's There?

"Hey is anybody home????" Yeah, I'm still here folks! I know...I was on "silent mode' for days, almost a week to be exact which means ZERO update!  I had a productive weekend, so many interesting things happening BUT as usual biggest reason ever - No Time to post it here! Stop blaming the TIME...Busy??  hmm...yeah with some personal stuff, what else my bro's wedding prep is haunting me.  HELP!!!

Anyways, today I'm feeling under the weather *sigh*  What I really need now  is 'THINK' Vitamin.  Big "L=LaZy" please go away shuhhhhh!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daring Woman-Korean Drama...

안녕 하세요? An-nyeong ha-se-yo? HELLO, greetings which literally means 'are you at peace')
 만나서 반가워요 Man-na-seo ban-gab-sm-ni-da. Nice to meet you!

네 / 예  - ne / ye.  YES but they use 'ne' more often.
아니오 - A-ni-o or A-nyo in short.  NO

감사합니다 kamsahamnida.  THANK YOU

Learn Korean & Speak Korean by watching Drama? Ermm...Possible, maybe simple phrases like Hello, Yes, No, Thank You & Goodbye..,,;-)  Look at the writing, gosh that's pretty tough to learn ABC...in Korean huh;-)

So, only NOW!  I'm addicted to Korean Drama...Where was I when the whole world was crazy about WINTER SONATA??? What have I been doing at that time??? IGNORANT ME! *shy*  Anyway, since I've just started or in the beginning to 'diversify' my movie selection.

Daring Woman on Astro OneHD Channel 393 Mon-Fri @ 10:15pm to 11:30pm (Repeat@4pm or refer to your Astro Guide) as at 23rd Nov - Episode 76 out of 105.  A long way to go...but you can cut to the chase hahaha.  No HD channel at home or you've missed it from Day 1, don't worry with today's technology always has the 'remedy' Watch it here!

The main actors & actress that attract me to watch Daring Woman weeks ago...(@episodes - 56 if I'm not mistaken)
Han Gyoo-Jin, the rich Hubby...Father of 2 grown-ups (he definitely look so young for the character but I think he's cute kakakah) & a Mummy's Boy...

Ji Soon-Yeong, a strong woman, a mother to a 6yr old girl (adopted child), a DiL, SiL, MiL and also a loving stepmother...love her character. She nailed it! No wonder she won couple of awards; KBS Best Young Actress (2001), KBS Best New Actress (2002) & Queen of Tears (2006).

Hong Bo-ok, the 'overpowering' Grandmother, Mother to Soon Yeong's Hubby, Han Gyoo-Jin...every single thing must go thru her for her approval fuhh! She looks more fierce in the drama and a bit weird looking facial features...hiks

Han Joo-myeong, the obedient son, loyal & loving young husband...unfortunately his wife is taking advantage of it...she has lied about so many things including being pregnant!

Wang Se-bin, a desperate woman, selfish, full of herself....she hates her MiL, Ji Soon Yeong and even her own flesh n blood Soon Yeong's adopted daughter (finally the truth will be revealed in tonite's episode)....YES! I don't like her...*that means she's good* Btw, she's pretty right, common Korean stars 'mannequin' look. The Wonder Girls & all the models in the online shopping website, I noticed they all look-a-like...Plastic Surgery??hmmm...

Ha Eun-Sil, Se-bin's mother who always behind her, supporting and encouraging her in a way to be a selfish, greedy & 'unrespectable' woman...

Han Joo-ran, the youngest & only daughter in the Han's family, rebellious attitude in the early stage of his father's new marriage. Always have doubts with her SiL (Wang Se-bin)..hmm even more in tonite's episode!

Hwang Mo-ran, a humble cousin to Soon-Yeong aka "a shoulder to cry on friend" always there for each other...

Alright, I think quite an intro there or maybe too much of details already....See it for yourself! If you like it *high five* if otherwise....no worries a lot more Korean Drama available in KBS World Channel 391. Your choice..your preference!

안녕히 계세요 An-nyeong hi-ga-seyo Goodbye...

My friend, Su told me to check out "Cinderella's Stepsister"....sad story (I'll definitely cry babe!)*cengeng*  Yes, soon to be my next in line 'KBS Drama' ...maybe after the last episode of Daring Woman, one at a time. Keep it Cool!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

PUiSi PoEM...

Untuk Bondaku....

