Thursday, April 1, 2010


Checking on gramps on every other day is actually the routine phone calls. For a 90 year old man, my gramps is very independent n cool. Still fit to drive and run his own errands. So grateful for the strength and courage in him. But after the eye cataract operation last month he's now on 'curfew', can't drive or be as active as he was before and had to depend on his son,good friend and sometimes grandson to buy food etc for him. Like today, nobody's around to buy dinner for him, he only had crackers n cheese..*sigh* I wish i'm just next door to cook n take care of him.

Today seems very slow n gloomy with the weather,my mood n everything. Unable to link my Twitter account to FB..very upsetting!

Hope tomorrow will be a bright shiny day!!!

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