Friday, April 23, 2010


Here you go, the May issue! Page 58, Beauty Expert column for the "Make Over". The make up does not complement the elegant look that she wanted. Shermaine Yeo, the young make up artist 'Credibility is in Question'!! Also disappointed on the final selection of the photo. She looks tense and stiff...definitely not a good choice by the "Expert".

A first timer to both make over and make up

On another note, in celebration of Lancome's 75th Anniversary, they want to reward CLEO readers to a full make over for FREE!. Only 75 reserved seats available!!! Interesting, just trying my luck, who knows i might be the lucky reader no.75 before the closing date on May 31st;-) Cool giveaway from Lancome all that matters.

Time to sign off now..


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