Dalam hening dan sepi 
Ku rindu tawamu, ceritamu dan kasihmu
terhadap anak-anakmu
Tak seorang pun yang melebihi kasih sayangmu
Di Dunia ini

Pengorbananmu tiada tara 
Kasih sayangmu masih terasa 
Rasa rindu menyesak di dada
Hanya doa dikirimkan ke sana 

Mama...damailah di sana 
Sebagai anak yang soleh dan solehah 
Sesuai didikanmu dan benih kebaikan 
Yang Mama taburkan semasa hidup 
Kami akan sentiasa mendoakanmu, Mama

Seandainya saja kami mampu 
Memutar balik jarum jam itu 
Betapa ingin kami mencium jemari tanganmu
Setiap pagi dan setiap hari
Sebagai cinta dan terima kasih kami 

Kami berdoa pilu atas pemergianmu 
Ya Allah betapa kami takkan mampu 
Mencegah kemampuanMu

Empat puluh hari telah tiada 
Betapa kosong dan hampa hati ini 
Tanpa Mama di sisiku 
Betapa pedih di dada ini 
Menahan penuh air mata 

Mama...ampunilah dosa-dosa anak-anakmu
Sekali lagi ikhlaskanlah segala pengorbananmu 
Dengarkanlah doa anak-anak cucumu
Mohon segala dosa diampuni 
Kembalilah dengan tenang menghadap Illahi

Ya Allah...
Tempatkanlah Mamaku 
Di kalangan orang-orang bertaqwa dan beriman.

Dari anak-anakmu

Puisi coretan hati kami ini telah diselitkan di muka surat hadapan naskah yassin yang kami tempah untuk kenduri 40 hari arwah Mama,  walaupun setelah 3 tahun arwah Mama pergi meninggalkan kami serasa baru semalam kami kehilangannya. Tiada kata yang dapat diungkapkan betapa rindunya kami semua pada arwah Mama....

Kepada anak-anak di luar sana...sayangilah ibu anda sepenuhnya selagi hayatnya masih ada. Bukan sahaja Ibu malah orang-orang tersayang di sekeliling anda dan hargai setiap detik dan waktu yang ada bersama mereka. Tidak kiralah sesibuk mana kita bekerja atau setinggi mana pangkat kita, tentunya masa itu pasti ada untuk kita luangkan bersama keluarga terutamanya Ibu & Ayah....

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Baby Once...

Everybody was a baby once! You, Me, He or She...you're only a BABY once in a lifetime. What did you look like as a baby??? Its all in your "Baby's Photo Memory".  All babies are adorable, the petite hands & feet, the smile....every single thing is CUTE!!  We may not be the most beautiful baby in the world but to our mother, YES! we always be! *143*

So does the babies (my younger siblings) in the family have grown to become adults - men, woman, or boys & girl, still....

Just like this baby in the pram...

....who is now a gentleman (huhu) soon to be a husband to his dearest fiance in less than a month and in the near future a father to his own children. However, to me, Nicko is still my 'Baby' brother! All I wanna say to his future wife is for her to love him as much as we all do.  Though 'A.Mama no longer here with us to witness the wedding or for us to share our stories with her like we used to, her unconditional love is forever n ever & always in our heart.  We miss you everyday......we love you Ma :-(   "Al-Fatihah"

Anyway, the 'fatty' baby in the family....guess who??

whom we dearly called "Boboy"....
never imagined his 'fatty' fingers can now play a guitar so well *LoL*

They will curse me if only they know that i post these funny photos of them. SOOO CUTEE!!! Not being 'Evil' or to Sabo them just a blast from the past....sorry guys!

Oh yeah, I thought I was the only GIRL in the family until......

Baby Lola was born on Sept 18, 1989...Welcome to the Planet Earth!!!
There goes my super duper 'manja days' hmmmm:-)

As promised, (finally managed to scan this old piece) a pix of me with my late Tok Mummy back in 1979....

My late Mama, My older bro, me *shy* & Tok Mummy @ Gramps reading corner...

me again with my older brother...*muka moody habis*

When we were kids, my dear Gramps loves to take our photos and each of us has an individual photo album (which we still keep until today). All the pix taken either candid or 'structured' manner not only on occasions, but anytime he'd think its a memorable moment - in the house, at the veranda, his orchid garden and back then it has been a routine for us to dress-up after shower & we MUST wear shoes!! That's his rule just like in the pix & its our ordinary look at home.   

