Thursday, March 31, 2011

Carcosa Seri Negara...

"Lady Swettenham" was a great show indeed!! Pretty tight schedule this week...Last nite was the movie Premiere at e@Curve with Nuffnangers, tonite this amazing monologue  & another one tomorrow, gig @ Celebrities Club Solaris. Wowie!! Btw, a hectic schedule for entertainment and fun stuff, errr.... I dun mind at all *smiley* 

Detailed updates to come later as for now, this 'Lady' need to hit the bed ^-^


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Bunny.....

When Easter Bunny's teenage son heads to HOLLYWOOD.............................

'His' cuteness is irresistible!!!!  "HOP" on later to see the next post ;-)

Tata for now...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kate Middleton....

Prince William's beautiful & gorgeous fiancé...Catherine Elizabeth Middleton or fondly known as Kate and her famous blue dress she wore during the engagement annoucement....

Issa blue dress designed by Daniella Helayel, a Brazilian born fashion designer..she's the creator & owner of Issa London (check-out the website)

& the 18-carat Saphire engagement ring....

the one that had belonged to his late Mother..Princess Diana (Lady Di)

Kate in another stunning blue dress and a black blazer with a matching clutch & hat...

The Princess-To-Be looks great in every colour & the hat is her signature look....

and nothing less without it....

absolutely something in common with the late Lady D, Kate has got the natural Princess-y look....

April 29, 2011- A Celebration of the Wedding of the Century...

The nickname "Waity Katy" she earned from the media for dating Prince William for 8 years not an endless wait & definitely worth waiting huh!!!  Btw, for the first time because of the above pic of William & Kate also 3 pages stories of them, I'm keeping my AstroView magazine, the April issue.  Before this never been bothered to read or to look at it ;-)  If my mom was still around she would have asked me to buy the Hello! magazine UK :-(

The famous blue dress still haunting me...if only I can get something similar from the online shopping boutique, I'll be the most happy person on earth.  I just luv to wear DRESSes Then, Now & Foreva.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Celebrities Club @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

Grand Chandelier at the entrance...

Its also called Celebrities Hall of Music, a new stage (considered new coz they just opened in April last year)  for an urban performing arts with lounge & restaurant concept.   A very cozy interior with multi-levelled semi-circle booth seats and tiny round tables...I just luv the 'Jazzy' touch, absolutely a stunning Club! Btw, it's owned by our Malaysian R&B Queen, Ning Baizura, she definitely has an impeccable taste in opening such a classy Club like this. 

 The Eve of Adam show last Shelah's Drag Army

That's 'SHELAH' Edwin Sumun's stage name.  1st time seeing him as a drag queen, berkebaya konsep batik 1Malaysia lagi with matching shoes (ala tak nampak).  Lawak 18sx skit la...bila dia nyanyi suara not bad sedap gak but then got distracted by his next sexy outfit ...hahaha

Guess what?! Just before the show, dalam sibuk2 mencari spot menarik nak duduk & my hubs decided to sit kat atas-atas (dia takut kena tarik atas pentas hahaha tak sporting betul) tetiba bump into my friend from the Yellow telco, the jovial Shireen Koh, she & the whole Yellowans gang (tapi I tak brapa kenal).  So she joined us and 'dumped' her friends..ahaks!.  It was nice to see her again after more than 2yrs...catchin' up on the Yellow HQ stories.  The show...Okayla, entertaining and  humorous.

There'll be another show "Muzik Ku: Muzik Mu" (Women:100) at Celebrities Club next week & also tonite.  More info just click here.  I've already booked mine for 1st April *wink* See yeah!  Just incase you guyz wanna know where and lazy to google's the details:

Celebrities Club 
SohoKL, Solaris Mont Kiara, 
Tel:  03-62040969
*Landmark:  Behind DiGi Centre & Canon Concept Centre (Corner lot)*

No photos of me??? Eh...mana bleh misti ada punya!! But then my photos with Shireen in her cam, will have to wait for her to upload on fb and tag me.  

Suddenly it was windy macam photoshoot plak..imitating Kim K pose la konon.. mwuahaha perasan;-) again, now I realized most of my clothes are black & most of us do...cuba check! could that be I luv PINK so much, other colours too and yet BLACK beats em' all! 
Time to revamp my wardrobe...tapi  yang jadi 'display' tak pernah pakai pun ada,  adusss...
including this one in the pic, bought in Singapore a few years back but just wore it once. *terlupa*

 Alrite better stop right heayh and switch off the lights for Earth Hour, at 8:30pm, tonite...!

p.s: al-maklum gambar kurang memuaskan coz pakai camera phone..hmmphhh

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Nite Live....

