Thursday, April 22, 2010


Wow, when first saw the advert on Astro thought it was an international label or a new fashion runaway tv shows. Curious to know more about the website: Very catchy indeed. Impressive, it is an online shopping collections. The advert must have cost the company a bomb! Browsing through the website, a very sexy & trendy designs from the popular jumpsuit, dresses, skinny to a stylo legging and other sophis designs.

Hurriedly register with iWearSin (Stylish Internet Natives) and put in the order for my sis, the funky legging...Cool huh!!!


I'm really tempted to the latex legging above...awesome been looking for this, but still thinking.. hard whether to click "add to shopping cart" or check out. I already have two similar latex legging bought from SIN (Singapore) recently. But both without a zipper. ehhem...just to firm up on the buying decision;-) And yet its only RM39!

Nice...just a click away to grab the latest trend & shopping news !!!!!


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