Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shoe Festival 2010...

Suddenly Bill Keith paper bags were the most visible among the comers at PWTC. The great discount of 30% to 60% explained it all! It was cheap n good deal for a local designer label. Eyeing for a simple 3" high black sandal to compliment my baju kurung & kebaya. Luckily found the size and style i LIKE..yeay with the best price! Being size 6/37 is a bit tough coz most of the shoes left with size 38 & 39. Walking around the exhibition looking at the brands available but nothing else caught my eyes, the Jimmy Choo purple zone. It was classy and simply PRICEY. More to an auction price. Camera flashes at every corner of the creations being displayed.

One and half hours in a Hall full of people seems an ideal duration to be there.

Off to Cova Square Bazaar,KD (where this morning the boys bumped into Mr.Lancer..NO reaction, NO reply, the situation remained status quo) to pick up the 'jersey' guy. Business not so encouraging for him. But its okay first attempt don't ever give up. A few pcs was better than nothing.

We then headed to IKEA for our usual hotdog treats, since its return in late March. Good to have it back on the counter.

That's about it for my shuz-ing day;-)


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