Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Theater..Musical, Drama, Mime

Back in the 90s (between 1993-1996) I was a big fan of theaters at The Actors Studio which was located at Plaza Putra, Merdeka Square.  Now no more there after the floods destroyed the entire studio 7 years ago. My UiTM coursemate used to get the matinee tickets for us and she was the one who introduced me to theaters.  Can't remember the title of my 1st but for sure can recall the popular actors & actress  were Zahim Al-Bakri, Ida Nerina, Samantha Schubert, Hans Isaac & also Soo San (a mime artist).  Our main agenda was to take loads of pix with the actors right after the show, its a MUST and during the autograph signing.  Fun student life..huh! Oh yeah..The Actors Studio Bangsar (BSC) has moved to Lot 10 quite some time already.  For more details click here

Stomp...Stompers..a dance group from the UK they're making a rhythm out of body parts, objects such as dustbins, rulers,papers anything that makes a sound to create musical performance.  Very interesting indeed but their slang was a truly English/Irish slang..had to really strain your ears to listen & understand.  Tix sponsored by MAS it was held at Regent Hotel if I'm not mistaken that was many years ago. Most of the invited guests were MAS honchos, associates and all the guests were invited to a cocktail party right before the show. Me in Black dress, blond-highlighted hairdo & subtle make up just perfect for the night. Arrghhh...I wish I still keep the pix:-(

Okay enough with the stories of those days...the last two theaters I've been to were like more than a year ago.  Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical (Feb 2009) @ Istana Budaya & Ismail The Last Days (August 2008) @ KLPAC (Tun Abd Razak played by my ex-boss).  The one that I regretfully missed was MAMMA MIA.   I went for PGL season 2 & 3 but the latest one was a special VIP seat from my ex-colleague & good friend. It was superb & most memorable night with her (a farewell gift from her before my exit from the Yellow HQ).  While for Ismail The Last Days of coz we (Corporate Affairs Team) were the  special guests.  Kudos to 'Ismail' team, the theater has brought me to tears. Luv the songs, beautiful & touchy lyrics!

These are the pix I still have in my archive, the rest hmm... gone baby gone:-

One of my colleagues' tix fact all the pix were hers...

baby Rania still in her mom's she's almost 2 yr old..
The whole gang...

with Faridah Merican & Tun Razak aka my ex-boss...

Btw, Why suddenly I'm writing bout theaters & stuff?? Hmm...this is all because of one particular group from Korea NANTA Cookin' and will be performing in Malaysia this month..Yes July!  I don't know much and never heard bout this group actually till last night the promo was on Gala TV, Astro Awani.  The actors do not speak (I mean when they perform), they communicate using body movements, facial expressions and a series of sounds made from whizzing knives and other kitchen utensils. Isn't that creative & different...hell yeah! Just like the YAWA (Yayasan Anak Warisan) kids with their Eco performance & Aseana  Percussion with their ethnic and cultural musical performance.  I do enjoyed those kind of performances.  But this NANTA Cookin' is a non-verbal theater performance.  I really wanna see them perform right here at KL Convention Centre, KLCC.

Anyway, for those of you who's interested or maybe wanted to know more about this. Here you go...

Date / Time        23 July 2010 (Fri) – 24 July 2010 (Sat)
  • 8.30pm(23 July 2010)
  • 3.00pm/8.30pm(24 July 2010)
Location Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Plenary Hall, KLCC
Organiser Center Stage Entertainment
Fee RM180, RM140, RM110 & RM70
Contact No. 03 7880 7999
Category Arts, Culture & Entertainment

Something about the name, NANTA Cookin' that really caught my attention to see them perform live on stage.
Better start thinking what to where then..hahaha


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