Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ha!..its already 3 weeks and she's going back to Turkmenistan?!!! Time flies So fast...!!

She's "FireFly-ing" from Senai Airport, Johor @ 8:35am meaning morning pick up!...old fren sake its okay I woke up early last Saturday to fetch her at SkyPark, Subang;-)

This time she booked at Royale Bintang Damansara, Good! no need to drive all the way to Traders KL but still the check-in time surely at noon.  So, breakkie 1st @Uncle Lim's, Ikano...
Kaya toast,half boiled egg, coffee & Lemon tea...Perfecto!

No mood  to take pix, morning blues la katakan..copy & paste je from Uncle Lim's website..nak jugak letak pix haihhh;-)

Zan wanted to fix her sunglasses, buy this 'n that for her friends. Ronda2 at The Curve & Ikano.  Its quite embarassing but dun care I'm gonna write bout this funny story here.  All morning, she kept on saying "I'm looking for 1Terra Hard Disk"...so I thot its some kind of a brand or something, YES! found 'it' at Harvey Norman...ooohhh, 1Terra is the storage capacity hahahaa please do..laugh as loud as you can just like Suzie did) ROFL..haha. "Ms. P please take note 1 Terra=1000GB.."  I was like *Whateva*... kwang..kwang..kwang.  

Btw, Harvey Norman selling IPad like hotcakes...limited to 3 units per customer.  Check-out the selling price CHEAP woo!!

Model                                    Selling Price       Model                             Selling Price
iPad WiFi (16GB)                   RM1,549                iPad WiFi +3G (16GB)        RM1,999
iPad WiFi (32GB)                   RM1,849                iPad WiFi +3G (32GB)        RM2,299
iPad WiFi (64GB)                   RM2,149                iPad WiFi +3G (64GB)        RM2,599

Affordable price isn't it?!!  More & more people can afford an iPad now and be an iPadholic for sure;-) Oopss..out of the topic sudah!

Back to Royale Bintang (actually I've not been to the room, had a few courses there but just to the conference/meeting rooms, breakfast, lunch..)

Let's check-out Zan's room! The View Room @ RM290++ on the 11th Floor...What view?? Just the rooftop of a building...no further comments<^;^>  The Deluxe room, standard size, no bathtub. But its fully booked on weekends, location wise its very convenient for hotel guest (shopping & food)

Tata Zan...see you next year approximately in 3months time.  Have a safe flight to Turkmenistan..a long journey. The good thing there "Its SNOWING"...wuaargghhhh how nice!

we both have shaky hands after so many attempts this is the best. (my face weii)...FAILED!
not so good in taking "My Space" style pix aka ambik diri sendiri hahaha

Bon Voyage Fren!

p.s: She already arrived at Kiyanli, Turkmenistan safe & sound. She called yesterday to inform me that she left one thing in the room @ Royale Bintang..a small paper bag *haiya*. Okayla fren, I'll pick it up by this week. She's too excited to go back to the faraway land la tu sampai lupa!

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