Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Cakes....

Gorgeous & Yummylicious Cakes n Cupcakes...!!! The topic I LIKE 'D' most!!! My family is a cake lover from homemade cakes to Secret Recipes great selection. My late mother used to bake chocolate cakes for our birthdays when we were kids. We never missed any birthday celebration for our family members. Papa, Mama, Gramps, Granny, Brothers, Sisters, Bro-in-Law, Sis-in-Law and niece. It has been a family tradition since we were in Kindy where my big brother and I used to have a combined birthday party attended by our friends and families. My late mom & grandma were the 'party planner'. Will try to dig for the classic photos. I look so innocent.. lol.

As we got older the celebration changes, its more to a dinner gathering with siblings. Speaking of that, i have to plan for 3 upcoming birthdays, June 1st, June 28th & Sept. 18th. Actually a few more but these three are the closest. For my better half, easy peasy - a football theme with Liverpool (YNWA) deco. Cupcakes from Wondermilk - The best choice!

At least a 3kg cake - too big for 5 of us

Cute for a 5 yr old kid...

I guess the acoustic guitar or electric guitar cake would be just perfect for my bro who is the bassist for the unknown band "Cinnobit Placenta"..*wink* Cool! Cool!

This one too girlish...definitely NOT for him;-)

Here comes the most "hype" birthday plan sista's 21st Birthday on Sept 18. Her requests are as follows:

Venue : KLGCC .
Food : McD
Cake : Piano-cake
Theme : Princess
(she already bought herself a white dress from Elle's Dressing Room-online shopping)

Highly needed a strong "sponsor" from the siblings especially the "Captain of the Ship". But the major issue is "How many friends can she gather?" Most probably 10 the most then the rest of the guests will definitely be our friends huhu....Anyway the challenge is to find a cake shop that can do an excellent deco as these...hmmmm

*Sample photos taken from google. At least can be used as a ref for the potential cake shop.

Ciao for now!!!

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