Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Pacific Asiawide Corporation....have you heard of this company? Is it a local company, international base? What is their main business? Located @ Suite 41 & 43 MidValley. Actually i received a call yesterday from a chinese guy by the name of Lawrence to attend an interview for an Event Executive post on Tuesday @ 10:00am, which is this morning. I just can't explain why suddenly i felt unsure about the company, the man, his voice, his approach on the phone, the company name & also the advertisement that i picked-up from the part time job website. Was reluctant to go for the interview. Something just ain't right!!!! I decided to check on the company and its website. Unfortunately no website was found except a public forum quoting the company name " Pacific Asiawide" as a 'Scam'!

Here's the link to the forum:

Thank god!!!...this link has indirectly rescued me from attending the interview. I called the office number 03-22873966, then a malay girl answered with a different company name "UNICEF". Very true its a FRAUD!!!

To everyone out there please be extra careful when you're applying for jobs regardless part time or full time. Please CHECK the company background..its for your own safety.

Oh yeah the man, Lawrence called me again today at about 7:50am (that's quite early for a normal office hour).. asking me to come for an interview on Wednesday instead, if i can't make it today. Sorry, I'm not interested on the job not that i'm unable to come for the interview...that was exactly my answer to him!! full stop...No further question from him. End Of Conversation!!

Business as usual.....Lalalalalalala;-)


Anonymous said...

tks whoever u r 4 sharing. m looking 4 job in co organising event too.

Posh Alert said...

u'r welcome! Never consider pacific asiawide even for an interview opp. Good luck in ur job hunting!

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