Here comes Friday again, which means tomorrow is another weekend. Most of you are smiling and can't wait to finish work, leave the office and go home or hang-out.  I already have a 'date' tonite to watch the show:  The Eve of Adam,  9pm at The Celebrities Club, Solaris Mont Kiara.  TQ Kakiseni for the complimentary tickets and also my personal thanks to Syaheeda Hishamuddin for her great help and swift respond to the enquiry email with regards to my booking process! She was kind enough to make the bookings for me instead.

My major issue now is what to wear??? Errmm... I think its pretty normal right for ladies to have this problem in fact, almost all the time.  Help!!  Most probably I'll end up wearing black again*sigh*  We'll see...
One more 'memento' of the Nuffnang Sharing Session last Saturday nite....The Group photo of all of us! Finally managed to get a nice & clear pic, credit to Nuffnang ;-)

Front (L-R):  Timothy Tiah (Nuffnang co-founder), Audrey - guest blogger ( isaac, jackie, hakim, vince & tikkoss *mind the spelling please*

Back row (R-L):  Can you spot me? *wink* Oow oh!.I'm in trouble can't remember all their names but I bet they  also can't remember my name!ahaha  2nd from my right, Fresh (Nuffies), at the back, Eleng, Melissa, Mabel, Michelle (Nuffies), further to my right, Rachel, Kate, Michelle Leong, Sherry & the other 2 guests bloggers Cindy (Tey Cindy) & Ringgo Tan (Cheeserland) in the middle.  I guess that's all the names that were still fresh in my mind.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

MAS Flight Steward and Stewardess Interview...

World’s Best Cabin Staff
If you love travelling and dream of experiencing the world, join us as a Flight Steward or Stewardess. We offer an attractive salary package with allowances, medical and other fringe benefits.


  • Malaysian citizen aged between 18 to 30 years as of interview date.
  • Minimum SPM or any equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government with credit in English, pass in Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and any other 3 subjects taken in one exam.
  • Fluent in Bahasa Malaysia and English. Fluency in another language is an added advantage.
  • Minimum height (weight in proportion): 165cm (male) / 157cm (female).
  • Excellent health and good eyesight. Not colour blind.
  • Pleasant personality and a genuine passion in customer service.

    Station Venue Date Category
    No. 2 Jalan SS7/13,Kelana Jaya, Selangor
    26 March 2011 (Saturday) Flight Steward
    Jalan Abdullah IbrahimP.O.Box 29380730 Johor Bahru
    09 April 2011 (Saturday)
    Kota Kinabalu
    1 Sutera Harbour Boulevard
    Sutera Harbour
    88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
    23 April 2011 (Saturday)
    No. 1A, Jalan Mathies
    93100 Kuching, Sarawak
    07 May 2011 (Saturday)
    No. 66 Jalan Penang
    10000 Penang
    21 May 2011 (Saturday)
    Registration time: 8.30 am to 12.00 noon

    Please bring along your letter of application, resume, original and certified true copies of academic certificates, IC and a recent passport-sized photograph (non-returnable). Candidates are advised to dress appropriately (office attire) for the interview (t-shirt, slippers and jeans are not allowed). Female candidates are encouraged to wear kebaya.

    Successful candidates will be required to sign a training bond. Employment will be based on a five-year contract. Candidates are advised to be prepared for a possibly long waiting period due to an anticipated high number of attendees.

    Kepada sesiapa yang rasa dia 'fit the bill'  dalam erti kata lain cukup tinggi, ada personaliti menarik, cukup kredit/lulus dalam subjek-subjek yang diminta bolehla mencuba hari  Sabtu ni  26 Mac 2011 paling dekat di Malaysia Airlines Academy, Kelana Jaya. Adik-adik yang baru dapat SPM results semalam pun boleh jugak cuba asalkan cukup umur, 18 tahun.  Manalah tau kan dah buat keputusan nak sambung belajar ke ataupun nak masuk ke dunia pekerjaan, tapi sambung belajar sudah tentunya pilihan yang terbaik! Pilihan terletak di tangan anda dan ianya menentukan masa depan anda...ehemm ^-^  Sajer je nak share kat sini, orang kata "sharing is caring" kan.

    Pesanan khas untuk dua 'potential candidates' ni  Dayang & Prince Ayin kalau terbaca entri ni jangan tak cuba kay.  "Kejelitaan adalah hak milik setiap insan" (pinjam tagline)... uols memang jelita & hansem pun;-)

    Good Luck...!!! XoXo

    Sunday, March 20, 2011

    Nuffnang Sharing Session...

    The invitation email from Nuffnang with this intro "Congratulations! You have been selected to join us at the upcoming Nuffnang Sharing Session", really made my day! *Senyum sampai ke telinga* -  the biggest smile on my face eva!  My very first time attending a blogger event and the invitation came just a week before my 'First Blog Anniversary'.  I take it as an 'Anniversary Gift' for my blog.   Yezz..I'm so new in blogosphere, just a "New Kid on The Blog" as I always refer myself to, errmmm.."kid"? okay, please ignore the word... ahaha:-)  

    The cozy venue where the meet & greet took place...

