Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ramly over McD & BK..?!

Big Mac McValue Lunch...BK Whopper... the usuals.  At some point you'll miss the Truly Malaysian hawkers food: Rojak Pasembor & Cendol etc, well for tonite's dinner we're craving for Ramly Burger from the stall nearby our place at Ara Damansara.  Beef Burger Special +Cheese at RM3.80 & RM1.50 for Benjo (the Malay style of McEgg). Cheap & good....

Ramly Burger Rocks!

Since school days... to campus life... to the corporate world... until now, Ramly Burgers definitely my first choice for local burger product.  A MUST buy item in my grocery list.   Always keep a stock in the fridge for a packet of beef & chicken each.  In fact today's lunch Ramly saved the day, run out of minced beef for the Spaghetti sauce.  My 2nd time using Ramly as replacement. 

Luv: P

p.s:  Germany vs Spain..will they fight like The Dutch & Uruguay who fought till their last sweat.  Hmm..a very intense match definitely. Can imagine the pressure from the supporters.   I'm just curious whether Paul the octopus is really a psychic...Fuh..Isn't it cool to have him as a PET..*lol*

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