Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beautifying myself...

I know...i was two days away from my 'hairdo' target date. Yeay! its 'D' day to fix it. After 3 hours at the salon the results was almost satisfactory though not the glamorous blonde highlights as yet but at least i can go out with a flowy straight hair & even colour tone. Thank god it still can be saved by the hairdresser whose responsible of damaging my black and quite healthy HAIR!!!!!

So happy to share the BEFORE & AFTER pix of the hairdo process. Just for my own record on the ups n downs of my hairstyle dayz. None of my close friends will ever believed the BEFORE shot was my hair, that's for sure. So Hideous..

The beautifying process continues with a control diet but not so rigid on the menu like vegie or fruits only..i guess the dietitian out there will never ever concurred with my way of dieting...hahaaa

Dinner Menu @ 7pm
1. Pancakes w Strawberry Jam & Nutella
2. Double Dutch Walls ice cream for dessert

A perfect combo for a sweetest dinner...I LIKE;-)


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