Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back 2 Nature...

Sunday mood..we've planned to go for a jog at the park around 5pm or so. The idea was to go to TTDI park. First, to stop by @ Setia Eco Park 'sanctuary' somewhere at the construction area which i'm not sure where till we've got there hmmm...based on the 'wiseman' info there were many cars parked along the roadside yesterday and group of families walking up the hillside towards the reserved forest. Curious..Why? What's up there? However, as for today, we saw nothing but the Indonesian workers "Rumah Kongsi" and the suggestion to go there was absolutely irrelevant!!

It was drizzling when we reached the entrance of Kiara Park. OMG, the super active monkeys kinda welcomed us to Kiara Park, ooh..oow! hate to say that we're horribly afraid of monkeys just like our previous holiday at Club Med, Botanical Garden Penang, Lata Kinjang @ Templer Park. These monkeys can be very violent...usually the guest/visitors were not allowed to feed the monkeys. Bloody scary seeing those monkeys swinging on the tree, moved together in a bunch with baby monkeys chasing food from the middle age couple who came purposely to feed them. Freeze...for a minute or two n walked slowly trying to pass by without even looking. Can't think of "Snip,Snap,Smile at that very moment. So no monkeys pix to be included in this post..maybe next time. Definitely will not volunteer myself to be the photographer. No,No,No!

The creeks were a bit pathetic at the beginning but later to the end at least there's still water rather than just sands. I guess the city people desperately needing a recreational park with waterfall and creek. Anyway, the man made waterfall was closed, no water flow...the stagnant water was murky. Above all, the natural environment of the park really soothing and relaxing INDEED!

Zrooommmmm....heavy rain @ TTDI. Time to go before my hair get wet;-)
Headed to Kapitan for an early dinner. Had our fav 'Roti Pisang'. Perfecto *wink*

That's about all for our Sunday's outing.

"Feel the Heat, Time to Change"...Go Green, Save the Earth!

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