Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saffron Surprise...

Saffron: The most precious and most expensive spice in the world.  

              How does it look like..??

Saffron flower - dried stigmas - bright orange yellow colour
strong colouring power, intense flavour & aroma

The greatest saffron producing countries are Greece, Spain, Turkey, Iran, India, and Morocco. The largest saffron importers are Germany, Italy, U.S.A., Switzerland, U.K., and France.

That's a snip info on Saffron Spice.  Actually, what I wanted to share here is the nice 'Saffron Surprise' by Sis G . Oh yeah..before that just a brief explanation, we were supposed to collect a package from Sis G and also invited for dinner with her mom & bro at the restaurant but...suddenly, Surprise...Surprise... OMG!! Guess what??!! Yes, that's her..Sis G aka best mate, she's there standing in front of us.  She's back from OZ  for a week+.

The surprise meet & dine at Saffron, Hartamas begins:

 nice aroma of masala tea...
miss her & her perfect "TEA" alwizz
 good  food, good company..
just like the good old days
 sweet dessert to end the sweetest night...

No longer on 'Sleep Mode' by a delish dinner with a perfect duo, and it was a great 'surprise' trio date indeed.

Luv: P

p.s:  we'll have another tea session with her before she flies back next Wednesday. 

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