Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Chawan" with "Kawan"....

The postponed dinner at Chawan finally happenin' today. Had a great time, great laugh, great topics as always. I ordered "Roti Jala" and they ordered "Soto"...satisfied with the food though mine was pre-heated but the chicken curry saved it all. After that we moved on to Nirvana for "Teh Susu Lembu" but not for me. Just accompanying them and it was part of the deal coz i refused to have our dinner usual protecting my hair from the 'smell' hmmmm and its so noisy there, definitely not a place to chat.

What's my plan?? The regular Qs i guess everytime we meet, really don't have the answer for that. It might sound a bit pethatic but its the truth. I did voice out my plan to start an online biz. They suggested hampers..but how about the marketing strategy? am i that type of person? A lot of things need to be considered wisely.

Left Bangsar Village @ 11pm to fetch my better half from his badminton practice (office weekly game). Oh yeah, got some goodies from Australia..Cotton On Pink bag & turkish delight chocolates. Actually its for my better half who had helped Sis G with her tickets. Not forgetting my black n white sophis dress/top that i ordered from Elle. Its so gorgeous...can't wait to wear it this Sunday;-)

Otw back to Cova, i started to panic and all of us did (my 2nd bro in Malacca & my sis @ home). We were damn worried about my bro who did not call and his mobile was out of reached for almost half a day. Where would he be? What would have happenned to him? What if? All kinds of nonsense and negative thingy going on my head. As they always said I'M SO PARANOID!!! I'm panicking and praying hard for his safety. At last at 1.30am the text message from my sista's mobile was successfully delivered to him. Thank god! Everything okay and he's safe and sound at his friend's house.

Last item to bring up, the make over pix of my sis is already out in CLEO magazine May issue. Her bff condemning her make up, her looks ...she looks funny, weird etc. She was definitely upset. Whatever, was a good experience and exposure for her!!! Have yet to get the issue...can't wait to see it myself. But we did take a few snaps during the photoshoot, not so bad and quite cool..though the make up wasn't that great or amazing;-)

A quick touch up...

Hoorrayyyy...its raining now...heavily what a nice weather to sleep tonite.

Nite Nite!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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