Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a weekend....

Bowling Time!!!! Yesterday wasn't the day. The Pins & Balls @ Holiday Villa is open for ALL..members, non members, hotel guests,walk-in. NO Restriction! RM4.50 per game + RM1.50 for the shoes and RM4 flat rate parking fee.

Only 3 lanes were occupied including ours..privacy and relax no uninvited audience to laugh at us coz we're not dat PRO...4 of us competing with each other as long as I'm not the biggest LOSER, I'm okay with dat. Dejavu!!!! Same old place same old pins & balls, geeerrrrrreerrrreerrr.....take such a long time for the ball to come back to us and the pins to straight up. Actually, the last time we had bowling there was like 5 years ago with my KGNS colleagues. the ball moving or its too damn slow hahaa

This is bowling bro not futsal...

Looks like the only person got it right...

Snooker, next in 'queue'.....@ the Victorian Hall level, a bit stuffy and warm...RM10 an hour. Tough! tough! stiff fingers, stiff hands like no 'swagger', ain't my game darls! Just for photo opt with the cue & balls.

Lesson w the 'guru' - Step 1

"The blind leading the blind"..??


We were thinking to go for Ice Skating @ Sunway but then its Sunday and we didn't have gloves whatsoever so just abandoned the idea. But its a MUST go! Can't imagine myself 'battling' with the skates hahaa..JUST DO IT! Watch out for the "Icy News"....people!

Empire Gallery, the new shopping mall at Subang Jaya, classy & cool! Its just opened on 22nd April so some of the shops were not yet in operation..ED HARDY was one of them. Quite a number of 'makan' place there among the popular ones, Tarbush & The Loaf. They also offered a Tour to the Empire Hotel. Not a big hotel but location wise very convenient for company's function & conference also wedding @ their 'Zouk' looking Ballroom. Cool ID!!

Opening soon..

Grab-n-go, Crispy Popiah with sambal & Kenny Rogers banana, vanilla n choco muffin but we're still hungry for the 'actual' food. Nasi Lemak & Ice Lemon Tea @ Darussalam....Yumm!Yumm!

Nasi Lemak Sotong..

My fav..Nasi Lemak Ayam Drumstick

The Best Weekend Ever....*smile*Ask For More*

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