     @Sunway Pyramid, (main entrance, opposite Starbucks)

    Btw, this is not our table...won't  fit 30 of us here..;-)
    "please proceed to the reserved table on the left.."

    Just before the ice-breaking session between Nuffnangers (the bloggers) & Nuffies (Nuffnang staff) also  Nuffnang co-founder, Timothy Tiah...a friendly chap

    But even before that session, we (especially the ladies) already had an unofficial 'hello-hi-intro' among us..."Hey! gals don't waste time..just pick up your cameras & snap"...

     Actually, when Timothy asked us whether we want 'The Frame' ...
    we were like blur.. what Frame?? Ohhh...this big frame. COOL huh!

    A lot more 'posing-posing' pics...Later! Lets check out the food platter & purposely wanna make you guys hungry;-)

     The chicken is nice soft & tender! I dun eat the fish but the whipped Yummy! fav PASTA!  A delish Spaghetti Carbonara...

    I had a great time meeting new friends, a group of cheerful bloggers especially the 3 special guests bloggers, & and its really fun to have the opportunity to attend such a lovely get together as this.  Simply awesome, though I dun know anyone there & we just met, but during the 3 hours we had so much to share, to talk about & of coz most importantly lotsa snapshots;-))) 

    Since each of us only get ONE invite so, that means no personal photographer a.k.a my hubs with me *hmm...thats explained the quality of the above photos *uhukkk ^-^*   Special thanks to my new blogger friend for the following pics:  Photo credit goes to Michelle Leong

    Left to Right:  Mabel, Melissa, Sherry & me...;-)
    Back row: Fresh (Nuffies) & Michelle...

    with Hakim Faridzul & Mabel & Michelle...

    I just LUV the FRAME...!

    with the other Michelle (Nuffies)

    with the pretty & tall Cindy Yes! TeyCindy one of the guest bloggers for the night!
    I like her style..simple & gorgeous & she speaks very good Malay!

    Big thumbs up to Nuffnang Team, Timothy, Michelle, Fresh, Thara Sofian & Rachel for organizing the Sharing Session & many thanks for the invite..muahhhhh.  Excellent choice of venue with gorgeous looking food @ Frames Cafe...What a great Saturday nite!

    Oh not forgetting the two (2) TGV complimentary passes from Nuffnang..."Terima Kasih Daun Keladi..kalau boleh hendak lagi"..*wink*


    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Cry for Japan...

    Today - Friday 18th March, exactly ONE WEEK after the massive earthquake & devastating tsunami in Japan.

    Honestly, every time I watch the news and the updates I always have this word lingering in mind "What if"  Yeah! What if it happened here in our homeland , to our loved ones..oh dear, just can't imagine! *moga kita dijauhkan dari bencana sedemikian-Amin* and flipping through these photos on the star online really touched my heart...

    March 18th: A man cries with joy as he is reunited with his cousin at a shelter and 
    he was told that all his family are safe
    *when I saw this pic, it reminds me of my dear grandpa who's living alone in AS:-(*

    March 18th:  Chieko Kawasaki, 60, discovers one of her Chinese dishes near her Japanese restaurant...
    *there's no sign of a restaurant anymore..nothing but wreckage*

    March 18th: Japanese refugees eat soup at a shelter
    *again, I just can't see old people in this situation....sad*

    March 16th:  snowfalls over the debris in Sendai, northern Japan...
    *one after another...rescue team battle with the snow & cold* 

     March 17th:  at the port in Sendai

     March 14thA man cycles by a ship at Hachinohe, Aomori prefacture..
    *with no exception even a huge vessel as this*

    Actually on the day when Tsunami hits Japan and it was all over the news CNN, BBC, local news, you name it & CCTV (509 the channel that I've never tuned in before this) we were all worried about my bro, Nicko & his sailing situation.  Frantically panicking when I saw the 'footnote' on the TV screen "Keadaan laut Sabah & Sarawak bergelora"....fuhh that his route! memang teramat mencemaskan and even more we were unable to contact him at that time, errmmm.. mulalah fikir yang bukan-bukan.   Alhamdulillah....the next day we got a call from him and nothing to worry about, there was no impact on the South China Sea. Luckily, he wasn't in Chiba and not sailing to Japan this year, hopefully! *Sentiasa berdoa agar dia sentiasa dilindungi dan selamat dalam pelayaran*

    Let's pray for the people in Japan:-(


    March 18th:  Caskets are placed at a mortuary in Rifucho, northern Japan
    a week after the earthquake & tsunami...

    huge number of people still missing.....Our prayers are with you, JAPAN!!!

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