Friday, December 10, 2010

Slam Dunk....

Yup...bought it! Not Spalding or any other top basketball brand, as long we can 'dunk' it..hahaha look at the title a bit too ambitious;-)

Just the three of us coz Boboy was too busy studying for final exam & Nicko still at Cherry Land (Melaka) also sitting for final exam..Hey! you miss the fun Homie...

come on..focus:-)
 Yezzz...shoot it right!!! Not bad gal..chewah;-)

After 30mins tahap keboringan semakin ketara...not enough quorum need the 2bros, the more the merrier!

Hello missy...please be reminded this is not Volleyball *LoL*

Looks like a lot of  'wannabe' basketball player around here....huhu

The Reds..showing off their skills eheemm

That's our 30mins exercise for the day....till the next one but depending on the weather, rainy season no chance to play outdoor sports.

Stay healthy peeps!

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