A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into ~ Ansel Adams

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Air Asia X

...will start flying to the city of love 'PAREE' from next Valentine's Day, February 14, 2011. WoW!  Attractive date indeed and good "Shout Out"!  With four times weekly direct flights between Paris-Orly International Airport & KLIA's low cost carrier terminal (LCCT).  The new European destination after London will be serviced by the Airbus A340 (327 passenger capacity) and is offering  a promotional fare from RM499 = €99 = $160 one way. "Biar Betul! Murah giler tu...".  The promotional fares are available for booking online from 22Nov to 24 Nov (7am Malaysia)  hurry book now .  Hah! 22 Nov is tomorrow... get ready folks!

Air Asia X also flies to Tehran, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu), Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast) India (Mumbai, Delhi) and London...& now PARIS.  Impressive! However,  I have not been to any of Air Asia Flights before and honestly I've always been skeptical towards low cost carrier all these while. My 1st priority of traveling with airlines would be the COMFORT, from the airport check-in counter to the aircraft...etc etc.

I still remember my 'almost' 1st experience with Air Asia years ago when my former company decided to travel cheap and save up on the duty travel expenses, we were booked on Air Asia flights.  I was so pissed and  refused to travel on Air Asia.  I dunno, its just my feelings and perception towards the low cost carrier.  But I found out that my former CEO & even some of the top management team have had the experience traveling on Air Asia many times! Shame on me for acting like  a 'Diva'..wakkaka;-)

Now, I think with all the news coverage, success stories, encouraging reviews from the public bla..bla..in a way it sparkles a lil bit of trust or maybe the correct word is time for me to look up on Air Asia.  Even my own brother and his fiance used to travel with Air Asia both domestic & International, despite a few flight delays once or twice, overall they're pretty satisfied with the airline especially its value for money..."GREAT LOW FARES!"  Then again, they've chosen Air Asia to fly them to Gold Coast for their upcoming Honeymoon in Jan 2011!

The motto "Now Everyone Can Fly" well suited the airline and really has given lotsa opportunities to those who might not have a chance to get on a plane decades ago but now it has become reality to some people. An applause to Air Asia!!!

When talking about PAREE I'm all excited about the beautiful city, the never enough photos taken during our '9th Anniversary'n Honeymoon'  in 2008 (not so long ago, still fresh in mind) especially when looking at the magnificent Eiffel Tower...amazed, thrilled, satisfied, no perfect words can describe the real feelings "fuhhh tetiba ter-emo.."

We were there every single day during the 1 week trip...
just sit around at the park & admiring the Gigantic Tower in front of our eyes...
stayed there from as early as 4pm till its dark (daylight saving) around 10pm "barulah nak malam..tension woo:-("
but still patiently waiting for the beautiful lights ON the Eifel Tower...*full of love*

Accommodation wise, lots of affordable hotels in Paris we used to book through Octopus Travel click here but if you stay @ Hilton Paris, its definately heaven coz just 5mins walking distance to the Eiffel Tower....
  The precious momento...

As for transportation, the Paris Metro (Subway) is darn efficient (every 5 mins or less) connecting you from one place to another easily..no doubt its one of the World's Best...

The other beautiful & gorgeous monuments  in Paree....

Arc de Triomphe
Musee de Louvre - most popular attraction, The Monalisa, the renowned and famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci...

The Louvre Palace & Pyramids...

We also had the chance to see the tunnel & "memorial of a Princess" at Alma Marceau....

Lady Diana & Dodi Al-Fayed were killed in a car crash here..
(Pont de l'Alma tunnel  on Aug 31, 1997)
The flame (left) became an unofficial memorial for Diana, Princess of Wales...
Many flower bouquets & messages still surround the flame...

If I were to put all the photos here it would be the longest post ever or maybe never ending story. I gotta stop right here and makes you feel wanting to go to Paris this instance to see it for yourself;-) 

Parisians..! wait for more Malaysians to come to Paris and fly with Air Asia soon...! (free promo)
Oh..when can I say "Bonjour Paris" again? Fly with Air Asia this time??! A BIG question mark there "?"  Eheemmmm..."Malaysian Hospitality" *smiley*

Bon soir..

Saturday, November 20, 2010


It was pouring rain on Friday afternoon (yesterday).  Luckily its only for a while coz we're too excited to go for a jog, yezzz jogging...;-) 

All set, ready...!"Semangat Berkobar-kobar...kononnyer"

Walking...Warm-up first....

The 1st round....Hey! wait for me guys!!!!!!!

Look at that..(focus on the swing), What do you see??? THEM isn't it!

