Thursday, April 15, 2010

Golfer's Terrace...

Our dinner at Chawan has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances by Sis G. A little frustrated that morning coz was so eager to see both of them. But for their sake, will always be right here waiting;-) Still have another 3 weeks before Sis G flies off to OZ for good:-(

The X-KGNS meet up was on scheduled at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC). Wow..Impressive refurbishment!! A very classy & cozy interior indeed..Luv it to the max! Lunch @ the newly renovated Golfers' Terrace with a classic touch design, the noticeable old rusty colour ceiling fan and the unfinished wooden block ceiling something like "Chaparral House". Added by the Golf Course breeze just perfect for a PASTA menu & fresh juice for today's lunch. The ambiance & the company brought the memories to our good old days @ KGNS.

As usual the lunch time had dragged on for 1 1/2hrs if not because of my dear frenz working commitment n lunch hour policy we'd be there till high-tea hahahaa....Took a brief tour around the clubhouse. Among others, golfers' changing room & the Bowling Alley plus Movie Theater room. Thumbs up to the cool & modern ID touch. The good news is its OPEN to PUBLIC. Gonna be our next "chillin' pot";-)

Still brand new

The kiddos lane

Soothing colour

Chill out area

3G-Great Lunch @ a Great Venue w a Great Co...

p.s: A gloomy note on the volcanic eruption in ICELAND..many airports have been shut down due to the airspace restriction and causing severe flights disruption. Another natural disasters - the earthquake that hit China. Let Us Pray together for the WORLD...!!!

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