Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Feeling so guilty for not being able to come to the small get together last nite at Hani's place.  Even more when I look at these cuppies....I'm so touched and it was a 'Surprise' cupcakes specially ordered by the two 'Bfff Eema & Cpm"..:-(

Can you find me??? Ha.. namaku teratas
Pink & Blue cutee;-)
wah, wah... Eema, you look hot gal!

Once again, a thousand apologies to ALL *I really mean it* so next time please, PLEASE! fix the date earlier and DO NOT change it so many times! My schedule is tight towards the end of the year...Christmas, New Year, Wedding....huhu:-)

Okay babes, Promise! I'll pick up 'my face' tomorrow around noon from Han....I can't thank you gals enough !!muaaaahhh

tapi pix tu xbleh bla so 90's..ooit CPM sajer tau!!!!*scream at her* 


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