Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plain Jane...

General questions to housewives out there and women at large..
*Do you have fashion sense?
*Do you really care about what you're wearing?
*Do you have time to look at the mirror and criticize your own body or figure?
*Do you dress up for your hubby,boyfriend,children,family or even friends?
*Do you care about your weight?
*Do you treat hygiene as your main priority?

Last but not least..Are you 'conscious' on the basic DOs & Don'ts of dressin' up?

Some Simple and Easy steps to follow & remember..
But not to change you as a 'Supermodel' of course..

The DOs:
* Be smart on choosing your outfit.
* Enhance your assets hides your flaws and get to know yourself well.
* You can dress casually at home but still looking presentable and not just when you go out.

The Don'ts:
* Never ever become a fashion victim by wearing every faddish trend that comes out and trying hard to become Fashionista.
* A big NO to 'pyjamas outfit' outside your home....
* Never wear too bright clothing aka traffic lights outfit plus a heavy make up. You'll look like a clown!

Actually the reason why i'm writing on this topic is purely based on my observation within my vicinity. This was not meant to criticize anyone or anybody in particular, not at all just a topic to share coz i really care, "Sharing is Caring"!

Most women tend to ignore their needs and quality once they have children & being married for years (>5yrs). Mostly the 30-40 year old group. So many women converted to the 'Plain Jane' group. Nothing negative but do they aware or conscious on the changes on them?

Plain Jane-simple and modest; unadorned; basic;

I, myself have been married for almost 11 years without kid but still struggling to maintain the ideal body shape that i'm satisfied with. "I’d like to grow old gracefully. With dignity, elegance, and with lots of fun! To share the time with the man I love. With friends beside me. To cherish my past, savour and relish in my present and look forward to what is to come. I don’t want to out stay my time".

My late mother was actually my lifetime idola. She had more cosmetic stuff in her make up kit than me and she loved skin product till the age of 50's with 5 grown children. Her old time fav were Christian Dior for make up and Amway for skin care. However, 2 years before she died she has put away all her interests entirely and no more dressin' up for her. It was absolutely devastated seeing her in that mood:-(

Anyways, every woman in the world deserve to have their quality time to dress up and look good at all time. Hygiene is the number ONE factor. I understand some people are too busy with kids,career,house chores etc but LOVE yourself, be your own 'designer' and don't let TIME overtake your life.

Different people has different taste and also buying power or capabilities. Doesn't mean cheap things ain't good for you and only those expensive stuff shines. It all depends on how you carry yourself and whether it suits your personality & style.

As usual the main problem or biggest fear of most women are their WEIGHT. After delivery, 1st child ,2nd child so on and so forth here comes the extra fats. Don't let it stop you from dressin' up. Please ...pretty please! Some women i know they look much much older than their age. They tend to ignore their beauty advantages.

The following tips might not be the best but these are what i BELIEVE:-
1. Conscious about your weight not because of beauty but also your health.
2. No need costly cosmetic procedure or major make over.
3. Enhancing Your Looks without Transforming Yourself.
3. Give room to love yourself and care about what you have in you.
4. Every women deserve to look good and attractive.

Entirely YOUR CALL!! Do it or ignore it!!

"Things to ponder upon.."


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