Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chat, Chill & Dine...

First pit stop @ Cake Walk Ara Damansara for a fabulous 'Bandung Soda' really refreshing on a very hot hot day! The bread n butter pudding looked very tempting indeed and can't fight the feeling to have a plate filled with rich custard sauce. hmmm...yummylicious! The half an hour waiting for Lolly to finish her Piano Lesson was really short and fast.

Here come the survey discussion day...which is today @ Menara IGB, Mid Valley! The topic of the chat or group discussion was COFFEE. Pretty interesting, common & the most related to my daily lifestyle though i'm more to a TEA drinker;-) But still strong with my opinion on the BEST coffee & the significant AROMA of a good coffee brew. NESCAFE will always be my 1st choice & everlasting brand name in the market for sure.

There were 8 participants involved in this survey from a different background but surprisingly we felt very connected at the very 1st hour already. We were on the same page and same wavelength on the topic being discussed. Refreshment & simple games picked up by the researcher were satisfying. No room for sleepiness or bored. 3in1 White Coffee sachet from a particular brand was then disclosed and we were very supportive and happy with the idea though we did express our honest opinions and suggestions. Hopefully for the betterment of the product. The incentive of RM100 was attractive and worth it for a 2 hours discussion. We had a very fruitful & chill discussion i would say, positive outcome for the researcher to proceed with the necessary. PERHAPS.....

I guess the energy and the thinking really made me starving. Meatballs,chicken chop, quarter chicken with potato/brocolli/carrot,pasta @ choice for an early dinner. Ordered but chicken chop was SOLD OUT! Luckily my frustration was covered by the delish meatballs. *Burp* excellent dinner!

As usual the meal has to end with something sweet, a cone of ice cream was just perfect. And..Take away the never missed and ever wanted hotdogs by Boboy & Lolly.

Show Ends...tiring n hectic day!!!


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