Monday, July 5, 2010

New Look..

Time to add some groove on my blog..a whole new 'skin', a bit of colours and hey Ads!!! Why not?? Pretty cool to be one of the Nuffnangers and serve the ads on the blog.  A simple way to make the blog even more informative, interesting and current.

Honestly, my previous template was too dull, rigid & nothing drives a visitor to come back for any new posts.  No catchy look on the entire blog.  Just need a bit of sparks on it and in a way increase the attraction for me to blog 7 days a in a week;-)

Anyway, definitely would need loads of  "renovation works" to be done from time to time...but prefer to keep it simple, elegant and interesting for readers (family, friends and maybe can generate more visitors) who knows..! Feels a bit intimidated with the "Taiko" bloggers out there over the impressive & professional look on their blogs (not to name any particular blog) but kinda 'sheek' reference though..huhu.

Alright, i better stop right now before all the nonsense & uncool statement spoil the subject of this new look.

Good Night.... 

"The better you live today, the better you prepare yourself for a better tomorrow.."Lorrin L.Lee


Jennifer McLagan said...

Accidentally bump into your blog!
Its nice & interesting to read

Posh Alert said...

Hello..Thank you so much Jennifer for your time to read my blog and really appreciate it!

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