Sunday, April 4, 2010


i-City? The signboard @ Bukit Raja toll..What is it actually? office, convention centre? Seen so many pix in FB through frenz and read some free promo, review bout it from bloggers. Then, late this evening we decided to go and see for ourselves. Wow! Cool City of lights. We were already amazed while driving up to the car park area and not to mention it was a long queue. It took us 30mins to park. Hate to record this, we had no choice but to park at the Disable/Handicap guilty and uncomfortable! It looks very unethical, i know but NO OTHER available space!

Walking straight to the park and it was quite windy. A small flee market area for food n drinks etc hmm..but we didn't stop by, i guess were too excited to go to the main attraction. Yes, the trees with all the colourful lights were really Beautiful! Created a soothing ambiance. Spiced up with the multicultural elements Chinese for the red lanterns, peacocks for Deepavali and XMAS the most. Maybe in future coconut trees just to add on the Malaysian 'Zest';-)

As usual our very own photoshoot started snap..snap..snap..NO CAMERA just camera phone with only 3.2Megapixel but still satisfied with the results. Many people from all walks of life enjoying sight seeing with their kids n family members. Free entry and convenient location also for people from Klang valley, Shah Alam to visit i-City.

Personally, would definitely encourage friends and family to pay a visit to i-City. A new local attraction.. indeed!

LiGhT Up YoUr LiFe....

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