Friday, April 30, 2010

Empire Gallery....Again

I guess this week is 'The Empire' week...3x in a week! But I LIKE!!!!So today with 'Captain'. Snack Time- Kenny Roger's Vanilla,Banana, Chocolate muffins & Crispy Popiah...yumm, yumm! Hey guess what we found the most wanted Ed Hardy watch for Lolly! The USD55=RM218 (after 5% discount)..exactly like in the website. Its white colour...comes with an exclusive EH box. Just Luv the box:-) Finally the Ed Hardy 'hunt' has officially ended. Thank god...fuhh!

Btw, the EH boutique has more collections compared to KLCC...Cool!Really, Go n Check-it Out People...

Thirsty for The Loaf BickFord's Lemon Lime & Sarsaparilla also the tempting pastries & bun. Our choice of the day...Quiche, butter cream bun & the japanese muffin (can't remember the name) & last but not least the cranberry cheese. Its yummylicious!! Really convenient to have The Loaf at our very own town..Subang Jaya. Otherwise have to drive all the way to Pavilion and even before, there's only ONE (the 1st) outlet..back in Langkawi.

A lovely tea break for all of us as always. I want more Cranberry Cheese please;-)

Till the next afternoon tea update....bye for now!

p.s: bought a black scarf for Sis G n a goodbye card...

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