Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ed Hardy..'hunt'

The weekend has just started. McD drive thru..good choice for a quick lunch menu @ home. Off to KLCC with ONE mission, to buy Lolly's 'Uncle Ed' dream watch..hmmmm. As usual Lolly is so excited to get the EH watch she ever wanted. I've no idea which one though she had showed me the pix from the website a few times already. Here comes the disappointment, one after another ...not many choices of watches available @ KLCC boutique that's one thing, the price is super duper 'BOMBASTIC' for the design. Arghhhh....not like in the website!

Off to the next 'check' point. Before that, bought some nyonya kuih @ Food Junction, as it's almost tea time!!! All the way to KLCC just for kuih-muih. Hehehe...lovely!!

Trying our luck @ Pavilion EH kiosk as claimed by Lolly & Boboy. Keep on walking to the concourse Pavilion...searching for it at every level still no sign of EH kiosk. It's listed in the information board so it does EXIST. Checked with the concierge, the kiosk is no longer in business. The guy suggested Rhapsody (outlet selling watches) & Parkson. What!!! Is this some kind of a joke Ed Hardy @ Parkson! Be real..I guess the sales person @ KLCC was definitely right when he said that the Pavilion kiosk has no license to sell EH here in Malaysia that's clearly explained why it had to close.

Saturday @ Pavilion, definitely lots of people from all walks of life. There were luxury cars exhibition @ the concourse, Ferrari & Lambo...all in the pix. Not sure what's the event all about. Hey guess what???Justin Bieber's song is haunting us everywhere from KLCC to Pavilion..Please help!!! Gosh, really, really an annoying song !!!Maybe because I'm not 16 or 17 & I dun go for 'cute' boys.

Otw out @ the traffic light we saw EH kiosk outside Lot 10. To Go or Not To Go!.....Just hit it baby, we got off @ the traffic light and were running to the shop..(Amazing race also not so 'Kiasu' like this). Guess what??? There's only ONE ladies watch & one for man...Can you imagine the frustration. Man! this is pretty hard + 20mins unnecessary waiting at Lot 10 as they had to make a long turn to fetch us back.


Another EH boutique opening @ Lot 10

Okay..."Have a break, Have a Cake @ Secret Recipe"..SOHO, Solaris was the first in mind..
Secret Recipe...Here we come!!!! Unfortunately, SOHO zero found. Plaza Damas..Hartamas Shopping Centre ain't there. Just A quick snack @ Uncle Don, Damas...coke & nasi lemak bungkus. The Secret Recipe still remain 'secret'.

RM1.50 each...

Adhoc 'check' point @KLGCC to play bowling @ the new bowling alley...but then Only members & members' guests are allowed. Wrong info my dear old friend. JUST PERFECT!! Its not our DAY!!!!! Shhhhhhuhhhh....go away unlucky day........!!!!!!

Back to our Secret 'check' which outlet..Taman Mayang, Taman Tun or Bandar Centre Point? Finally, Secret Recipe @ Bandar Centre Point was the agreeable choice. Placed the order, New York Cheesecake, Chocolate Moist, Macaroni n Cheese....Lets dig in. Take away the gorgeous cheesecakes (NY & blueberry) & brownies.

Double Dutch would be just perfect for supper & Wondermilk cuppies. Too bad only 3 cuppies left at 9pm...Virgin Pina Colada, Cheese Kiss & Peanut Butter. Just bag in whatever they have.

Last stop for the day...Tropicana City Mall just for Double Dutch! Pick up a few sushi & sashimi for Boboy and off we go...hey passed by a very new fast food outlet 'UNCLE JON'...selling PORK BURGERs. In Malaysia???that's rare!

This is absolutely an amazing shopping malls & Secret Recipes Marathon ever!!!!Ends the night with all the cakes n creamy double dutch.

Sleepy,tired n disappointed. But still a sweet day to remember as it ended sweetly with a gorgeous desserts;-)

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