"wahwahwah....Dua Kanak-Kanak Riang"

enough with the Swing Nicko...

Helloo...this is more like it... for you!

 Or maybe this one....

Ermmm...sounds pretty easy or looks easy but nah....

 You gotta have a good grip & strong arm coz otherwise you'll slip....I've tried:-(

Not much 'Jogging' (1 round je) but more on the 'Stopover'...hehe
Basket(BALL)...Time to have one!

Then we can have a game Girls vs Boys..nice huh!!!

"Slam Dunk..."

Definitely not Taqraw..OK for Badminton  but prefer the indoor court (at the guardhouse) less windy;-)

Alright, done with the jogawalk.....

Lets do REFLEXO....

So, with all these facilities just steps away from our Casa, what we need to do now is put some effort to become 'SPORTIVE' and EXERCISE more! Exercise is really important for us, read it somewhere on the 3 reasons why IT is Important...

1. Improve physical health.
2. Reduce stress symptoms, anxiety & depression.
3. To lose weight.  *This I LIKE*

Insya'allah we'll do our very best to increase it from time to time and also to all of you out there,  Do what you can. Take one step at a time..don't force yourself!

Good Luck  & Ciao!

Friday, November 19, 2010

ITM Hotel...

Why I said "2 star down" in my earlier post? I was actually referring to the 3* ITM Hotel as compared to 5* Traders. We had Lunch at Anggerik Terrace Coffee House. This hotel really brought back so many fond memories to me.  Remember my BFF in my "Chawan" post,  she was my junior but we were roommates @ Seroja College so thats explain why we've become good friends since then. We used to have our Hi-Tea moment there on Friday (not every week just twice a month), the best part we even had our regular waiter on special request.  Most of the waiters at that time were trainees (HotCat -Hotel & Catering) practical students.  I can't remember the name of our fav waiter, but he was 'cute' hahaha and one of them (only 2 fav waiters anyway) happened to be my BFF's so called 'Boyfriend', *puppy love*.

Okay back to the lunch story, more or less about 14 years I did not step in to ITM Hotel,  last Sunday, I was there! with Zan & the others, our X-coursemate.  Earlier, the confirmed numbers coming were 8 pax but at the end only 3 turned up including me & Zan = 5 of us! Haihh..! Ain't easy to do a 'reunion' even just a small get together with old friends.  Some said KLCC too far then we decided to change the venue to Shah Alam, STILL the turn up not encouraging.  How la???!!! Nevermind, 5 of us + one guy (Zan's colleague in Turkemnistan who came later) not bad at all we had a good laugh.  Nice to see them in person again instead of communicating thru FB only.

Any significant difference to the Coffee House now compared to years ago? Hmm.. nothing much I guess but its the same quiet & peaceful environment. I feel so nostalgic!

After "XoXo" , photo session 1st lerr, all still lookin' fresh w lipstick on.... *smiley*

From Left:  Who else;-), Sal, Zan, Che' Lin & Ezu....

The  'English' tablecloth  only for our table &  no other customer but us there @ 12:30pm..

Menu please...yeah I'm hungry for rice!!!!

Appetizer - "Rojak Buah"... oops missed this out sorrrrryyyyy no pix <^:^>

The 5 main meals + 1 milk shake + 4  juices.....

Mine...Nasi putih & Sambal Udang + Telur Dadar *lapar nasi* LoL

Ezu's - sweet & sour fish

Che' Lin's "Kueteow" Pulau Mutiara...Penang la tu;-)

 Sal's "MeeHun" Ulek Mayang...wah wah so the 'drama'

 ONLY Soup in a Bun for Zan...I guess this is more to appetizer fren! hihi
(she had heavy international buffet breakfast @ Traders)  

Next...DESSERT of coz (but I'm too full already, "sorry babes, I pass" )

Since banana is bloody expensive in Turkmenistan (as well as in Europe, Middle East)....Zan's colleague, Mr. Tuah ordered another one.  OMG!  TWO gorgeous banana split in front of my eyes... D'TEMPTATIONS *arrgh* tell me about it!!!!!

If you happen to be at the neighbourhood (Seksyen 2,  Shah Alam)  drop by and taste the food at Anggerik Terrace...Btw, the bill came up to a total of RM150 only *Ting*...okay right!

Oh yeah to Zan.. (if you read this..not sure whether she knows the existence of my blog) a million thanx to you for the two consecutive days Special Treats!!

Toodlez..eh wait.!!! Another photo session again *last shot* or two...*wink*

Au revoir....
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