Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Samsung 2View Dual LCD Camera TV Ad - COOL & Luv it!

Critically need a new digital camera..compact camera..whateva as long as I can take pix with it but provided its as good as my whitey Olympus.  We've been loyal to Olympus for many many years. Perfect results absolutely.  Most importantly the flash!!!! Some cameras they just lack of lighting or flash, I dunno just  something and it makes the pix dark especially outdoor shots at night.  Some people, they just don't care and the worst thing when they tag your ugly unwanted face on FB. Hate it so much~!

I'm not comparing my mini digital camera with those professional photographers gadget.  Of coz theirs are excellent and sharp.  Just for ordinary people like us who loves to pose, the simple and user friendly digital cam would be sufficient.

So, now my whitey Olympus already "Kaput"..time to get a new affordable one.  The Samsung dual screen camera really nice & pretty handy.  The difficult moments of  'klik-ing' our 'couple pix when we travel can easily be solved with this duo screen. No need to put the camera on top of a TV cabinet, table or worst thing ever on the fence at the Eiffel Tower park (based on personal experience) reason being lazy to ask around for help. What the hack set the timer ON then  put it on the fence...wallaaa! turned out to be a nice honeymoon pix...
by Olympus self-timer mode...
Not sure how much is the price of that new Samsung camera.  Maybe will check-it out tomorrow at The Curve before the movie. Yet to experience Samsung brand camera but for other Samsung electrical items, Yes..microwave & refrigerator for the past 10 years.

At the moment the only camera we have is the camera phone...quite pathetic isn't it:-(

Luv:  P


Anonymous said...

The dual screen Samsung camera not that expensive as you think, only RM899... don't wait too long, just grab one

Posh Alert said...

Really!!! Cool..Cheaper than my mini digital Olympus which I bought 5 years ago @ RM1K++
Thanks for the info.

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