Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sleep Mode...

Loads of stories to update and pix to upload but me on "sleep mode" since yesterday...need a quick and fast way to restore, recharge & re-energize my brain from this afternoon sleepiness.  Wake up, get up..make some moves, start kickin' like what..???? Too exhausted to do anything just wanna relax & rest my feet!!!  Overall it was a great trip to Bavaria & Hollanda.

Thought of reporting 'live' from both places but the commuting, walking and shopping had kept me away from the lappy entirely.  A short tweet & a brief fb status update thats all I've done. Fully occupied with the sight seeing and shopping 'spree'. 

It will be a 'delayed telecast' of coz but still current..perhaps tomorrow, let me just get this sleepy 'n' lazy mode off my head;-)

Stay tune!

Luv:  P

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